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Buttermilk Creamsicle Salad & A Butterball Turkey Giveaway {Closed}

Happy Friday everyone!!! Today I want to share a yummy recipe with y'all along with a fun giveaway. First let's start with the recipe. Have you ever heard of a Congealed Salad? If you're from the South not only have you heard of it, but I am sure you have consumed a couple varieties in your lifetime.

If you're not sure what a congealed salad is well let me tell you it's a little bit of heaven if you ask me. Congealed salads are quite popular in the south and are know as potluck or church food. It's a salad consisting of
flavored gelatin, fruit and sometimes vegetables. Other ingredients can include cottage cheese, mayonnaise, marshmallows, whipped topping, nuts and pretzels. 

By far the whipped topping version is my favorite. A holiday just wouldn't be a holiday if a Jell-O Salad wasn't gracing the table. My favorite it Strawberry, but I love this Buttermilk Creamsicle Salad just as much. I will actually be serving this salad over the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

I found this recipe years back in a old (1970's) church cookbook and I've been making it ever since. Some recipes call for crushed pineapple, but I love using mandarin oranges instead. During Christmas and Easter I make a Pineapple Pretzel Salad that pairs perfectly with Ham. It's a new favorite I found last year and its so delicious. 

If you're looking for a salad to make over Thanksgiving any of the ones I mentioned above will be perfect. Let the kids get involved in the preparation, because this is really simple to make. I usually let my daughter handle this one. 

This Giveaway is Now Closed! The 2 Winners of the $20 Butterball Gift Checks are Comment #128 Hatlebersherri{at}johndeere.{com} & Comment #140 Peggy F. 

Now onto the Giveaway. To help make Thanksgiving a little easier on your budget, I am partnering with my friends at Butterball to give two lucky Mommy's Kitchen readers a $20.00 gift check towards a turkey! I know these checks will come in handy for two very lucky families.

This is my 5th year partnering with Butterball, and it's always one of my favorite giveaways! This year Butterball is embracing everyone at the Thanksgiving Table and wants to know how you and I get our family involved in the holiday meal planning? Well that's easy for me, because I have a lot of helpers (my kids).

I always have family members or friends attending to contribute a dish or dessert. This is not only helpful for me, but it makes them feel special knowing they're contributing towards the big feast. My daughter usually goes grocery shopping with me which helps in case I forget something (like her favorite cranberry sauce). I always make homemade sauce, but she loves the canned jellied cranberry sauce.

Family meal planning is important, because I want to make sure I make every one's favorite dish. For my husband it's Ma Maw's Country Cornbread Dressing, my daughter loves Broccoli Rice Casserole, my oldest son's favorite is Hash brown Casserole and my little guy loves my Homemade Rolls. Getting everyone involved in the menu insures a meal everyone will love. 

See below to find out how to enter the Butterball Turkey Giveaway!!! This will be a quick 3 day giveaway, because I want to make sure the winners receive their turkey checks in time for purchase.

How to Enter:
  • Mandatory Entry:
    Please leave a comment on this post letting me know how you get your family involved in your holiday meal planning? If your family doesn't help, let me know your absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish?
  • Bonus Entry: (leave a separate comment for bonus entry)
    Tweet the following to earn a bonus entry: Enter for your chance to win a @butterball Turkey Check @mommyskitchen
    http://tinyurl.com/pawdn8l #Thanksgiving #giveaway 

    Giveaway starts today November 8th, 2013 and you have until 11:59 p.m. CST on November 10th, 2013, to leave a comment. I'll notify the (random) winners shortly after (please make sure I have some way to contact you or I will need to choose another winner). If you post Anonymously please leave your email in your comment. Winners will have 24 hours to reply with their mailing address or a new winner will be chosen. Contest open to US and Canadian Residents only.

    Disclosure: Butterball provided me with (3) free butterball turkey checks. One for myself and two to use in a reader giveaway.  I would like to thank Butterball for their continued relationship with Mommy's Kitchen.

    Before I go I want to share the recipe for the Buttermilk Creamsicle Salad.

Buttermilk Creamsicle Salad

1 - (15 oz) can mandarin orange segments, separated (reserve juice)
2 - (3 oz) boxes or 1 (6oz) orange gelatin (Jell-O)
2 - tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 - cups low fat buttermilk or heavy cream 
1 - (8 oz) container lite whipped topping (cool whip)  
In a small sauce pan heat the mandarin orange juice along with the sugar. Bring to a low boil until the sugar dissolves.

Add jell-o and mix well. Remove from heat and let the mixture come to room temperature. Chop the mandarin oranges and add to the jell-o mixture (set aside 6-7 segments for garnish).

In a large bowl  pour in the jell-o mixture and add the buttermilk; stir to combine. Refrigerate the mixture for one hour. Remove and stir. Fold in the whipped topping; mix well and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight. 

Add the remaining orange segments just before serving. You can make this recipe up to 24 hours in advance.

Cook's Note: If you do not like buttermilk, heavy cream can be substituted. You cannot taste the buttermilk in this recipe (trust me). You can also add one cup of mini marshmallows, but that is optional.

Need more recipe ideas? Check out the Recipe Index by Mommy’s Kitchen.

Looking for more Holiday recipes? Click here for my Seasonal and Holiday recipes. 


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Amy Cooper said... #

My husband is the pie baker! I will do other desserts but he does all the pies :)

Leanne Ackles said... #

My daughter is now old enough to help this year so we are very excited! And my favorite side is Green bean casserole! Gotta have it every year!

Jennifer said... #

At my house, Thanksgiving is like a giant potluck every year. Everyone has a favorite dish they bring. This is the first year my girls are old enough to help in the kitchen but they love to mix and measure things.

maggieinthemountains said... #

My husband and I cook together! and our favorite is our jalepeno cranberry salsa!


