$100 Back to School Clothes Challenge from WalMart !

I can't believe summer we be over in a little less than 3 weeks. It's seems like we just sat down and planned out our summer activities and now it's time to begin a new school year. Where does time go?

Of course with the beginning of a new school year, new school supplies and clothes are needed. When it comes to back to school shopping this year I only have two kids to shop for. My daughter is going in the 7Th grade and wears uniforms, so she's pretty easy.

Carson on the other hand can wear regular clothes, so it's always fun picking out new items. When it comes to back to school clothes Walmart usually isn't my first choice.

I do shop at Walmart for school supplies, undergarments, socks, backpacks, coats and my daughters school uniforms, because they're so affordable.

Mackenzie prefers the School Uniforms from Walmart. I like them because the George brand is the only brand that I have found that holds up really well and doesn't shrink.

In store usually only has select items, so I always purchase her uniforms online. Another perk that I love is that Walmart carries school uniforms (online) year-round and most stores don't.

Recently I was challenged by WalMart to see how much back-to-school clothes and accessories I could buy for $100 in their Apparel Department.

Since Carson still needed school clothes I jumped right in. I hadn't really shopped at Walmart for school clothes, so I was pretty excited to get started.

Carson and I spent time going through the boys department just to get a feel of what they had. I let Carson picked out most of his own outfits since he recently told me he's 9 now. To him I guess that means he's all grown up LOL.

He immediately went to the graphic tee's and picked out a few angry birds t-shirts for under $7 each. They had a few others that had funny and cool saying for under $5. When it comes to school clothes for Carson he doesn't like anything that feels uncomfortable or has tags.

Right away we spotted some athletic shorts from NBA and Starter, so we grabbed 4 pairs. Here Texas it's still pretty hot until late October, so we concentrated mainly on shorts and tee's. The NBA shorts were priced under $8 each and the starter brand shorts were $4.97.

Located next to the shorts were the Hanes pre washed tag less tee's for $3.97. They had a good selection in a variety of colors. We chose a few to match with each of his athletic shorts. I did notice that a few of the tee's are interchangeable so that worked out perfectly.

Walmart had a whole wall of jeans Wrangler, Faded Glory, Rustler and Signature Levi's. I prefer to get the Faded Glory brand because they have a great selection of slim sizes.

Carson wears a size 8 for length, but he defiantly needs slim because he has no waist. I love the adjustable waist, because they're so helpful if the waistline is too big. I grabbed one pair of Faded Glory Jean for $8.92.

I only bought one pair because he still had a few pairs that he hadn't grown out of. I also snagged a black and white polo shirt for under $6. I wanted to get more but they were limited on sizes, so I was lucky to just get the one.

WalMart had a huge selection of School Backpacks to choose from. Of course we left with a Angry Birds backpack priced under $10. We still had plenty of socks and briefs, so I only purchased one package of no show socks for $3.97.

We finally headed to check out and got our final total of $99.36 (after Tax). Not bad at all for 16 items and I stayed below the $100 limit. In the end I was very pleased with everything that I purchased.

The only thing I didn't like was the boys apparel department doesn't have quite as much to choose from as the girls department. If you need to shop for girls you will find everything you need in tons of different styles and colors.

Have you started on your back-to-school clothes shopping yet? If not I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what WalMart has to offer. Their selection, brands, quality and durability have really improved over the years.


Mrsblocko said…
What a great challenge. Looks like you guys got some great deals. I haven't started back to school clothes shopping just yet. My best friend's gives me all her daughter's hand me downs so I need to see what fits from there and what I need to fill in the gaps.

I haven't had much luck finding stuff at Walmart in the past, but it seems like, from your post, that they have a better selection than they did in the past. Will definitely have to check them out.
Anonymous said…
I find Walmart to either be great at selections or horrible. My biggest complaint with Walmart is when my children outgrows something or needs a new something in midseason. You can't find it. My son needed a new winter coat right after Christmas last year and there wasn't a coat to be found. We live in Ohio (there's still alot of winter left).
Anonymous said…
great post Tina. My girls are homeschooled but we still shop at Walmart quite a bit. Where I live the girls section is not as huge as it was in the past. I find the boys department to be huge on different apparels. I know on line they have tons of things and If I don't see it there I just shop on line. Thanks for the post hun.
Tina Butler said…
That does sound crazy about finding a coat. You should talk to the store manager and let them know. That's just weird in December to not be able to find a coat. Our seasons are so messed up here in TX that I have to grab stuff when I find it no matter what season it is. One day it can hot and cold the next. We never know on Halloween if we need a tank top or coat. It's so crazy. I was surpised at all that they had so I'm glad I did the challange. I have always bought their school uniforms and never had a problem, so I stick with what works. I love that I can pick the colors of polos on line for the uniform value packs. It's so helpful since Mackenze can only wear the school colors.
Unknown said…
Wow! I'm impressed.
When our son was attending school his budget was $150-$200 for just clothes.
When he got older he would do his shopping at Old Navy.
He was pretty good at staying within his budget.
Farmgirl said…
In the last few years I have started buying my sons back to school "fall" clothing in the middle of September. I find that before school the selection is also not very good and usually the first two weeks of september the weather is still warm for them to wear shorts and tshirts. By the middle of September Walmart brings in nice boys clothes, nice fall warm colors. Picture day in our school happens around the middle of September so then he has something nice and new to wear.
Anonymous said…
My daughter is 12 and heading to Jr. High....lately we have not been able to shop at Walmart for clothes because they have very little for "teen girls"....a pretty good selection for little girls and the boys department is pretty good for my son. I am impressed with how well you did at Walmart and might just challenge my son to a 100.00 shopping spree...I agree with another post though that shopping mid September seems to get you the best selection. Here in Cincinnati we can still wear shorts until the end of September (usually!?).
Amy Anderson said…
My big issue with Walmart is also their selection in the boys' department. It's awful, especially compared to the girls.