New Backyard Addition {Fire Pit on a Budget}

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend? Here at the Butler house we enjoyed a quite weekend by ourselves just hanging out in the backyard. Since moving into our new house there are a lot of things we still need to work on. The Backyard being one of them. 

Now that we have taken care of weed and pest control it's was time to start working on decorating the backyard a bit. Starting from scratch is always hard but a fun journey no less. I was challenged by Walmart to see what I could come up with to spruce up our backyard for $150. Since we spend a lot of family time in the backyard I wanted to make sure to spend it on something that I knew we would use.

Awhile back I remembered seeing a Brick Fire Pit at Lowe's, but it was a bit pricey. So this was the perfect opportunity for me to try and come up with something on my own. In the Spring and Fall we pitch up our tent and do a lot of backyard camping, so a fire is a must.

I wanted to start with a ready made fire pit so I went online to and read all their fire pit reviews. We ended up deciding on the Better Homes and Gardens "32" in Fire Pit with a 90% Customer Satisfaction and some pretty good reviews.

Off to Walmart we went and purchased all of the materials. I say materials like it is a lot, but really it wasn't much at all. All that we needed was the fire pit, landscaping bricks and wood. I even put it together all by myself. Since being married I have come to realize one thing if you want something done there will be times that you just have to DIY.

No worries because it was really easy. I didn't want to use just the fire pit as is because it always makes me a nervous wreck thinking of all the things that could happen (tipping over or someone running into it). I thought adding bricks would be the perfect solution. I chose grey landscaping bricks to match our house.

Get started by finding the ideal place in your back yard for your fire pit. Make sure to pick an area where the ground is even and clear from any debris and your house. We started by laying out 10 bricks into a circle. You will want to encircle the fire pit.

We thought three rows of bricks was sufficient. For the second row of bricks you will want to start laying the bricks off center from the first row. This will make your bricks more sturdy. Do the same with your third and final brick layer. Make sure all the bricks are flush together with a tight fit.

Now it's time to add the fire pit. We added the bottom base into the fire pit, but chose to leave off the middle part. There really wasn't a need for it or the fire pit would of been to tall. Finally we added the fire pit bowl and it hung perfectly into the bricks. Add the metal grate and fire screen and your done. Now it's time to enjoy your new fire pit.

Total Cost for Decorative Fire Pit = $127.20

Here it is..... our new backyard fire pit on a budget. I think it's a lot safer than just using the fire pit alone not to mention how much prettier it looks. We used the fire pit over memorial day weekend and we had such a great time roasting marshmallows for Smores.

I tried to snap a few photos of the kids in action but the wind had picked up, so I thought it was best to put the fire out. I can't wait until our next backyard camp out.

Note: Make sure to check your city's guidelines on fire pits if you live within city limits. Many cities allow them, and will have the guidelines posted on their city website.

I even had a bit left over to purchase a hanging flower basket and a decorative flower pot for the patio table. Sometimes a little color really brightens up a place. Now that we have our fire pit its a small start and I am itching to do more. Next will be a new umbrella for our patio table, a small backyard garden and something fun for the kids. What projects are you working on for your backyard?

Here's the Cost Breakdown

Better Homes & Gardens '32' Fire Pit
with Metal Grate & Log Tool- $75.00
Grey Landscaping Bricks - $1.74 x 30 = $52.20
Box of Wood for Burning - $6
Hanging Flower Basket- $5
Flowers & Ceramic Pot - $7.36

Total = $145.56

I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with a GC and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. Participation in this program is voluntary and the opinions stated above are entirely my own. Check out my fellow Walmart Moms for more great ideas on sprucing up your own backyard.


Anonymous said…
I remember seeing that pit kit last year on TV (but we don't have a Lowes, locally)... I had to go on their website to see what their version looks like and I must say, I love the wide metal brim yours has. I always forget that Walmart carries pavers and block, etc. now. I didn't even think to look there before our patio paver project we did this weekend.
Tina said…
Wal-Mart Moms? How do you become one?

I've had my eye on this fire pit since last summer. I think you've talked me in to buying it now. Love your idea with the looks great and much more stable!
Christina S. said…
Wow! This looks so much better than the original. Great idea! We have a fire pit but my husband doesn't like to leave it outside so after we are done with it and it's cooled he stores it. That being the case, we don't use it a lot. Plus the boys like to go over to the neighbors and they use their's almost every weekend. I just might have to show him this...Thanks!
Michele said…
Wow Tina, it looks great. Good job!
Rhondi said…
You are a handy Mommy! This is a great idea and so much safer as you said. It's looks amazing and I'm sure you will enjoy making lots of smores this summer. Where did you move to?
Anonymous said…
This is great - I always wanted a garden firepit - just think of all those smores!
congrats - it's really great
Mary x
Rhondi we moved to Royse City, TX about 25 miles east of where we lived before. It's a small town and we love it. I can't wait for the wind to die down some so we can get to some more S'more making.
Love it! You did an awesome job! Definitely showing this to hubby!
Anonymous said…
Great Job Tina. I love it. Makes me want one.
hoodie1984 said…
Wow! Looks amazing! Showed my husband the picture and it convinced him to make one, we will see how it turns out this weekend!! Thanks for the post!! :)
Glad to hear that some of you guys want to make one. It was so easy and I couldn't be happier on how it turned out.
Siggy said…
Looks fabulous Tina!
Tina the Walmart Moms Program is their blogger program. It isn't something that you can sign up for. It is a program that is done by recommendations.
Anonymous said…
Hi Tina,
Love your site and your fire pit idea! I am surprising my husband with one for his birthday. Can you pls tell me what size the landscaping bricks are that you used? And did you buy them from Wal-Mart too? Thanks so much!!!
Everything to make the fire pit was purchased at Walmart. The bricks I chose come in three different colors I chose "grey" the measurements are as follows. 7 x 11 x 4. Each brick was $1.74 and I purchased a total of 30 for the fire pit pictured. You can see the cost brekdown in the post.
Anonymous said…
Tina, Thank you for responding. I bought everything at Wal-Mart too and followed your directions. I didn't even have to screw anything together since I didn't use the middle section either! My husband's birthday is today! The kids and I are so excited to show him! It turned out just like yours! Thank you for giving me this wonderful idea!!!! ;)
I love how it looks with the brick added! Much nicer. Great job.
Cole623 said…
That is great! I love the smell of bonfires, sitting around, having smores, or just stting around the fire. This is a great way to have what I want, without all the fuss and $$$. Thanks again for the great idea.
Anonymous said…
I love it so much!!! How do you prevent rain water from getting trapped inside of it though or do you just keep it covered?
I wanted to do this, but have a question. Is the fire pit a good size? Not too small?
Anonymous said…
Did you use cap blocks or the retaining wall blocks that have the lip on 1 side of the block?
Tina Butler said…
I used the ones with the lip on each brick.
Anonymous said…
I am doing this when kids go back to school! Thank you
Anonymous said…

I'm glad that I've found this website. Aw, this was a really qualitative post. In theory I'd like to write like this too - taking time and real effort to make a good article... but what can I say... I prolong alot and never seem to get something done.
Anonymous said…
How do you keep the metal fire pit from rusting?
Anonymous said…
Thank you soooo much for posting this! I'm picking up and assembling this tonight! You have no idea how happy my family will be when I surprise them this weekend for 1st annual Halloween party! :-)