Unknown said... #

We sit and make a list together when we watch Halloween movies for what desserts and what everyone wants it seemed easy to plan ahead so we could budget it.

Claire said... #

I have been eating this salad since the '70's!!

Katie said... #

My husband fries the turkeys and me and the rest of the family contribute everything else. We also hold a Christmas ornament exchange.

Unknown said... #

It's hard to have one favorite but I think Pumpkin Pie is at the top!

Barbara J. said... #

I usually plan and prepare the entire Thanksgiving dinner by myself. My favorite dish is the cranberry relish I make from scratch. Although I am the only one in my family who likes it, I still prepare it every year.

Heidi said... #

This year we are giving all the kids there choice of side dishes and, they have to help make them.

Sheri said... #

I have 8 kiddos, and each one of them makes "their" favorite dish for Thanksgiving. Even the little ones help out with their favs. That way I'm not the only one cooking on Thanksgiving day!


Unknown said... #

Im the cooker my 6 year okd is my side kick and hubby is the taste tester without our team our hokidays wouldn't be like they are.

Hanna said... #

Everyone helps cook...it gets busy in the kitchen but well worth it!

Kristin T said... #

I usually make everything when it's at my house. I LOVE homemade noodles! kristinthrelkeld@yahoo.com

Brittany Disponett said... #

Each person in the family is allowed to pick one favorite holiday dish, we then put then all in a hat and choose 12 of those options in hopes some are different from the year prior. usually works out quite well! happy holidays from my family to yours!

Unknown said... #

We rotate who hosts every year but when its my year, my daughter and youngest son love to help me cut ingredients up and stir. We always bake things a few days before and make extras to give to friends and their families. Winning a turkey would help us to beable to afford to bake for a few more families.

Anonymous said... #

My family all works together to prepare the foods and help with the cleanup. My brother fries the turkey and my Mother makes her dressing and then we fill in around that.

Anonymous said... #

My family all works together to prepare the foods and help with the cleanup. My brother fries the turkey and my Mother makes her dressing and then we fill in around that.

Unknown said... #

My son is too little now, but I have my husband go grocery shopping and help me clean up! And I agree, I live in Tennessee and ya gotta have some sort of congealed salad, but ive never seen buttermilk used. =)

Valerie said... #

I keep everyone out of the kitchen and do it all myself. Of course, I have help getting the turkey out of the oven because it usually is 25lbs are over. I also have my older children set the table, etc.

Unknown said... #

Im the cooker my 6 year okd is my side kick and hubby is the taste tester without our team our hokidays wouldn't be like they are.

Tracy N said... #

Before my grandparents passed away we had a great big potluck Thanksgiving which was the best. As of right now I love to make homemade yams and try different desserts each year.

Unknown said... #

Forgot to mention my signature dish that even when we aren't hosting, we take it with us. It's a recipe handed down from my husband's step mom. It's a creamed corn made w cream cheese. I never have any left over!

Hanna said... #


Unknown said... #

how I get my family involved in your holiday meal planning?

We have a big family and usually my husbands 3 sisters and his mom and the oldest niece (24) all start calling each other just after Halloween to start planning for T-day. Then we get together at my inlaws and sit around the kitchen table and write up a menu and who will bring what. Usually I go shopping with my MIL and SIL ( Michelle) for the groceries and we start the prep work together in mom's big kitchen 2 days before tday and then we all stay over night on the wednesday and get up early Thursday morning and start cooking at this time my husband and FIL start the birds. we invite all our friends and family so there are usually 40-50 people for Thanksgiving. We do this again for Christmas Eve but we only do appetizers and treats. We have a friend dress up as Santa and he passes out candy canes and takes pictures with all the little kids and the ones driving through the neighborhood looking at lights and we serve hot cocoa to the families. They are wonderful traditions for the Christmas party we have no less then 75 people come usually more. We also do a big Super Bowl and Oscar's viewing parties.

Dana said... #

I make the dinner by myself, my favorite dish is a Lemon Jello salad, it is our family's favorite we make it every year without fail.

Unknown said... #

Everyone has to make or help make their favorite dish...no matter their age!

Unknown said... #

I posted on Twitter as well and followed your feed.

Kathleen said... #

I usually make desserts and dressing,my husband does turkey and mashed potatoes and all family members pitch in and bring their own lspecialties.

Unknown said... #

I try to get everyone involved and make their favorite dishes. My husband does the pie baking and follows behind me doing dishes. Such a good hubby!

Angie said... #

We usually all add in a dish we want to have at Thanksgiving. My husband is amazing at cleaning up all the holiday cooking.

Unknown said... #

my husband cooks the turkey in the deepfryer. my mom and i and my sister bakes and makes all the other food that my mom has made over the years. we always use her recipes. and listen to the thanksgiving day parade. and my brother inlaw keeps the fire going in the fireplace.

Unknown said... #

I tweeted as well :-)

Frances Varnado said... #

My husband and sons fry the turkey. I make everything else...desserts, dressing, sides, etc. Hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Sara Nevill said... #

Everyone has their own part in Thanksgiving. I love to let me little ones set the table & help in the kitchen with the kid friendly holiday recipes.

Sandy H said... #

My dad's job has been to peel the potatoes. One thanksgiving he got up at 4 in the morning and peeled the potatoes so that he was out of the kitchen when everyone else was trying to complete their assignments.

