Thursday, November 20, 2014

Crock Pot Cowboy Soup & A Easy Greasy Giveaway

Today I have a recipe and a giveaway for y'all!!! Fall has definitely arrived here in North Texas, but with polar vortex coming through it feels a lot more like winter than fall. I always tell people that Texas has two speeds hot and cold! I hate that we only get a small taste of spring and fall around here.

When the cold rolls in I immediately turn to all my favorite fall comfort foods. Soups and stews are always at the top of my list and are big crowd-pleasers. Today's recipe for Crock Pot Cowboy Soup is a pantry staple soup that calls for basic ingredients that you usually have on hand.  I made this recipe recently when I had the chance to review a new product that I just love.   

Have you heard of Easy - Greasy? Easy Greasy is a kitchen tool that makes draining hot grease a snap. One of the worst things you can do it pour hot grease down your kitchen drain. 

I personally do not do this because I know the damage that can be done. I usually drain any grease I have from cooking into a empty can or jar, but that can be challenging at times.  

When Michelle a mom from Baton Rouge, La and the inventor of Easy-Greasy contacted me I knew this was something I needed.

I don't always have an empty can or jar on hands to drain grease especially if my recipe does not call for a canned or jarred item. I am then left wondering what do with all that grease?  

If I don't have a jar or can on hand I usually make a bowl out of foil and drain the grease into that. Once it hardens then I toss it in the trash. I was glad to see that someone finally invented an easier, safer, and hands free way of disposing unwanted grease.  

When my Easy-Greasy arrived what I noticed first was it's size. The strainer is made to accommodate up to 3 cups of food or meat which is great for me. It comes in three parts, a specially designed no clog strainer bowl, a heat resistant grease catcher container (up to 260°F), and a storage lid if you want to store any grease.  

Easy-Greasy is also dishwasher safe, made in the U.S.A. and BPA free. Since using this product I have found that not only is it great for draining grease, but it's also perfect for defrosting meats, straining and rinsing beans, pasta, fresh fruits, and vegetables. This little strainer has really made things so much easier for me in the kitchen.  

To drain cooked meat place the Easy-Greasy strainer over the heat resistant container, pour in the meat, and then lift up the strainer. Your cooked meat is in the strainer and all the unwanted hot grease is contained in the bowl below. Once the grease is cool dispose into your trash or cover with the easy-greasy lid for grease storage.    

Now your drained meat is recipe ready. Add the meat back to your skillet or a crock pot and continue with your recipe. Easy-Greasy is perfect for making chili, taco's, spaghetti, lasagna or any recipe that calls for ground meat, bacon or sausage.

I cooked my Cowboy Soup in my crock pot, so all I had to do was drain my meat, add the drained meat mixture into my crock pot and pretty much just toss in the rest of the ingredients. The full recipe for this yummy soup is listed below.  

Crock Pot Cowboy Soup

2 - lbs ground beef 
1 - medium onion, chopped
1 - clove garlic, minced 
1 - green bell pepper, chopped
1 - 15 oz cans diced tomatoes
1 - 10 oz can mild Rotel 
1 - 14.5 oz can corn or 1 - 11 oz can of Mexicorn
1 - 15. 5 oz can chili beans or Ranch style beans
1 3/4 - cups beef stock or water
1 1/2  - teaspoon chili powder
3 - potatoes, peeled and diced
1 - cup uncooked macaroni
salt and pepper to taste

In a large skillet saute ground beef for 5 minutes. Add the onions, garlic, green pepper, salt and pepper to taste. 

Saute until the meat is browned and the onion is soft and translucent in color.   

Drain the excess fat (I used my easy greasy), then transfer the meat mixture to a 6 quart crock pot.

Add the remaining ingredients except for the macaroni. Set the crock pot on low and cook for 6-8  hours or cook on high for 3-4 hours.

During the last hour of cooking add the macaroni and cook until macaroni is done. Ladle into bowls and serve with a skillet of cornbread.

servings: 6-8

Easy-Greasy is the perfect kitchen gadget for anyone that likes to cook. Draining unwanted grease has never been easier. The Easy Greasy Strainer is $19.99 plus shipping and handling at the Easy-Greasy website. You can also order it on QVCAmazon, and on LTD Commodities

Would you like to have an Easy-Greasy for yourself? Well today Michelle has graciously offered to give one lucky Mommy's Kitchen Reader the chance to win a Easy- Greasy of their own. See below on how to enter. 

