Shortbread Cookie Hearts

This simple three-ingredient shortbread cookie recipe makes wonderfully tender, buttery cookies.
Today I have an easy cookie that's perfect for your Valentine, Shortbread Hearts! Shortbread cookies are simply a thick, rich butter cookie that melts in your mouth. Since shortbread cookies are my husband's favorite I try to make them for his birthday and Valentine's Day. 
I usually make a batch just for him that he hides so no one else can get their hands on them. I have to say I don't blame him, because they're quite tasty.  The best part about this recipe is that it only requires 3 ingredients!!!

I prefer just plain shortbread cookies, but if you want to get all fancy for the holidays you can dip one side into melted chocolate and then holiday sprinkles. I usually save this for Christmas because they look really pretty on a holiday cookie tray with festive sprinkles. For an added touch place the shortbread hearts into a valentine themed or heart shaped box. Enjoy!

Recipe Source: Martha Stewart Everyday

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Wow…I love this. Simple ingredients needed and easy processes, thinking to add some toppings, maybe raisin or nuts. :)
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