BTS Teacher Survival Kit + Matching Decorative Clipboard

The countdown to school has already begun and we officially have 3 days left until school starts. I think were all prepared and have everything we need to start out. We have purchased all of their school clothes, shoes, lunch boxes, back packs, and required school supplies.

Throughout the year I love giving gifts to my children's teachers. Most times it's around the holiday season or for teacher appreciation week, but this year I thought it would be neat to send a little special something for the first day of school.  

While school supply shopping at Walmart I purchased some extra supplies as I do every year. The beginning of the school year is when supplies are at their cheapest, so I always pile up on everything the kids go though rather quickly (paper, pens, pencils, etc). I grabbed a extra school supply box and a clipboard specifically to make this neat little Teacher Survival Kit & Clipboard.

The pencil box was .97 and the clipboard came in a package of two for $3.77. I headed to the craft department and grabbed a few rolls of Duck Brand Designer Duck Tape. Back in June while in Bentonville, Ar. I attended a craft demonstration with Duck Brand and Sharpie. I had no idea you could create so many crafts using duck tape!!! I was instantly hooked! 

My youngest son will be in 6th Grade, so I made a fun little teacher survival kit that he could give his teacher on the first day of school. I wrapped the outside top lid of the pencil box in a fun duck tape design, added a tag, and filled it with all sorts of items that his teacher could use throughout the year. 

I packed the pencil box as full as I could get with so many different items. I have included a list below of some useful items to include in your Teacher Survival Kit.

  • Travel Size Kleenex, Germ X
  • Mini First Aid Kid or Sewing Kit
  • Gum or Mints
  • Mini Lint Roller
  • Nail File or Mini Clippers
  • Tylenol and Cough Drops
  • Hand Lotion & Chap Stick
  • Candy, Granola Bars, Protein Bars or Cookies
  • Disposable Toothbrushes
  • Mini Bottle of Mouthwash
  • Crystal Light Water Bottle Drink Packs
  • Pens, Sharpies, Pencils & Crayons
  • Microwave Popcorn
  • Starbucks or Walmart Gift Card (for teacher essentials)
  • Mini Decorative Duck Tape or Post it Notes
  • Tide to Go Pen
  • Mini Hair Spray

Most of the items included in the kit were found in the travel size products section located in the health and beauty department.

We had so much fun making the clipboard and survival kit that I made an additional Diva Clipboard for my daughter. We also made matching decorative pens to go with both.  

Start by gathering your supplies (scissors, ruler, clipboard, pens, duck tape sheets and a roll of plain or patterned tape). To make the clipboard first cover each corner by taking squares of duck tape and folding them over all four corners. Cut a slice in each side of the fold. Bend down the tape around the corners and smooth. Do this to all of the corners of the clipboard. 

Take pieces of duck tape and place them over the top and bottom of the clipboard.  Now take strips of duck tape and place them horizontally or vertically on the clipboard.  Slightly overlapping as you go. I started vertically, but quickly changed to horizontal, because it looked neater. Continue wrapping until the whole clipboard is covered front and back. Add some strips on the outside edge of the clipboard or add a few cut out shapes (I did hearts). 

Finish up by wrapping tape around a ink pen for a matching touch. I think these turned out great and this project was really easy to make. Do you have any fun ideas that you could make using Designer Duck Tape?

For more Duck Tape Inspiration follow my fellow Walmart Moms and their ideas. 

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This is such a great idea, Tina. Love it!!!
Tina Butler said…
Thanks Tara! I think they turned out so cute. My son's teacher is going to be pleasantly surprised.
Colleen said…
Wonderful; and such a clever idea. The teachers are going to love them.
Never thought a person could fit so my items in such a pencil box. Such a wonderful variety to have there.
Tina Butler said…
@Colleen only the items pictured are in the pencil box. The list items are just ideas of things you can add.
Unknown said…
Such a cute idea!:-)
Michele said…
Oh my gosh, I love that! It's adorable!