The Winner of the Easy Greasy is Comment #129 Carla Shiver. Thank you to everyone who entered.

How to Enter: 
Just leave a comment on this post telling me what you would use the Easy-Greasy for? 

Bonus Entries: 
For a bonus entry tweet the following: Stop by @mommyskitchen for a chance to win a @Easy_Greasy grease drainer. The new safe way to drain grease. Come back and leave a separate comment telling me you did so.   

Rules & Information: This Giveaway starts today, Thursday November 20th 2014 and ends on Friday November 28th 2014.  I will choose a random winner and notify the winner via email. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize or new winner will be chosen. Contest is open to US residents only due to shipping charges. If you leave a anonymous comment please leave your email address so I can contact you in the event that you are the winner. 

For more information visit Easy- Greasy or follow along on Twitter and Facebook!

Disclosure: I was given an Easy-Greasy for the purpose of this review. All comments stated above are my own. Bush's Beans provided me with beans to use in this recipe.


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Anonymous said... #

Tina The soup looks so good I am going to give it a try .I would love to win the Easy Greasy because I drain every thing I cook and my hubby is always yelling about me putting grease down the drain.
Thanks for the Give a way and the great recipes
Ellen Reeher Morris

Toni Little said... #

I would use my easy greasy for making soups and chili, making the draining grease process easier too!

Sila Lumenn said... #

Easy-Greasy looks fantastic! I would love to try one. I never know what to do with my bacon grease before it cools. This would be perfect for holding it until it's cool enough for my refrigerator grease jar.

Your soup looks yummy, too. This is the perfect time of year for soup and I'm always looking for new recipes to add to my collection.

Sila Lumenn said... #

I tweeted! Here is a link:

Unknown said... #

I would love that easy greasy because my boyfriend has a bad habit of putting the oil down the sink or toilet. And he loves kitchen gadgets so this would be perfect!

Anonymous said... #

Oh yes, I would use the easy Greasy for it's intended purpose to drain the grease away from the meat. Ha- a no brainer!

eringobrawler said... #

Amazing product! Thanks for sharing! We love tacos in our house & this handy Lil ditty would aid is all that grease that needs to GO!
Maybe Santa will bring one this year. I've been good. I promise!!!

mary P said... #

I'd mainly use for ground beef!!!! I'm always making either chilli,tacos, burritos anything :)

Anonymous said... #

I would use this drain meat and pasta looks really easy to use too

Vickie H. said... #

I cook lots of ground beef at my house...this will make pouring off the grease a breeze! thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said... #

I would use it for draining meat then pour the fat on the dog's food.

Anonymous said... #

the anonymous above is

Anonymous said... #

I would give it to my son, who just got his first apartment at the age of 19. He loves to cook and this would be a great tool for him to use! Then I would order one for myself!

Unknown said... #

This is the best thing I've ever seen, I would use it a lot for draining beef & sausage. Iam always using cans sometimes I will empty a vegetable can placing the contents back in refrigerator just to use the can for grease lol Thank you for the great recipes.

latanya t said... #

I would use it anytime I cooked beef or any other food that is greasy

latanya t said... #

dlatany at gmail dot com

1froglegs said... #

We eat a lot of Hamburger Helper in our house, and we always drain the grease from the meat. I would use this for that. I will admit, I do empty it into the sink, which I know is bad, but this would change that.

1froglegs said... #

I tweeted at said... #

As a single Dad I can always use some help......looks awesome!

Unknown said... #

I would love an easy-greasy for our kitchen. The one thing I dislike is draining meat!! Pick me :)

Debra McQuillen said... #

I would drain ground beef!

Melissa L. said... #

I would use it exactly the way you do. For defrosting and draining meat. Seems like a very useful product. Would love to win one ;)

Unknown said... #

Oh my. When I was growing up,my Mom had a metal can that we drained the grease into. I love the idea of having something that looks nice to drain the grease from my hamburger meat ( for my soups,stews and chili )into.

Anonymous said... #

Wow...looks like a great product! I would love to win one to use to strain hamburger, sausage, bacon (would keep some of that grease). Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Anonymous said... #

Wow...looks like a great product! I would love to win one to use to strain hamburger, sausage, bacon (would keep some of that grease). Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Christina said... #

What a neat tool! I always end up using my baster to suck the grease out and put into an empty can. Such a hassle! Being able to put the meat into a single unit and separate it is great! I thought of doing this same thing with a colander, but finding something suitable for the grease to drain into was always a problem. The other thing this might be useful for is sometimes I strain my tomatoes out for specific recipes, but I often want to keep what was strained out for other purposes.

