Hello Spring! The Free Mrs. Meyers Spring Cleaning Kit

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Spring is in the air! Well, at least it is here in North Texas. We've had such an unseasonable warm winter that I can't help but to jump into spring mode. It really is one of my favorite times of year, the warmer weather, chirping birds, blooming flowers, piddling in the garden, and spring cleaning. And yes, I said cleaning. 

I'm a bit different than others as I love to clean, especially during spring. For me, beautiful cleaning products in a fresh scent make cleaning feel like less of a chore. There's no better feeling than having a nice fresh home after a thorough cleaning. To achieve that feeling I use my favorite Mrs. Meyers  Natural Cleaning Products to help me along the way.

My motto is ....... if I'm going to do dishes and clean it might as well be enjoyable. All the Mrs. Meyers cleaning products are formulated with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. Mrs. Meyers cleaning products make cleaning your house fresh, fun and fragrant. I'm so excited to be teaming up with Grove Collaborative to offer you a Free Set of Mrs. Meyer's spring cleaning products!  

New customers will get a Mrs. Meyers dish soap and hand soap in the Limited Edition Peony and Lilac spring scents, a beautiful Grove Collaborative glass spray bottle and two Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges. This spring cleaning kit is valued at over $30! 

Here's how it works: When you place your first Grove order of $20 or more, you'll get a seasonal kit to help you get a jump start on your spring cleaning. This is what a New Grove Collaborative Customers gets with their first $20 or more purchase

If you’re already a customer, you’ll receive a Grove Collaborative Spray Bottle at 50% off perfect for making your own fresh scented cleaner! I love my glass spray bottle and use it on a daily basis. I filled mine with Mrs Meyer's Lemon -Verbena Vinegar Gel Cleaner mixed with water. I use the spray to clean all my stainless steel kitchen appliances. It's also great for hard water spots and soap residue.

Mrs. Meyer's products are by far my favorite cleaning products to use in my home. I love getting new products of my choosing delivered straight to my door each month. The best part about Grove is that I'm not stuck getting the same items each month. I can easily change up my order anytime I please. I can add items, try new products or keep on a regular product schedule. It's all up to me and Grove makes it super simple.  

Wondering what my favorite Grove Collaborative products are? Lately I've been using Dr. Bronner's pure-castile soap, Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner in Honeysuckle, Bluebell, Lavender and Peppermint (oh how I  the peppermint ). I also love the dish soaps, hand soaps and the Lemon -Verbena Vinegar Gel Cleaner and Baking Soda Cream Cleanser. 

The baking soda cleanser easily scrubs away all that grease and icky grime off my glass top stove. Seriously, these two cleaners are awesome and I use them on a daily basis to clean my kitchen counters, stove and appliances, so I always have them on my re-order list.    

Did you know that the Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface sprays can also be used to make wonderful scented bathroom sprays (aka poo spray or poo-pourri). I add my favorite multi-surface cleaner scents to 3 oz size bottles and keep one bottle in each of the bathrooms in my home. One 16 oz bottle of Mrs. Meyer's multi surface cleaner makes endless amounts of bathroom spray saving me pennies. Just 1-2 quick sprays before and after using the restroom will keep those BM odors right where they belong.  😉

I love making handmade crocheted washcloths, face scrubbies and dishcloths as gifts for family and friends. Mrs. Meyers hand soaps, daily bar soaps and the Yes to Coconut Milk bars are the only soaps that I include in my gift packages. With all the hand soap scents and coordinating colors I love coming up with new gift box varieties.   

Are you ready to get started on spring cleaning? See the details below on how to claim your free Mrs. Meyer's kit. This offer ends on Sunday, March 12th 2017, so hurry supplies are limited. 
  1. Sign up for Grove Collaborative here or click the photo above and the offer will be automatically added to your cart. 
  2. You'll answer 4 quick questions about your current cleaning routine, which Grove will use to recommend products for your first basket (this takes under 30 seconds).
  3. You can customize your order by adding or removing items - as long as your order is a minimum of $20, you'll qualify for the offer. 
  4. You made it! Click and Finish & Pay and place your order. 
    Grove currently only has US shipping and does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska.

    I am happy to be a Grove Affiliate. I've been a fan and customer of Mrs. Meyers Products long before I became an affiliate. Scents and supplies are limited, so hurry. #grovecollaborative #ad #mrsmeyers