The Vintage Look with Scentsationals Edison Wax Warmer

Are you a fan of fragrance wax warmers? I own a large Better Homes and Gardens Warmer as well as a small outlet style warmer. I use my warmers all the time and they've become part of my everyday life. Before wax warmers I used tart warmers religiously, but I got tired of always buying tea lights which are not very safe. 

Wax warmers use a safe, clean heat source a (light bulb) to melt the wax. This is a much safer option for me. It was three years ago when I discovered these neat little fragrance warmers (I know I'm always behind on things). I was instantly hooked and have been using my Everyday Expressions Warmer ever since. It's amazing what the power of scent can do for not only your home, but your mood as well.    

I don't how many times someone has come in my home and asked me what I have baking? I always giggle and say nothing, and point them to my warmer. I'm addicted to all the baking scents, but if the food flavors are not for you Scentsationals has a wide variety of scents to choose from. 

Well, last week Walmart gave me the opportunity to try out the new line of Vintage style Scentsationals Edison Wax Warmers.  As soon as I heard the new Edison warmers were vintage style I was instantly on board. I received the Nautical Warmer and I couldn't be happier.

The Nautical warmer is designed to mimic seaside dock lightening. Actually all of the Edison Warmers resemble small vintage style lamps. I think the new Edison Style Warmer fits my decor perfectly. The new Scentsationals Edison line has 10 different warmer designs, so there's something to suit everyone. 

The Edison Wax Warmer is simple to use. Just plug the warming unit into a standard outlet, place one scented wax cube on the warming tray, turn the switch on and enjoy! Within minutes your house will be filled with a fabulous fragrance. I stared to smell the release of fragrance within 10 - 15 minutes.  

I prefer to use two wax cubes, but one cube is usually sufficient. If you know me I over do everything, so this is no surprise that I use two. Always make sure the warming tray is big enough to hold two cubes. Some trays are deeper than others, so always test the tray with one wax cube to start out.  

All of the Edison Warmers are fitted with a 40W vintage/Edison bulb. The bases of the warmers are clear so you can so you can see the beautiful bulb design. On most typical warmers the light bulb isn't even visible unless you lift up the warming tray. 

With the light bulbs being visible I think it gives the warmers an old fashioned feel. The new Nautical warmer fits perfectly on my bookshelf in the living room. It gives off just the right amount of light and really enhances the style and decor of my home.

Once the warmer no longer releases any scent it's time to change out the wax. Cleaning the Edison warmers are really simple and similar to traditional warmers. Turn the warmer off, pour the melted wax back into the original cube trays, and wipe the wax holder clean with a paper towel. Add a different scent or stick with your favorite. Turn the warmer off and unplug when the warmer is not in use. 
One thing I did notice on the Edison warmer is that when I turn the warmer off to cool the wax cubes slide right out of the holder when cooled. I'm not sure if this how it is suppose to happen, but it comes in handy when I interchange the scents. So far it has happened every time I turn off the warmer and let it completely cool, so I'm loving that part. 

The new Scentsational Edison Wax Warmers are priced at $19.88 and are available in store and online nationwide. I was excited to see that my local Walmart already has plenty in stock, because I was wanting to get the Hurricane Lamp warmer for our bedroom. If your local Walmart does not carry the Edison warmers you can purchase them online at Don't forget to take advantage of their Free Site to Store Shipping.

The Scentsational wax cubes are available in a wide variety of scents, so there's plenty to choose from. I have several favorite scents, so I purchase the scents individually for $2 a package, but Walmart also carries value packs. Each value pack is priced at $10.50 and comes with a decorative box to store all your different scents together. 

I think the new Edison Warmers would make the perfect house warming or birthday gift for that special someone.  What do you think?

Note: I also wanted to mention that Walmart carries the Edison replacement bulbs for $3.97. They are located near the Edison Warmers themselves. If you are unable to locate the replacement bulbs at Walmart you can also purchase them at



Colleen said…
Oh, I love the looks of that wax warmer and what a romantic feel it would make in one's home.
I'm going have to check and see if the WalMart here has them on their shelves.
Enjoy your day and have a wonderful week end.
Anonymous said…
Tina, I love these! I went to and dont see the replacement bulbs though! Do you know where to get them and how much they are! Ty.
Tina Butler said…
I actually picked up a replacement bulb yesterday at my local Walmart. I was afraid they wouldn't have any left when I needed one. The bulbs were located right with the Edison Warmers and they are priced at $3.97. If you are unable to locate them at Walmart you can purchase a Edison replacement bulb at Here is the link to the bulb.
Tina Butler said…
Well Amanda I'm sorry you feel that way, but I am even more saddened that you would call me trash without even knowing me. You base this on your own opinion of a company you dislike. I am proud to be a Walmart Mom Blogger! I enjoy sharing my thoughts, advice and tips that I find along the way. I'm not an employee of Walmart, but a mom probably just like you. A mom that is trying to do the best for my family and save money where I can. If I can be a voice to other moms who are trying to balance work, family, saving money than I welcome the opportunity. We are all here to help each other out. I am a real Walmart shopper whether you agree with that or not. Whether you like it or not. Again I am sorry you feel that way, but you don't know ME! If you did you would not choose to categorize me like that.
I can't wait until my local Wal-Mart gets these! I will be on the lookout. I have warmers all over my house! And for the record, I am a regular Wal-mart shopper. It's one of the few stores/grocery stores that I can actually afford to shop!
Tina Butler said…
Yes, Amanda I am still proud to be a Walmart mom even after the hateful comment you left after the one above that I deleted. And no I am not trash only people who call others those names are labeled as such. For you to take the time to keep coming back and leaving more tasteless comments and 7 links hmmm says a lot about your character. You can choose to not read my blog it's as easy as that.
Bobbie V, in Ohio said…
Thats real classy. To call someone ''trash'' when they dont even know the person. More than what this person even knows is made overseas. And every store you go into sells this ''crap'' thats made overseas. Tina, keep doing what you do to help us other ''trashy'' people be able to know what we can afford and how to get the best stuff for our money!
I haven't seen these at my local Walmart yet; I can't wait until we get them. I have warmers all through my house, but I can always use a new one ;)
Tina Butler said…
Lisa, hopefully your walmart will get them in stock soon. If they don't right away you can purchase them on line as well at I love mine and can't wait to purchase second one.
Anonymous said…
Amanda shame on you! your word tells your lack of proper thinking.
Tina thank you so much for sharing your idea