Sandy H said... #

We used a lot of ground beef for tacos, sloppy joes and other kid favorites. This would be perfect for making them a little healthier by getting rid of the fat.

CookieMom said... #

Your post couldn't have come at a better time. I made soup the other day with ground meat and when I tried to drain the grease into a cup, I missed the cup and it went everywhere, including down my drain. The easy greasy would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen. I try and get grease out of anything I'm making.

Also I was looking for soup recipes so I can freeze them in smaller portions and your soup looks great. Thanks.

Shel Bel said... #

I would definitely use it for draining hamburger and sausage!!...

Mary Ellen Silvey said... #

The Easy-Greasy would make draining hamburger meat so much easier than the way I do it. I always hold a glass lid cracked just a little over my skillet to drain the grease into a glass jar. It is easy to get burned or let the lid slip and have a mess. I always need to drain meat for soup, tacos, meatloaf, and chili. The Easy-Greasy looks like a great kitchen gadget!!!

A.Thomas said... #

I would LOVE the Easy-Greasy strainer, but first let me say I love your website and Facebook page.
Anyways, I would love to win because I live in small apartment with my husband and we do everything we can to take care of what we are renting. My husband hasn't worked full-time in over 2 years, so little GREAT treasures like this I would not be able to afford because of our priorities. Please pick me and I will use it EVERYTIME I need to strain and drain :-)
Thank you

Unknown said... #

I would use the east greasy for all the ground meat I cook, I never know what to do with the grease.

Ashley Reece said... #

I would use it for ground beef.

Unknown said... #

I stopped by on twitter and I re-tweeted contest..Thank you

Unknown said... #

I use a colander and cake pan to drain hot grease off meats, once grease is cool I take a funnel and 2 ltr bottle and funnel grease into bottle for disposing into garbage. I would love to have the easy greasy to make draining and straining meats easier. I have the perfect spot on my counter for the lovely green easy greasy...I hope to win

nancy said... #

Oh my the soup looks so good and I will be trying it soon. I live in Montana and soups are always a good choice for us. We also live in the country and have a septic tank and drain field so dumping grease down the drain is a real no no and I am always dumping it all over trying to drain it in a can ---/thank you for the chance to win this

Salena Fore said... #

I admit it! I drain the grease down my sink :( I would use the Easy Greasy anytime I have to drain fat AND it would save my drain!!

Anonymous said... #

I would use in in browning meat for soups and stews,

Unknown said... #

Simply put this is awesome. I would love it. My Husband is getting tired of me pouring Greece down the kitchen sink.
This would also be good for straining the lumps out of batters and gravy.

Thank you, Diana

libsjs said... #

I would love to have the Easy Greasy to drain meats! Like you, I don't always have a can or jar from the meal I'm making to pour it in. And the cowboy soup sounds great - I can't wait to try it!

Marguerite K. said... #

I would love to have this easy-greasy to strain the grease from my meats. I usually try to unsuccessfully skim the grease when its hot and or cooled. This would be such a nice convenience for me. I m 66 and have to watch extra fats in my diet. Please send me a easy-Greasy . Thank you!

Marguerite K. said... #

I would love to have this easy-greasy to strain the grease from my meats. I usually try to unsuccessfully skim the grease when its hot and or cooled. This would be such a nice convenience for me. I m 66 and have to watch extra fats in my diet. Please send me a easy-Greasy . Thank you!

Diana said... #

I'd use the Easy Greasy for draining grease from meats. I'd love to try it out!

debi53 said... #

Wow, I would love one of these, hubby always complains when I put grease in the drain.

Amy said... #

I would use it for ground beef. Sopping grease up with paper towels takes a lot longer and seems wasteful.

Leah L said... #

I would use it fit everything, I hate grease going in my drains!

Unknown said... #

Would love to use this with all things that need drain bacon, and hamburger..

Friendship Crossing said... #

I would use it for draining grease off of any kind of meat that I'm cooking.
It would be a great help to me, I'm sure!
Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes ~ I've tried several and hope to try several more.


