2013 Butler Family Summer Bucket List

Summer is finally here! We have 3 days of school left and the kids are super excited. The other day the kids and I sat down and made a Summer Bucket list. This is our first year at making a list, so hopefully we can knock off a good chunk of activities. 

Along with summer comes boredom, so I'm looking forward to keeping everyone busy. Have you made a Summer Bucket List? Feel free to browse through our listing for a few ideas. If you're a member of Pinterest make sure to stop by their Summer Bucket List  boards.

Go Geo caching 
Plant a Herb Garden - Carson's Idea 
Visit Lego Land
Make DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Go Roller Skating 
Have a water balloon fight & play in the sprinkler 
Take the family Strawberry Picking 
See a Fireworks show on 4th of July 
Have a Picnic
Backyard Camp Out {Roast Hot Dog's & Smore's)
Play Flashlight Tag
Vacation Bible School 
Movie Marathon and Popcorn at Home 
Lunch Date with Dad at work
Make a DIY Bubble Station  
Take a trip to the Dallas Zoo 
Make Kool-Aid Tie Die Shirts

Have a Lemonade Stand & Bake Sale {Donate to the Royse City Animal Shelter}
Play in the rain
Have a Neighborhood Outdoor Movie Night 
Teach the Kids how to play Curb Ball 
Go to a Drive In Movie a Galaxy Drive-In 
Plan a Family Camp Out 
Make Homemade Donuts 
Family Fishing Trip
Take a family Road Trip
Ice Cream Sundae Party with Homemade Ice Cream 
Go to the Movies 

Fly a Kite
Get up early and watch the sunrise
Pizza Party - Make our own personal pizza's
Take a visit to Caddo Lake
Dip Die Hair {Kenzie}
Go Bowling
Visit a Museum

Happy Summer!


We have not done the geo-caching yet but I've heard a lot about it. Sounds like a lot of fun. Love your list. Now that sounds like a perfect summer!!
Well Mommy Tina - I'd say you aren't going to be sitting around much this summer. What a great list! Enjoy every second of making those memories with your kiddos who grow up much too quickly! Thanks for being an inspiration.
Tina Butler said…
Oh Brandie,
Geo Caching is a must. We have so much fun every time we do it. We went to the Daniel Boone Cemetery last year and it was not only fun, but informative as well. You would be surprised what is in your own area right around your neighborhood.

Marsha, thanks so much for stopping by. You're right we will be busy, but will have so much fun. You're always so sweet :)