Back to School Apparel for Boys
{Affordable School Uniforms}

I honestly can't believe it's already time to start shopping for school clothes. Where has summer gone? Whether I choose to believe it or not back to school will be here in just three short weeks. This is the time to start shopping for school clothes and supplies. 

I try to start pretty early, because anything school related tends to go quite fast. Recently Walmart offered me the opportunity to do a little school clothes shopping. I was pretty excited, because I wanted to see  how far I could stretch $50. 

When I think of back to school clothes it's pretty basic for us. This year I only have two kiddos left in school and both of them will be wearing school uniforms. This is my daughters third year in uniforms, so I am familiar with her sizing and usually just shop online.

With Carson it was a bit of a challenge starting out since this is his first year and finding the right fit was important. With a gift card in hand Carson and I headed out to our local Walmart to check out what was in stock. Were lucky to have two local Walmarts in our area, Rockwall and Greenville, so it's nice to have a couple choice when it comes to shopping.

The Rockwall Walmart had only one rack of boys uniforms which surprised me, because the girls department was overflowing with uniform choices. Off to Greenville we went and found 5 displays of boys uniforms in quite a few styles and colors. 

I told Carson we hit the jackpot! Walmart carries a variety of brands, Faded Glory, George and Dickie's, as well as several colors and sizes including regular, slim, and husky. When it comes to color choices our polos have to reflect our school colors, so I chose white, grey, black, gold and charcoal. 
Each polo is 100% cotton and priced between $4.97 - $5.97 depending on the brand. Our total cost for 5 short sleeve polo shirts came to $25.85. Here's Carson showing off one of the Faded Glory polo shirts that we purchased.

Since it's hot in Texas until late October we chose all shorts for now. I found a huge selection of slim, regular and husky shorts in khaki, black and navy. It was the same color choices for pants All of the the pants include reinforced knees. If you're the mother of boys you will understand an appreciate that benefit. 

We grabbed two pairs of shorts and a Wrangler Basic Belt, 2 Pack for $8.00. They also have reversible belts (black/brown) for $7 if you want to go that route. Our cost for two pairs of shorts and the belt set came to $25.94.

Total cost for our Back to School uniform haul came to $51.79. Not bad for 5 polo shirts, two pairs of shorts and two belts. As winter approaches I will get a few pairs of pants to add to his wardrobe. If you ask me I think Mr. Carson looks quite handsome in his new uniforms. Thank you Carson for letting me take a few photos (as this is never a easy task).

School uniforms are considered as back to school clothing, so once they're gone in store that's it. I never understood that since kids wear them year round and they tend to grow like weeds. Thankfully Walmart sells school uniforms year round online at

Don't forget you can also take advantage of their bundle packages for even more Savings. School Uniforms are also considered "home free" items, so shipping is free with orders of $45 or more. Walmart also has free Site to Store pick up for your local store which is the route I usually take.

I'm so thankful that Walmart has affordable school uniforms, because honestly with two kiddo's wearing them, I don't know how I would manage the cost otherwise. Be on the look out later this week for my post on affordable School Supplies.


Anonymous said…
What a handsome young man. He has grown up so much! Hope you are all doing well, Tina. :) Have a good one!
Anonymous said…
Hiya. WOW it is that time of year AGAIN. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
Renae said…
I have girls and this year for the first time we have uniforms to shop for, I found some but think I'll try Walmart next. Im not far from the one in Rockwall so I might try them to.
Tina Butler said…
If you cannot find what you're looking for in store, try online. Walmart has a huge online selection of uniforms as well as bundling options at great prices. I found with in store it can be hit or miss. One store usually has more selections for boys or for girls. I have yet to find one that has a big selection for both.
I bought this for work. I like it a lot its nice & long & slim fitting. It was hard for me to find a shirt that fits well a lot were too big & too short. This is true to size in juniors.
Anonymous said…
Your son looks great in his new school clothes. I found new Kids Clothing for the coming school year for my boys at Burlington Coat Factory. They have great deals there and we were able to save a lot of money on everything they needed.