Angie said... #

I tweeted


FortheLoveofFood said... #

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is turkey!

sandytorres said... #

There is nothing stuffed dressing from a butterball turkey...I make a good dressing and a fabulous pumpkin pie..I love the gathering of the family and sharing of such a plentiful feast

Tracy N said... #

Twitter Link https://twitter.com/TracysLoveBugs/status/398879651621113856

tiffannbumbaugh said... #

I got my sister (who thinks she's the worst cook ever) to participate in Thanksgiving dinner by switching Thanksgiving to HER house. She did basically did the whole thing by herself and everything was great! Also, green bean casserole is my favorite dish!

sandytorres said... #

There is nothing stuffed dressing from a butterball turkey...I make a good dressing and a fabulous pumpkin pie..I love the gathering of the family and sharing of such a plentiful feast

FortheLoveofFood said... #


Anonymous said... #

We go grocery shopping and cook together as a family as I have MS and limited on what I can do. My husband always with the help of our 12 yrs son make then bake the pies and dinner rolls. Hubby does the Turkey. I'm usually in charge of mashed potatoes, stuffing and sweet potatoes. With the help of our son I make a Waldorf salad. Each Thanksgiving we're thankful for where I am in this fight against MS.
If I win please contact me via email evasch@AOL.com

Anonymous said... #

my husband, two daughters, and myself make a list of what we want to have. Our daughters each make a dish to contribute and we cook together. Love making memories! baileyjrae@yahoo.com

Anonymous said... #

My family each pick a favorite side dish and I fix that along with my turkey and ham. My daughter loves to help in the kitchen so she is my right arm during the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

Anonymous said... #

My mom makes the best dressing. My 9 yr old daughter helps with sweet pot casserole with chopping the nutz and then mixing with the brown sugar topping. I bake the turkey after marinating over night with cajun spices.

laurenanncole@gmail.com said... #

This is the weekend to decide what's happening for Thanksgiving in our house. But usually, my husband drives to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland, CA to pick up his French Apple Pie, (his favorite) and helps me shop. Our youngest daughter chops the celery and onions for dressing and makes the green bean casserole. Our oldest daughter drives home, which is so important to us. She talks a lot :) and keeps me company while I cook. It's just the four of us and we keep it pretty simple.

Sharon said... #

This year is hard for me. Both my kids are now married and have other plans. My brother (only other family member on my side) just moved out of state this week. So its just the hubby and myself this year. My favorite thanksgiving dish is Candied sweet potatoes, I never liked them till I started making them. LOL!

Anonymous said... #

My mom makes the best dressing. My 9 yr old daughter helps with sweet pot casserole with chopping the nutz and then mixing with the brown sugar topping. I bake the turkey after marinating over night with cajun spices. Laurie. BeachCrazyL@aol.com

Bill Gentry said... #

Mashed Potatoes and Chicken and Dressing! Gifts from God!lol

Unknown said... #

my husband helps put the yoke mixture in the deviled eggs and helps stir some things when I need help. my favorite foods at Thanksgiving are turkey, dressing and lots of gravy!!

Anonymous said... #

One of my favorite things to do for Thanksgiving is take a plain white or off white tablecloth and you can have the kids help decorate it anyway you like. Then put the date on it and leave sharpies out so everyone at the dinner table can write what they are thankful for. Also I love to take leftover stuffing and fry it in butter or put in waffle maker then drizzle with cranberry sauce mixed with some maple syrup for breakfast.

Unknown said... #

My daughter, Sabrina, is my Thanksgiving helper in the kitchen. We enjoy cooking and baking together for 2 days for our Thanksgiving Holiday meal. It's so much fun and I'm thankful for our bonding experience in the kitchen together! :-)

Monica A. said... #

I usually handle all the cooking myself, but this year I'll have a little help from my future daughter-in-law since we'll be spending Thanksgiving with my son.

kelsey hedrick said... #

my mom does most of the cooking and me and my sister bring desert and side dishes are favorite is green bean cassrole

kathy clark jennings said... #

For years my sister start the night before Thanksgiving. I make turkey and she makes ham and the rest of the family bring their favorite dishes. We have had anywhere from 6 to 25 people over to her house. We have been doing this since our kids were born and the kids are now in their 30's. Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday, I love it when the whole family comes together. We hope our kids will carry on the tradition.

kathy clark jennings said... #

For years my sister start the night before Thanksgiving. I make turkey and she makes ham and the rest of the family bring their favorite dishes. We have had anywhere from 6 to 25 people over to her house. We have been doing this since our kids were born and the kids are now in their 30's. Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday, I love it when the whole family comes together. We hope our kids will carry on the tradition.

kathy clark jennings said... #

For years my sister start the night before Thanksgiving. I make turkey and she makes ham and the rest of the family bring their favorite dishes. We have had anywhere from 6 to 25 people over to her house. We have been doing this since our kids were born and the kids are now in their 30's. Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday, I love it when the whole family comes together. We hope our kids will carry on the tradition.

Unknown said... #

Hi My family all helps. My daughter makes the deviled eggs every year. She has her own recipe. My boyfriend and i share all the responsible of cooking. We are both chefs!

Unknown said... #

One of our favorites is a sweet potato casserole that is almost like dessert!

I always make sure my picky eaters have things they love included!


Lorrie said... #

HI I am a mom to 7 and a grandma to 1 and one due the first week in December I make the turkey and my younger kids help with the side dishes,my older kids help with the clean up.My favorite dish is my mom's bread dressing instead of stuffing the turkey or baking it in a dish I use a muffin tin and it makes the perfect serving size.Oh and by the way all my kids still live at home lol.My husband and I use your page to make our weekly grocery list There has not been a dish yet we don't like.Thank you so much for all your recipes.Happy holidays!

Unknown said... #


Unknown said... #

my family loves sweet potato casserole - almost like dessert!!!

I also make sure my picky eaters have some of their favorites!!

Unknown said... #

My family helps me with little tedious tasks...peeling potatoes, chopping veggies, stirring. They make it a family affair, that and they tell me EXACTLY what they want me to make for holiday meals :-)

Jen said... #

Asparagus sandwiches! Isn't a holiday without them!!!

