Turkey Cranberry Sliders - Thanksgiving Leftovers

I like to serve turkey on Thanksgiving and Ham at Christmas. Some people like to have both, but Thanksgiving just isn't the same without that beautiful bird gracing our holiday table. Besides the meal itself my favorite part of Thanksgiving is always the holiday leftovers. All those new meals to be made, turkey salad, turkey pot pie, creamed turkey, turkey & dumplings, homemade soups, and turkey tetrazzini .  

Just listening to that list makes me giggle because it reminds me of the scene in "A Christmas Story"  when the dogs were running out of the house with the turkey. Old Man Parker was so mad and yelling ....... It's all gone, all gone! No turkey, no turkey sandwiches, no turkey salad, no turkey hash, no turkey soup, and no turkey a la king. It's all gone LOL. That's one of my favorite movies. 

I would have to agree turkey leftovers are the best!!! I can handle about 3 days of leftovers and then everything is pretty much gone. Besides our usual turkey recipes this year I tried something new and made these yummy Turkey Cranberry Sliders with a few of our holiday leftovers.

I used leftover dinner rolls, sliced turkey, and cranberry sauce from our holiday meal. The remaining ingredients were staples I had on hand. You can find everything you need to make these little sliders at your local Walmart, but try and use whatever leftovers you have first. A good dinner roll suggestion in case you run out are these Sister Schubert's Dinner Rolls in white or wheat.  

Everyone loved the combination of the sweet cranberry along with the turkey. If you don't have anymore turkey leftovers tuck this sandwich idea away for next year. 

Turkey Cranberry Sliders

8 - leftover dinner rolls or slider buns
8 - slices of leftover turkey, quartered 
8 - tablespoons of cranberry sauce
8 - slices of lettuce 
8 - slices of Swiss, cheddar, American or brie cheese
condiments: mayonnaise, miracle whip, mustard or Dijon mustard 

Split the rolls in half. Layer a piece of lettuce, turkey, cheese and a spoon of cranberry sauce on on the bottom of a dinner roll. 

Add you favorite condiments and add the remaining part of the roll. Press two halves together.

Repeat with the remaining dinner rolls.

Servings: 8 

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