Linda said... #

I love the cowboy soup recipe. I would use the Easy Greasy for browning hamburger for various recipes. I usually try to pour it into something in the sink, but some if it spill into the sink and down the drain anyway. This would be an ideal solution.

Unknown said... #

I cannot wait to try this recipe. Easy Greasy looks like an all around tool for the kitchen, what a great, useful addition to have. Why limit it to just grease, I'd strain pasta, rinse beans, use it for anything that needed to be strained...would love to win!!

Sherry Legacie said... #

I would use this great dish for everything, from draining the grease off my hamburger, to straining the lumps from the gravy. I would find new ways to use it constantly. I have been waiting for the Easy Greasy my whole entire life. If I don't get chosen to try this spectacular device, please let me know where I can buy one!

Anonymous said... #

I am going to cook this soup,looks delicious.i need this easy greaser because I make lots of recipes where I need to drain off the fat.Lots of chillis and stews.Thankyou

Unknown said... #

I tweeted

Sherry Legacie said... #

I dusted off my twitter account, and did a shout out to all that follow me. The Easy Greasy grease drainer is the safe way to drain grease.

Adventures with Joel and Christy said... #

I tweeted the requirement:

Anonymous said... #

I would love to win a Easy Greasy grease strainer. I cook every night and strain using a can,this would would be awsomeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Jo Mizner said... #

I would love to win this neat kitchen tool. Thank you for the woup recipe. Jo

Unknown said... #

I can do the same thing... with a small colander and a pot.

Susan said... #

I'd love to have one to drain hamburger. Am always dumping it into a colander over an old cool whip container and somehow it always spills.

sally said... #

What a great idea, I'm always looking for an empty jar for grease after I finish browning meat! Thank You,Sally

Christine Duerksen said... #

I would probably use it to drain meat and pasta, maybe defrosting things.

Anonymous said... #

I would use this to strain hamburger!

Anonymous said... #

I would use this handy little helper for drainer grease from hamburger and bacon.

Unknown said... #

Oh, this Easy Greasy is just what I need! I would use it mainly to drain ground beef, sausage and bacon; but would also drain my fruit and veggies in it. It looks great!

becky davis said... #

I would use it to drain the hamburger for tacos, chili, and spaghetti. I would also use it for bacon grease.

Dianne Skilbeck said... #

I will use this to drain ground beef mostly, for all types of recipes, particularly my homemade MaidRites!!

Levona said... #

I would use the Easy Greasy to drain sausage that I scramble to put in Breakfast Casseroles that I take to church. I would also use it to drain ground beef that I brown to go in casseroles. It would be a life saver.

Anonymous said... #


I would love this for hamburger meat. I don't like grease at all! said... #

I would love it to drain hamburger...I make such a mess when I try to drain it. I started sticking a paper towel in the pan trying not to burn my fingers :-/

Unknown said... #

Meat grease mostly. Don't always have a tin can and we are on septic system so this gadget would be very handy. Thanks

Amy G said... #

I love this-I have never seen one. I would have used it last night for the taco meat :)

Amy G said... #


Anonymous said... #

Would love to win......cook a lot of dishes with ground meat.

jennie said... #

I make tacos all the time and this would be great!

Sharon said... #

this would be great to strain and save bacon grease!

Troop Coordinator said... #

I would use it for draining any meats that I cook.

Anonymous said... #

This would be great for draining meats, but also for draining canned veges or fruits that will be added to recipes.

Anonymous said... #

Also good with pasta dishes. But I would use it for draining ground beef more.

truleelee said... #

This would be useful for SO many things! How useful!!

Anonymous said... #

What a great invention! If I had one (hopefully from winning it:) I would use it for anything I need to drain liquid or grease from. It would definitely get used regularly!

Carolyn said... #

What a great idea - Easy Greasy - I would
use it for draining all kinds of meats, especially bacon and beef. Can't wait to try to soup recipe.

Unknown said... #

hi, i know i would use it mostly for straining fried meat, this is such a great kitchen tool, wow ! thanks

Brook said... #

I would use the eaay greasy to drain hamburger & bacon. I especially like that it can strain & storw bacon grease.

jderouin55 said... #

i would strain my ground meats

Unknown said... #

I can see using this to strain just about anything like canned fruits and veggies but especially the meats. Such a great idea for how to drain the grease off the meat!

Anonymous said... #

I would use it for draining ground beef. It would be so handy!