Hawaii Randomness said... #

My husband is a Marine so we are always away from our extended family during the holidays. For Thanksgiving we like to invite all of his junior Marines over to have a family dinner. It's so much fun and I try to ask them ahead of time what is a special dish they miss from home so I can include that.

Unknown said... #

my girls are old enough now, so I hope to get them involved this year.

Monica A. said... #

I posted on Twitter and entry #55

Hawaii Randomness said... #


Forgot to include email:-)

Anonymous said... #

This year is going to be really exciting . . . I am going to coach my 35 year old son on cooking the whole deal . . . from planning on what he wants to prepare . . . to scheduling his plan . . . so that all comes together smoothly. He has been wanting to do this for a couple of years now . . . and this year permits us to do this together. Very much looking forward to doing this event. For the most part, we will stick with the traditional meal. :)

Keren said... #

I got married 4 mos ago. When I was single living with mom and dad, I did the baking and my mashed potato casserole and they did the main dishes. Now that I am married, everyone mentions how he does an Excellent Turkey and stuffing. Well, since he is a great cook, I don't doubt it. So, I will be doing the baking. I enjoy the holidays and I'm looking much more forward to them now with my Husband :)


Unknown said... #

My favorite Thanksgiving food is the Amazing dressing that my mother makes! It is 'off the chain' Gooood!!! lol :-)

Unknown said... #

reneehodgedeville @gmail.com :)

Anonymous said... #

This may be a double post . . . mine seemingly disappeared. I am very much looking to this year's presentation. I am going to be coaching my 35 year old son on how to plan and prepare our annual event . . . from the planning . . . through the scheduling on things to come together smoothly! He has been wanting to do this for a long time, and this year permits us to finally do this. I'm truly excited. Alice aames4@bellsouth.net

kingsqueen said... #

We have Thanksgiving at my mama's. She does the main parts - Turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes. All the other sides are brought by family members, and I help her with the things she makes.

Anonymous said... #

Everyone gets roped into the holidays at my house. I have three kids so ones doing dishes while another one is cutting up desserts or decorating cookies. My ultimate favorite dish for thanksgiving has to me our herb rubbed turkey wrapped in bacon. It is absolutely sinful but its not greasy and the gravy you make out of the drippings is amazing!

Susan said... #

We have a Standard Thanksgiving Menu that we stick to each year. It is already posted on the fridge. This year I've added Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake to the menu and the response has been enthusiastic!

GeriJo said... #

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday and I always host. We have all the staples - turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole - but I always add pork tenderloin and a 'something new' dish. This is a dish that we have never had before and this year just might be your Buttermilk Creamsicle Salad!
Thank you for all you do.

Susan said... #


Jeanne Kraft White said... #

Now that my sons are older, 16 & 20, they do the shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, with a list I have made, of course. I always make 2 different dressing/stuffings cause each son likes a different one. I make a sage dressing and oyster dressing.

Unknown said... #

This year I will be celebrating it at my grandparents. My husband is overseas in Korea so it will be sorta lonely. But I am very thankful for the service he has done for the past 6 years for this is his 2nd deployment his first of course Afghanistan. My favorite dish to make is apple crisp. Everyone has enjoyed this at any get together. My beautiful daughter enjoys smashing the dough between her fingers. Also enjoys test tasting it as well so I make a little extra. The most favorite dish for me will be my grandma's flavor bursting turkey. The way she can cook is amazing. But I guess it's all those years of experience. Still jealous lol

Anonymous said... #

I think my favorite food for Thanksgiving has to be the stuffing that is stuffed inside the turkey! We only have the home made stuffing, once a year and I really look forward to it!

Anonymous said... #

My family helps with Thanksgiving preparations starting around August! They remind me that I am the only one who knows how to make Granny's Dressing. I have spent every Thanksgiving for the last 20 years teaching one, two or five at a time, but somehow they forget year to year. Last year I was going out of town, so I, with my eldest niece and sister, made it up the day before and explained what temp and how long to bake. Needless to say that didn't go well and I am forbidden from leaving for Thanksgiving EVER! Other than the dressing, everyone cooks "their dishes" that they have mastered. Except that one niece who says she will do green beans and shows up with a can of green beans and a smile. :) We love her still. A Lott aklott42713@gmail.com

Unknown said... #

We usually go to my daughter's house (since she is the only family member who lives in our state.) I take corn casserole...a favorite each year.

Debra said... #

We go to my Mom's for Thanksgiving. I have one brother and one sister and each family brings different dishes to my Mom's. Mom usually fixes the turkey or ham and we bring the side dishes!!

Lena Aline said... #

Hi! I always get my kids involved with cutting or peeling veggies for the veggie trays and cut up fruit for the fruit trays.=)

Unknown said... #

Another comment....I seem to be the head of the clean up detail. I clean as meal is prepared, so it is not too bad.

Kristy Jensen said... #

I ask my family what they like for me to make. I add in what I like and voila...dinner is served.

Kristy Jensen said... #

I ask my family what they like for me to make. I add in what I like and voila...dinner is served.

KeriLyn84 said... #

Our family comes up with the menu together and then we divide the dishes up between households with each one bring 2-3 dishes and then we all come together, usually at my moms house, for dinner! Each person has something they are really good at that if someone else made it it just wouldnt be the same!

