Mini Easter Peep Dirt Pies

These Mini Easter Dirt Pies are a festive twist on traditional dirt cups. Only 6 ingredients and 10 minutes is all it takes to make these fun little treats.
Have you ever had dirt cups? I'm sure you have because they've been around ever since I was a kid and that's a long time! My kids love the traditional dirt cups with the gummy worms, so I decided to change things up a bit and make a fun Easter version. 

You're kids will love these cute little Easter Peep Dirt Pies. Each peep pie consists of a mini graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo cookies, bunny peep, candy, and holiday sprinkles. The best part is since this recipe doesn't require an oven your kiddos can make these all by themselves.

I thought it would be neat to use these cute little graham cracker crusts and make mini dirt pies instead of cups. This idea came to me while shopping at Walmart and looking for clear plastic cups. I couldn't find the appropriate size, so I went with a whole different idea.     

While in the baking isle picking up the pudding I came across these mini graham cracker crusts and my whole plan went into a different direction. I think these little pies turned out really cute and they're the perfect size for kids. I purchased 6 mini crusts for $1.68, so they're really reasonably priced.

Every year our family has a big Easter get together with food, family, friends, and a big Easter egg hunt to end the day. I try to keep things as easy and affordable as possible and Walmart helps keep my pocketbook in check. I love that I can get everything I need in one convenient place.

Let's get started on how to make this easy recipe. You will need the following ingredients and supplies: 
Once you get all your ingredients together the kids can pretty much take this recipe on all by themselves. As you can see Carson helped me out and made a few on his own. 

Just a thought, but this would be the perfect activity for the kids to do while the adults are hiding Easter eggs for the egg hunt. What sweet treat do you have planned for Easter? 

Mini Easter Peep Dirt Pies

1 - package (6) Keebler Graham Cracker Mini Crusts
1 - 4.2 oz package instant chocolate, vanilla or cookies & cream pudding  
2 1/2 - cups milk 
1 - 14 oz package Oreo cookies, crushed (can also use golden Oreo's if using vanilla pudding) 
1 - package Easter bunny peeps
Jelly beans, chocolate eggs, robin eggs, M&M's or other Easter Candies 
Easter sprinkles of your choosing
Holiday plates and napkins

In a large bowl prepare the pudding mix according to package directions for pie using 2 1/2 cups milk. Whisk until smooth and thick. 

Divide the prepared pudding (about 3 tablespoons) among 6 of the graham cracker crusts. Sprinkle about a tablespoon of crushed Oreo cookies over each pie. 

Top each pie with one marshmallow peep. Decorate with Easter candy and sprinkles of your choosing and enjoy.   

Servings: 6

Cooks Notes: You can also substitute instant vanilla pudding and golden Oreo's. I was going to use a few of the chocolate marshmallow bunnies, but after opening the packages they did not have faces on them, so that's why they were included with the ingredient photo. 

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Colleen said…
Those are absolutely adorable. Really, really cute.
What a handsome young helper you have there as well.
Looks like he's having a great time.
I love using those mini pie crust as they make for great individual desserts.
Okay, first... that cannot be your son??? Where has the time gone?!

These are so adorable Tina! I'm gonna make them with my grandbabies and I love me some Walmart too, so I'm looking for those mini pans - perfect!