Anonymous said... #

This is a perfect thing to use for draining grease. It is always a chore to drain the ground beef and even low fat beef has some to drain. It would be a great thing to add to my kitchen helpers.

Unknown said... #

Oh my the possibilities are endless for draining any type of meat.....I love to cook and I have been using a colander and bowl to do this. It certainly would be a great benefit to have in my kitchen!

Colleen said... #

your soup looks wonderful.
I love kitchen gadgets.
I would use the easy-greasy for draining my pasta water, also for draining my hamburger and sausage meat as well as draining the water from my hard boiled eggs.
( I save my pasta and egg water; providing there is no salt added to the water and use the cooled water for watering my outdoor plants)
Would make a wonderful gadget for Anyone's home.
Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

vickidhensley said... #

All of your ideas are great, but I would use it solely to drain and store my bacon grease. I use bacon grease in a lot of my cooking, and this nifty little gadget would be great sitting in my fridge!!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest!!!!!!

Joy C said... #

I would use it for draining ground beef! I hate draining ground beef! It seems like I never have a can to drain the grease into!

Cindy said... #

I would definitely use the easy-greasy for my hamburger meat. Cool little item! The soup looks great, pinned it to try this week.

LiLleaf8853 said... #

Soup looks yummy. I would love to win easy greasy to drain grease from soups & also to drain beans.

Losing the Fat said... #

The possibilities are endless. I may have gotten a bit excited over this one and showed it to people! �� The worst part of cooking, to me, is the clean-up. This would help out so much.

Anonymous said... #

this would be great for draining grease for people that can not eat greasy foods

annemarie said... #

This is something I really need - would use it to drain my ground chuck after browning it among other varied uses.

Anonymous said... #

I would give it to my daughter who is a new wife and in the marine corps. So, she is a very busy young lady who could use something to make cooking a little easier. Tracy marmoy@hotmail. com

Amanda S. said... #

Thank you so much for the recipe and the giveaway!! If I win I would use it for draining grease in my kitchen. It would be my new go to item for cooking. Thanks again!!!

Dad Mom said... #

Oh that recipe looks so good . Will be trying it soon . I too have struggled with what to do with the grease from cooking . This looks like a winner . After cooking for a family of nine for over 53 years, I think I finally found something that will work . Thank you for the good recipes, always looking for something different .

Kristin T said... #

I'm terrible about straining grease in the sink, even though I know it's bad. I definitely need this!

Lori said... #

I would love to use this to drain ground beef for pasta, chili or enchiladas. It's always a challenge to deal with the grease and this could help our busy family get dinner on the table or help my teens who are learning to cook.

singingmommy4 said... #

This product is heaven sent. No more clogged drains! I would use it to strain everything from pasta to fruit to my homemade chicken stock. I hate tasting water in my food and you don't know how many colanders I have had to replace due to holes from hot grease. This one looks to be very strong and long lasting.

shari said... #

This is FABULOUS!!! I think I would like a couple of those, one for bacon grease, one for hamburger!! LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said... #

That would come in handy when making my favorite hamburger soup.

Anonymous said... #

I would use this product anytime I cook ground beef or sausage! What a great idea!


Linda Kilcoin said... #

I brown ground beef in large quantities and freeze in 1# packages for quick meals this would make the whole process easier!!

Cindy said... #

I have spent 40 years using an empty can, or lining my stainless steel colander with paper towels and trying to squeeze the grease out over a paper plate, or folding a paper towel into quarters, placing it on a paper plate and draining my grease onto it. All work, but such a hassle.

bonnie ladd said... #

The Easy-Greasy would be great when I make Bean Soup! The ham always seems to make the soup too greasy!

Andrea said... #

I would love to win this instead of trying to drain over the sink and spilling meat from the lid. Thanks for the chance to enter.

Andrea D.

Anonymous said... #

I would enjoy using this because I try really hard to watch my families' fat content. After my husband's heart attack and by-pass surgery, that is important to me.
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said... #

I make. Chili a lot. This would be the easiest way to drain grease.

Annie Chapman said... #


Carie:) said... #

This would work wonders for my Chili that leftovers then turn into a Beef-a-roni. The uses are endless!!!

Anonymous said... #

I love to cook and try to keep a container on hand for the grease.I would definitely utilize this product!! I am also making your Cowboy Soup it looks delish Thanks!!!!