Unknown said... #

My 15 ur old still make the thanksgiving dish I grew up with and that is green onions rolls. You take green onions, clean and cut off some of the green part, take thinly sliced lunch meat-spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the lunch meat and then place the green onion on one end and roll it up and enjoy. tsmith0445@gmail.com

Anonymous said... #

We love to make turkey upside down in a bag and occassioally a ham must have mashed
potatoes gravy a green been casserole and my favorite the stuffing w giblets the way my mom made it . Butter flake rolls of course sweet potatoes w marshmallows .This year I'm 7 months pregnant and I was thinking if applying for tickets to a dalvation army comunity catered dinner for my family of 8 ..?but stayin home relaxing does sound like tradition w macys parade on the tv!! Via bunnclaire@gmail.com

Anonymous said... #

We all share in the work! My oldest child also my only daughter is going to help make pie and my famous green beans!!! Let the fun begin :-) Best Wishes to everyone and Happy Holidays! randi_david@rocketmail.com

KeriLyn84 said... #

tweeted! :)

Anonymous said... #

My sister and I cook the Turkey and ham and our daughters make sides and pies and we all gather at the home where our finner is gonna be and we spend the night reminiscing of holidays past and funny things we have all done during the year.IWe play board games and just enjoy being together.We go to this sight a lot to try new ideas.Love it. Emsil is pamsdream62@yahoo.com

angelmelisa said... #

I usually do all the cooking in my house I enjoy Thanksgiving I love to cook

cgmom423@aol.com said... #

I still have the same menu that my mother always had. Turkey, 2kinds of dressing (sage & oyster), cor, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut (its a south Baltimore thing), sweet potato casserole w/ marshmellows, fordhook lima beans & gravy. I always try a New dish each year. For dessert pumpkin pie & and my mother's Sweet Potato Coconut pie

Unknown said... #

My favorite dish for Thanksgiving is homemade dressing with raisins. The kids request garden raised squash with brown sugar and butter.

Unknown said... #

Each of our kids pick out a side dish and help make it. Last year I had a 2 and 3 year old helping in the kitchen. I was a little worried about the mess they would make, but they did great job. They had a blast and were very proud of there dishes. They also provided mom with a lot of laughs. Excited to carry on the same tradition this yeat.

Unknown said... #

My family begins our Thanksgiving morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade... and while it is on, my hubby and I get the turkey ready and in the oven.. my son is chief chopper and my daughter, is the chief veggie prep... The rest, is pretty much my domain.. The best day of the year ... is when we are all together!

Sharon said... #

i tweeted. https://twitter.com/rsmobley85/status/398881849306382336

We call this recipe "Fluff"

SLM said... #

My hubby chips in to help in the kitchen, but I have a favorite recipe. It's Christmas Cherry Salad.

1 (21 oz.) can of Cherry Pie Filling
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk (I use No Fat)
2 (8 oz.) cartons whipped topping -- Cool Whip.
1 (16 oz.) can of Crushed Pineapple
1 cup chopped nuts (your choice)
1 cup mini marshmallows


Combine all ingredients BUT DO NOT DRAIN PINEAPPLE. Mix well, refrigerate for 3 hours before serving, be sure to chill well.

Enjoy this version, and I will try yours out, too. Thanks

fourkidsmom said... #

Sounds like ;your kids favorites are ours as well. So we will be cooking those along with you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said... #

I spend a week trying to get him involved and convincing him that homemade pies are better. We always get into which of our ways are better to cook with. His daughter usually helps me prepare every year. She and I spend the night before premaking anything we can. She loves helping me with the pies and mashed potatoes.


Dolores Mullins said... #

At our home I always cook the Thanksgiving meal and our children and grandchildren come over to visit. The day is spent visiting, eating and the children playing. When family is together your home is filled with love.

Unknown said... #

Everyone brings something to the table. It's fun to get together and not have one person flustered and frazzled from handling all the cooking by themselves!

Tonya said... #

It starts in the month of October for my family. We go to the local orchard and get apples and sugar pie pumpkins. We come home and bake the pumpkins, puree the pulp and freeze it for pumpkin pies. Cut up and freeze apples for later use. The day before my mom and I bake apple and pumpkin pies.
It is tradition that the night before my daughter ( a now college student) and I tear up three loaves of bread and season it with salt pepper and sage so it can start to harden. We have done this since she was old enough to pull a chair up to the counter to stand at my side. Bright and early on Thanksgiving day my husband gets up with me and as i am cooking onions in butter to mix with the bread, he cleans the turkey. He then helps me stuff it and get it in the oven. We make all the traditional dishes passed down from my Grandma.


Kelli said... #

We do a potluck style dinner, my Mom does the turkey and dressing and the cranberry salad, and everyone else brings a side dish and a dessert.

Anonymous said... #

That salad looks really good.


Melinda said... #

My husband helps me prep the turkey and then gets up with me in the wee hours of the morning on Thanksgiving to help put Tom in the oven. We then take turns basting and tasting. He is such a help to me in the kitchen!

Melody Mahala said... #

Probably my grandmother's yeast rolls. So good hot from the oven!

Tiffany Macek said... #

My kids aren't quite at the age to start helping me yet but my husband does the turkey. I would say my favorite dish is just yummy sweet potatoes. My Thanksgiving meal just isn't complete without them. My mom always did them but is no longer with us so I just do my best to keep her tradition going on.

Ted said... #

I make the pies... Pumpkin pie is my favorite

Anonymous said... #

Each year we honor our loved ones in Heaven by making one or two of their favorite dishes. We keep a candle burning all day to remind us of these loved ones watching over us.
We all prepare our meal together. We all help clean as we go to keep the work minimal. As a professional chef there is nothing like cooking with friends and loved ones on a day like Thanksgiving dedicated to giving thanks for our many blessings. We make sure that our song birds outside have a Thanksgiving feast as well with plenty of suet and birdseed. We also offer corn to the wild turkeys that visit our back meadow. The little kids help set the table and make the place cards. We all say a few words during the prayer sharing what we are thankful for on this glorious day.

Shannon said... #

I plan the menu but I always look forward to my sister-in-law's broccoli casserole.

Nancy A said... #

They come to my house and I fix everything. Not many in my family anymore, only a few of us to get together. Wish for all my family to be with us, but they are here in our hearts!

Served up with Love said... #

My Moms green bean casserole, best thing ever!

CaroBN said... #

I love all the cookies we made together :)

Melissa said... #

We talk as a family though, about what we like, snacks to have before dinner, the kids usually make a dessert together.

Unknown said... #

This year my son will be old enough to help with a few things..he's almost 3 :) I'm going tolet him help with cookies and mixing things for me.. one of my favorite sides is my mom's broccoli cheese rice..I could eat it everyday :p

Anonymous said... #

My husband is usually in charge of the Turkey if we decide to deep fry it. This year we will stick with a traditional oven roasted Turkey. I love the years when we deep fry, because it frees up my oven and kitchen space for all the wonderful sides they accompany the turkey. The kids just like to help eat and everyone chips in with the clean up after dinner.

Carolyn said... #

My husband is diabetic so he makes akl yhe desserts sugar free!!

Colleen said... #

I taught my first sister in law how to make a turkey and all that goes with it the year she married my brother. Now, youngest brother just got engaged and his fiancée has asked to host the family with me coaching her through her first turkey and thanksgiving dinner. Everyone has sent in their requests for their favorites and we will be making our shopping list next week.

marnie said... #

I've always cooked with my little helpers. Last year our daughter cooked dinner for us -- it was a nice treat. We get together the day before and cook up our desserts -- one for each of us!!


Anonymous said... #

My family gets involved by the hubby cooks the turkey. And cranberry sauce I do the rest. This year my son is going to helpp make the potatoes with me. And the green bean casserole. Hope everyone has a good thanksgiving. Mossmelinda1@gmail.com

Unknown said... #

I also want to say I love your site! I love ur recipes and I get lots of ideas for my own versions of things from looking at yours :p

Anonymous said... #

My youngest son and I always plan the desserts together and he helps to create them. This is a tradition for 10 years now and one of my favorites. Hatlebergsherril@johndeere.com

Anonymous said... #

I also did the bonus entry and tweeted! @dyankee1995

Thank you!

Anonymous said... #

My favorite thanksgiving dish is green bean casserole.

Unknown said... #

We usually meet at my husband's cousin's home and they provide the meat. The rest of the family brings sides and desserts and there is always a feast!

This will be the first year I am hosting T-giving just for our immediate family and in-laws. So we'll do everything together.


Anonymous said... #

My four year old son loves to help make deviled eggs and asks to "Spin" the ingredients. (Stir). diane_fields77@yahoo.com

Unknown said... #

My favorite dish is my mom's recipe for homemade cranberry relish...it's been converting non-cranberry lovers for over 50 years!

Helen Syme said... #

I love your blog. Our favorite dish has to be turkey and dressing. helen.syme@yahoo.com 337 Clary Dr. Mesquite, TX 75149

Melanie - Mommy of 4 said... #

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the Sweet Potato Pie Dessert.
I love to get my family involved in several ways: We usually have a Thanksgiving bulletin board that we decorate and post our thankful statements, we sit and make a list of "what we have to fix for Thanksgiving" plus who all to invite (the more the merrier), and we also have a book about Thanksgiving that has pages for folks who join with us can sign and leave a comment each year.
I love Thanksgiving week!

Leticia Galaviz said... #

This Thanksgiving will be different for me and my family. We moved to a small town in New Mexico for my husband's job so we have no family or friends here.It will be just us and its gonna be an adjustment for the kids because they were used to having 2 Thanksgiving dinners on that day. One with my family and another with my hubby's and they loved it! I tell them we have each other and our health so we will make the best of it and be thankful! :)

Wendy R. said... #

Going to my brother-in-laws for Thanksgiving and it's a joke between us that he started last year when he texted me "HIS" menu for dinner. This year it's my turn! But we are pretty good about having the same thing!


Unknown said... #

My daughters help decorate the our Christmas trees and my husband "taste tests" for me. He some how forgets that I've been cooking since I was 8.

Robin F said... #

This year my dad is having knee surgery on November 18. My mom always does all the Thanksgiving dinner but this year the whole family is going to cook it should be very interesting wish us luck My mom is a awesome cook so I hope we can do it all. she has always bought the family together so hopefully this years will be another great Thanksgiving or we will be eating bologna sandwiches and I don't like Bologna :{

peggy f said... #

We live in a very small town so we all get together at the local fire department for thanksgiving dinner. Its a potluck but some people can't afford to make anything so my family makes plenty extra for everyone. Our favirite things to make are pistachio pudding, banana pudding and my girls make muddy buddys. ppk02042006@yahoo.com

diane russo said... #

I live by myself, but, I still prepare myself a nice dinner, I love the prep, I look thru every recipe site I can fine. But, truth be told, I like stuffing and gravy. That's my favorite part of Thanksgiving, stuffing and gravy

Starla said... #

Hello! When I have Thanksgiving at my home, I am the cooker. When we go to my husbands family, I always cook up a bunch of food to take. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, all of our friends here at Racoon Lake in Rockville Indiana, have what we call "Our Friends Thanksgiving." All of ou ladies get together and make one heck of a dinner. Its always a great time. Yes, Thanksgiving is for the family, but it should also be for the friends also.

Anonymous said... #

I will not be able to afford to get a turkey this year and this would be a blessing. My grandmother used to make salads like this every year for Thanksgiving and they were always amazing. If I won a turkey I would invite my son over to enjoy this with me. I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and good luck to everyone. Thank you. my email address is patti2642@yahoo.com

Unknown said... #

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! My husband is my biggest helper in the kitchen on any day, but especially that day! He is my sous chef, prepping root vegetables, shredding cheese, etc. but he also has a few magic dishes of his own!