Unknown said... #

This would be amazing in my house. We use our strainer at least 4 times a week. It gets harder to drain the grease with my wrist issues so sometimes I change the meals if they hurt to much. This strainer is awesome. I would love it. And I love the blog. And the recipes.

Greg said... #
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greg Shadley said... #

I have never drained the grease from my browned ground beef because it was always too much trouble. As I make a lot of chili, having an Easy-Greasy would make my meals much more healthy. Especially since suffering a stroke in April of this year. Thank you. (Please disregard my earlier comment. I accidentally copied the wrong comment. I'm very sorry Dawn M.)

Anonymous said... #

Great idea. Would use one to drain taco meat, don't want all that grease in my meat.

Unknown said... #

My husband would love this because he wants to save more grease than I do :) !

scraptist said... #

Not only would this be GREAT for draining grease, it would also be great to drain cans of fruit for recipes that say to reserve the liquid for another part of the recipe.

That soup looks amazing by the way!

Penny McPherson said... #

I would love one of the Easy_Greasy drainers! I can see using it for cooked meat to drain fat, as a strainer to keep the juice from cans of fruit, even as a pasta drainer. Thank you so much for the chance to win.
Penny McPherson

penney said... #

Thank you for the recipe I am going to try it this weekend. I love the new drainer and the color too. Thanks Penney
Happy Thanksgiving!

Karen said... #

Great invention! I would use it mainly to drain ground beef and also for canned fruit.

Unknown said... #

After having to call a plumber 2 times in 3 month for a clogged kitchen drain at the cost of about $125 each time, I need this so bad. My husband is going to kill me if we have to call a plumber again. Right now I use a bowl and a lot of paper towels to drain grease on. This would be so much easier and more cost effective.

Anonymous said... #

OMG! I can't believe it too so long for someone to think of this! I need this badly! I always drain meat on multiple layers of paper towels that I stuff into a colander. I am so mad at myself for not thinking of this myself! I would use it constantly as it seems I drain some meat several times a week.

Unknown said... #

I would use it on a dish called Picadillo which is ground beef with vegetables. After cooking the meat I have to drain out the grease and its such a pain for me lol.
I also tweeted with the link to your post.

Anonymous said... #

I would truly love this!! I never put grease down the drain (Holy plumber Batman!!!!) so I have a million empty coffee cans all over my garage waiting to be filled with grease lol!! Would love to just recycle them already and free up some space for the actual car! :)


Liz said... #

I would use it at the Museum to drain the meat for Sloppy Joe ,B B Q Pork, and also the meat for our soups Cheeseburger, Chicken Noodle, Chili. Draining the veg. It would save me time. Thank you for letting me sign up and please have a good holiday season!

Anonymous said... #

This would be great for any kind of meat that I use for meals. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said... #

What a great idea!! I would love it for draining ground beef!

Carla S said... #

I would use it for taco beef, beef casserole , jerk chicken , and fried chicken.

Carolyn M. said... #

I use a lot of ground turkey and always looking for something to drain it in. This would make the process so much easier, could drain it in the Easy Greasy and then pour it into some container I am throwing away. Thank you for the chance to win one.

Barbara Swanner said... #

This is great! I always have trouble draining the grease. I would use it for all my recipes that I have to drain the grease. Especially, ground beef.

Casoppia said... #

Oh my goodness that would come in so handy for any greasy meat product. I make up alot of hamburger and sausage (and as you know both are greasy!). That would be so handy to have for that. Thanks for the chance to win it !

Anonymous said... #

would love to win this since I am trying to lose weight I drain all the grease out would really help

Unknown said... #

I usually brown a bunch of ground meat and use it in a few different recipes, this would be perfect for draining out all the grease before I construct a meal. Thanks for the giveaway!

Johnnie Whitford said... #

would love this looks so handy

Annie Brice said... #

I NEVER COOK. This would actually get me back in the kitchen again. Eating healthy is very important to me and I hate grease. Love the recipes, too. I'm all for easy.

Emily said... #

I would definitely use this. If I am browning ground beef then I'm using my huge cast iron skillet & I have to get my husband to drain the meat because I can't stand there holding the skillet for that long. This will be perfect!