Anonymous said... #

My children over the years have always helped with our traditional Thanksgiving meal,from washing dishes,setting the table to rolling out noodles. Now that they are grown and no longer live in the same state and I'm raising three of my grandchildren they continue in the tradition,and love it. I really enjoy teaching the younger generation my secret recipes in the kitchen, I thank God everyday for this wonderful bunch. bobdenny2002@yahoo.com

Anonymous said... #

I've always loved doing all the cooking for Thanskgiving and while I always add a new recipe/dish to the table, it seems the old favs are the best. I've had the best time teaching my daughter to cook & last year was her first time preparing the meal. I love that she also adds a new recipe. My granddaughter has helped me snap the green beans since she was 3ys old and now at age 8, I'm hoping she'll help even more. Thanksgivinghas always been my son's fav meal. I pray he has a nice meal this year in Afghanistan. It is always about family.

Anonymous said... #

We sit down & make our menu with the cookbooks & food mag. Though their are dishes that are a staple but maybe another way to put it together.

Anonymous said... #

My husband chops the veggies and my 3 year old twin daughters watch me make all the goodies. Our favorite dish is cornbread dressing with giblet gravy.

Anonymous said... #

I have to make the turkey,stuffing and pies every year. Other people in the family make other dishes. But the turkey, stuffing and pies are mine!

michelle maggard said... #

My family is very small so my kids and my friends we get together and we pick our favorites and we split it I make rice dressing and parline ham spicey delvied eggs and several off the chain desserts.......

Anonymous said... #

My husband insists on doing most of the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. I will usually make the Sweet Potato casserole, because that is my favorite, along with the Cranberry sauce, he takes care of the rest!

Sharry M shysaver2@yahoo.com

Anonymous said... #

I tweeted about the giveaway!


Sharry M.

Caitlin said... #

My husband usually cooks the meal. I help with sides, and I do an easy appetizer, and make all the desserts. My oldest son is 5, and this year he is going to help me with the desserts, and make the place settings with me. We are all so excited this year!

Unknown said... #

The dinner is always everyones job I'm the main cook but all pitch in to make the day a great one. My dish I love the most is southern homemade cornbread dressing.

Lisa said... #

MY husband fries a Butterball Turkey every year! I make all the sides the day before...cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole and fruit fluff!!

Anonymous said... #

Main dish is my responsibility everyone else handles all else while hubby gets the cleanup part

Tina Eakin said... #

I usually have everyone in the kitchen doing something! Not necessarily the same thing every year, but just so we're all together before the rest of the family gets there! It's those moments I love and look forward to, because that's when the laughter and conversation is at it's best! And, the Cornbread Dressing is my favorite, along with my canned cranberry sauce! I love it too! I just couldn't have Thanksgiving without those 2 things! Happy Thanksgiving!

Becky Osornio said... #

My family of 3 always gives me ideas and they go thru my cookbooks to find yummy choices for the holidays. Last year (our first Thanksgiving as a family!), my husband and daughter helped me make Cranberry Nut Jellies, a thanksgiving treat that we all love so much. We would love to have a delicious Butterball turkey! Molpol1031@hotmail.com

Unknown said... #

I'm hosting our family Thanksgiving. Mom lives with me and is 94. She lives for the family holidays. She gets to see all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in one place. We use some traditional family recipes as well as try a few new ones that potluck always provides. We are fortunate and grateful for the blessings of our family and friends who are able to come and share this time with us. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Unknown said... #

We usually have Thanksgiving with my daughter and her family. My daughter and I share the cooking. I usually do the baking. My husband helps out, usually peeling potatoes, carving the meat, etc.

Unknown said... #

I'm hosting our family Thanksgiving. Mom lives with me and is 94. She lives for the family holidays. She gets to see all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in one place. We use some traditional family recipes as well as try a few new ones that potluck always provides. We are fortunate and grateful for the blessings of our family and friends who are able to come and share this time with us. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Anonymous said... #

Cook the turkey upside down with bacon strips all over the top. It pretty much self bastes. Kids fight over the bacon! And, pumpkin pie and real whipped cream! That's the greatest! Happy thanksgiving everyone!

connie butts certain said... #

My husband helps me in the kitchen on Thanksgiving every year. He is the best helper in the world. He not only chops oninons but he also does dishes. I am very thankful for that.God Bless you and your family this holiday season.

Anonymous said... #

Each one brings their specialt. So that way we don't have a double up on anything, and it is all very good!

Brenda D

Colleen Cabanaw said... #

My sister hosts Thanksgiving, so I usually just get with her and see what old family classic I can help with. I usually also always make dessert.

Anonymous said... #

We have a potluck style dinner and I always get stuck bringing the turkey!,

ReadingMama922 said... #

My husband makes the turkey and the ham and bakes bread; I make the broccoli casserole, the mashed potatoes, the dressing, and the desserts. My son helps by chopping celery and onions and stirring, and setting the table.
Thank you for the chance to win a turkey check!

Debbie Rhoades

MOM said... #

My favorite is the garlic mashed potatoes over turkey smothered with gravy.

MSG said... #

We stay home - just the five of us, no traveling since we travel all fall with soccer. My kids help by making a long list of things they want to eat. But we always have at least one chocolate pie and a pumpkin pie, and real cranberry sauce.

Anonymous said... #

i absolutely love turkey and homemade gravy and mashed potatoes and ambrosia my email is swimgirl112690@aol.com

Marion bookworm52@hotmail.com said... #

My family is just my husband & me so we have very quiet holidays. But my favorite all time holiday dish is my mother's turkey stuffing. Every time I make it, I think of Mama & miss her.


My mom usually makes the turkey. And while it is cooking we make the dressing. The kids *15 and 13* go through Recipes on the first of November to pick what they want to make or CAN'T live without on Thanksgiving. They go to the store with me and they buy their ingredients and then we get busy. We make a schedule to see who has kitchen time to make their item or items. Then we all enjoy what we made Thanksgiving evening.

Anonymous said... #

Holiday meal planning is what I do - I wish I could get them to be more involved, but at least my husband does help with turkey preparation and carving it with an electric knife. I don't mind too much though because honestly being in the kitchen is a joy to me and I love to be able to create delicious meals to feed the souls that God has entrusted me with and the wonderful aroma and memories that are created will not be forgotten for it is done with love

Anonymous said... #

The comment made that said that I do everything for the holidays and that my husband carves and prepares the turkey and that everything done in the kitchen by myself is done because I want to create memories and it is because of love, etc. That was written my Melissa K at melissaking10@aol.com and I apologize for forgetting to add this.

Unknown said... #

My favorite meal is smoked turkey and chicken and dumplins. I cook most everything but my sister brings a lot of food also. Between us both we have an over abundance of foods and desserts!

BumbleBeeLane said... #

This is hubby's day to cook. He makes everything except dessert so I get time to enjoy family. Warm Blessings! Amy

Lizzie W said... #

We have a traditional menu. My husband makes the mashed potatoes- I make everything else!


Anonymous said... #

my family all jumps in to help.....some are great bakers and others are great at reading directions. everyone has a special talent and that's how we get the job done.


Linda said... #

I do the preparing and cooking of Thanksgiving dinner-my very favorite dish is the dressing-my hubby helps with the cleanup which I do appreciate

Carla Stone said... #

So many memories down Thanksgiving Lane........I enjoy cooking the entire meal myself. From turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, to cranberry relish. I even make a small oyster dressing, as I am the only one that likes it!

BeverlySappFL said... #

It is always a family affair for Thanksgiving dinner. My husband helps with the turkey since it can be heavy once we get the dressing inside of it so he puts in the oven and takes it out for me. My girls help with getting the side dishes together and about 10 years ago our son started making the green bean casserole and now he's 25 years old and he wouldn't think of us having a thanksgiving dinner without his famous green bean casserole. He's moved into baking bread and even making pie crust. He's a natural in the kitchen. I am so thankful for my family as there were years we had a very thin table around this time of the year. God has been so faithful to my family but the free turkey would help a lot this time of the year. I hope everyone has a blessed thanksgiving seaon

Anonymous said... #

My daughter always helps me cook and we try to make everyones favorite dessert!

Anonymous said... #

I forgor to leave my email!


Ann Honea said... #

I have 3 amazing adult daughters and every Thanksgiving we do all our baking and cooking together at my house , we have a huge family and we get together on Thanksgiving Day and truly have a Blessed day !!!!!

annie_mims@yahoo.com said... #

Our 6 children are grown now....2 live out of the area but come home for holidays. They have blessed us with 10 grandchildren....hungry ones when they come to Pop pop's and Mimi's!! Usually hubby and I cook the turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, and dressings. They younger mom's split up the sides, rolls, and desserts. Works pretty well for us. But...as long as we are all together we make it work anyway we have too!!!

mumoftwo79 said... #

My son helps me peel and cut and my daughter helps baste the turkey.

Tonya said... #

I have Thanksgiving for my family and I tend to do most the work myself but my husband and kids chip in when I need them! My favorite part of the meal is one of the simplest to prepare, my frozen corn with butter and cream cheese! Don't make it often so it is devoured when I do!


Unknown said... #

We all get in the kitchen and help chop and mix. The traditional in our family is the youngest gets first cooking experience is gravy duty. My mother pours the drippings in a pot and adds the flour and the youngest begins to stir. 2 years ago my daughter took over my jobb. It was great seeing her stand up there and stir. Even though I was in my thirties when this happen, I still felt like I just reached adulthood to get off gravy duty.

Janell said... #

My favorite is the pumpkin pie!

Donna Rife said... #

Our Thanksgiving tradition goes back over 125 years or more. My brother inlaws uncle was a cook on a ship. We got into his cookbooks and found the very recipe we use for our turkey dressing. It has been a hit with a few secret ingredients that I always share. My daughter at age 11 cooked the whole dinner one year cause I had to work.

Shirley Thomas said... #

I do most of athe cooking for Thanksgiving at my house, guests bring their favorite dish...always Blessed and thankful for plenty of food and love.

Unknown said... #

I have 2 grown daughters and when we have holiday dinners it is for each side of the family of all of us.. I let them all bring a covered dish!! My favorite to eat is a fresh coconut cake which my daughter makes me!!!

Cherie said... #

Big family! I do all the cooking, kids and hubby peel potatoes, lift the bird for me, and move furniture to fit the crowd! Imcherbear@cox.com

Unknown said... #

My husband grills the bird and my son tells me his favorites and helps me pour things and stir. (littlesillysally@gmail.com)

Unknown said... #

tweeted https://twitter.com/vloky/status/398968522560114688

LindainStLouis said... #

I do the cooking for just the four of us. My special dish is replicating my mom's stuffing that she doesn't remember how to make any more.

LindainStLouis said... #

Sorry.....forgot email.

lindavpmo at hotmail dot com.

Anonymous said... #

I usually do all the prep work and cooking in my house and my little ones help set the table. This year we are going to a homeless organization to serve food si my little ones can learn to be truly thankful for what they have and to learn the importance of helping others. We will then come home and have our Thanksgiving dinner. :) bkarengilbert@yahoo.com

Snowflake said... #

My five kids add to my holiday cooking list constantly...luckily it's because they think I'm a good cook :) this last week they added pumpkin fluff to the list...hope someone has a good recipe for that...

Virginia Walz said... #

Virginia Walz
Our favorite is the apple and pumpkin pies I make using my mom's recipes. My grandson lives with us and my husband is handicapped. I get my husband set up with the apple peeler and my grandson helps with the leftover pie dough that we spread with butter,cinnamon and sugar roll into a roll and cut into rounds and bake. Yummy.My email is happycamperswer@yahoo.com. Thanks for your consideration and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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