Anne P said... #

Pasta! Beans! Cooked ground beef! Oh this is a wonderful product! Hope I win :)

Anonymous said... #

the soup looks delish... I am going to try this ASAP.. I would use this easy greasy thing on a daily basis... It would work with just about everything a person eats... even to drain canned items as well.... this is SO COOL... I would love to have one in my home...Thank you for showing this to all of us...

tecsesq said... #

I would use it to collect and save my bacon grease for future cooking use, like my oma did in a coffee can, but this invention looks even better for the job.

Donna B. said... #

As I get older, it gets harder to do everyday cooking. This new gadget would make draining the grease out of my ground beef much easier!

Unknown said... #

This product is absolutely terrific! I skip making some dishes that require draining because I don't have any place to drain the grease. The Easy-Greasy will not only give me a place to drain the grease, but will make it much easier to do without worrying about spilling the food.

becka said... #

This looks like it would be great for draining ground meat. I like that it's dishwasher safe too.

jengd said... #
This comment has been removed by the author.
jengd said... #

I tweeted this:

jengd said... #

Fabulous idea! I'd use this for draining sausage and ground beef. Right now, I usually just use paper towels and sop up the grease and toss them in the trash. However, it can take quite a few and I hate throwing that much out. Thanks for the chance!

Cathy said... #

I would love to have this because we have a septic tank and I try not to get any oil down the drain. My family is visiting next week and I'm going to cook the Cowboy Stew. Looks delicious!

Unknown said... #

Please pick me!!! I would use the Easy Greasy all the time...constantly making hamburger for some recipe or other or bacon...can you use it for frying oil as well because I do that often as well. Thank you!!! :)

P. S. Can't wait to try the soup...Mmmm!!!!

jannybelle said... #

I could use this for draining the grease of hamburger and sausage - I make chilli and soups frequently! I will be putting on my Christmas list if I don't win!

jannybelle said... #

Here's my tweet!

Sally Dasto said... #

I cook ground beef in large portions to freeze. This would make the process so much easier. I would also use it for bacon, sausage, and any other grease from cooking. What a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said... #

I would use this for ground beef for sure.

Fred Linstruth said... #

Since my retirement due to health reasons I have been promoted to Domestic Engineer. So now it falls on my shoulders to cook dinners through the week which I enjoy but never had the time when I was working. The Crock Pot Cowboy Soup is on the menu for next week and I can hardly wait it sounds delicious! Again because of my health I have to be very careful with what and how I cook so the "Easy Greasy" would be the ultimate tool to add to my tool box. Thanks for all the great recipes.

moms said... #

this would be so much easier than a soap bottle with a small hole.

Unknown said... #

I would use this for everything that needs to be strained hot or cold I think it is a great idea.

Rachel Clark said... #

I would love an EasyGreasy! I would drain hamburger meat, or use it as a first step of degreaseing soups!

Unknown said... #

This looks like it would be so handy. Not just for draining the hamburger meat but for my bacon grease (liquid gold)lol that I always save!

Unknown said... #

I tweeted your message about your giveaway. Here is the link to it: Here is my email to notify. I forgot to put it on my statement.

Unknown said... #

I would love to use this for cooking ground beef or pork, but I wonder how great it would be for draining tuna from a can!

Diane Creel said... #

Wow! this is great. I could have used it today, I was making a big pot of homemade spaghetti sauce. I had to find a new jar for the grease out of my meat. Thanks for the opportunity to see this new product, I definitely want one of these.

Unknown said... #

What a clever gadget. I would love to try one to drain meats with.

Unknown said... #

I would love to own an EasyGreasy. I would use mine to strain fried foods,for example tacos or flautas (rolled tacos).

Unknown said... #

How handy that device is! I see a lot more tacos in my future if I win!

Unknown said... #

This looks amazing, would use this
often, Love the name also

Anonymous said... #

I would use this almost every day. I make soups and casseroles with meat that I need to drain. Empty cans don't work well. I would love to have one.

Anonymous said... #

I would use this for draining the grease from hamburger meat. Looks like the perfect product!

Anonymous said... #

Would use for draining grease from meat and all the great uses that you mentioned.

Unknown said... #

This would be awesome for draining hamburger grease when i make tacos. We eat them 2-3 times a week. Wonderful idea.

the soup looks amazing and think that will be my job for this weekend where it is so cold here in PA

Trish said... #

What a great invention! I always save a few empty spaghetti jars and keep one under the sink to pour grease into. When it's full I throw it away. But when draining ground beef, it usually goes down the drain so I would LOVE this. I'll be making the soup soon too!

Unknown said... #

Hey there! I would most likely use this handy-dandy device to drain the greasy stuff from my burger or sausage when I'm cooking. But I'm thinking I could drain some of the juice off of my crock pot roast and add flour to the drippings for gravy, cause that's always a pain in the ass trying to dip some of the drippings out of my crock pot. Then I could use it to separate the ice off of my toddy, LOL -Freezin' in Michigan :)

Maria said... #

Thanks for the soup recipe. I love making homemade soup at this time of year, I just picked up the ingredients for an italian sausage and zuchinni soup, but I'll try this one next. I would use the Easy Greasy for draining ground meat and for rinsing canned beans mostly, but I bet I will find more uses for it as well.

Anonymous said... #

I would use it for grease and to drain tuna fish from the can.

Unknown said... #

I would use it for grease and to drain tuna fish from the can.

Unknown said... #

the soup looks fantastic. i will be sure to make it. easy greasy looks like a way to get rid of storing cans with grease..they get rather gross with mold and such...we love our bacon and disposing of the grease is always a pain in the...neck!

Paula G said... #

I would use the easy greasy to drain grease away from meat for casseroles, chilie etc. I want one bad!

Anonymous said... #

This would be great for my son and future wife. they are learning to cook and this would be so helpful to them in their kitchen.

BumbleBeeLane said... #

This would be wonderful. So much easier than pulling out the funnel and trying to drain hot grease in a little hole. Warm Blessings! Amy

Maggie said... #

I would like to have the Easy Greasy, because when I cook ground beef, I drain and rinse the grease. This would be easier.

M.j. said... #

definitely for sloppy joes, chili. ciao 4 now64 at yahoo dot com.

Anonymous said... #

The Easy Greasy sounds like a great product. I would use it to drain hamburger and everything else that needs to be drained. It is a lot better than a jar.

Tonia Deakin said... #

I would use the easy-greasy mostly for hamburger. We usually have it at least once a week. I try to put the grease in an empty veggie can. This is a great product....I really need this!!

Tonia Deakin said... #

Twitted about giveaway here:

Unknown said... #

I would find many uses for this gadget!

Unknown said... #

This product looks great! I always try to drain into a coffee cup and it often ends up in the sink. I'd love to have the easy greasy!

Unknown said... # many many things

Margaret said... #

I have a bad habit of throwing everything in my kitchen sink which explains why I've had to replace my disposal. Easy Greasy sounds like the perfect solution as we brown beef and turkey several times a week.

Droolinglowcarber806 said... #

Being disabled I have a very hard time draining food. Easy Greasy would be the perfect product for me to us without the worry of burning myself.

Anonymous said... #

I am now having my granddaughters help with the cooking and I always try to have handy gadgets for them to use this would be helpful for draining meats for recipes and to teach them not everything goes down the drain! this would be another handy item that would get a lot of use on our cooking adventures.

Anonymous said... #

I can see a lot of uses for the Easy Greasy. Especially draining the grease from Sausage for Mt. Man Breakfast! Thanks,

Rapunzel210 said... #

I cook all the time, and keeping grease out of the sink is a priority. I would use Easy Greasy probably ever day!

Anonymous said... #

I would use the Easy-Greasy for draining meat, also for draining pasta. It looks like something I would use a lot. The soup recipe sounds great on this cold, snowy morning.

aylward2 at nemr net

Anonymous said... #

Definitely for draining hamburger but I could see using it for rinsing/draining lots of things: fruit, veggies, canned beans, etc.

Michele E said... #

Definitely for my taco meat!

R Lauk said... #

I would definitely use this to drain hamburger meat. Great product! I have never seen this before.

Ruby Slipper Travels said... #

We live in a 40` RV, as we travel/work our way around our awesome United States and the Easy Greasy will be perfect for the tasks you listed! Multi-use items are a must in RV living.

Mary said... #

I would love to win this. It would be so much easier than the way I have to drain grease. I have to use the metal sieves and have to put a bowl or pan under it and it makes for more dishes and a mess. I did make your
Cowboy Soup in the Crock Pot and wow it was Very Good!! Thanks

Anonymous said... #

This would be great to drain all the ground beef that I cook.

Jennifer I.

Pamela Edwards said... #

Easy Greasy would be wonderful to have to drain fat from meat . Great kitchen tool to have !

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