Vanilla Popcorn Mix {Easter Bunny Munch Mix}

A vanilla popcorn mix with easter m&m's and holiday sprinkles.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter? We went out of town for the holiday for some much needed family time. The kids were really excited to see their cousins and have a Easter Egg Hunt. Our Easter dinner was potluck style, so everyone brought something.

I have to say those are my favorite kinds of meals. I love going through all the dishes and piling a little bit of this and a little bit of that on my plate. Those are the get togethers that I usually get my best recipes from. I contributed Frosted Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie Bars, Creamy Macaroni and Cheese and this fun Easter Bunny Munch Mix.

I always try to bring something fun and yummy for the kids and this festive popcorn treat is always a hit. I have to warn you this treat is 100% sugar! We defiantly don't eat this every day, so I usually save this yummy treat for the holidays. The popped popcorn is covered with a melted vanilla coating, holiday themed sprinkles and festive m&m's are mixed in. Not low calorie by far, but certainly a fun treat.

This popcorn mix looks so pretty placed in a festive bowl or Easter Basket. Most folks mistake this fun treat for just plain popcorn, so you need to let everyone know what it is. I love this recipe because the popcorn mix can be prepared the night before and stored in a large zip lock bag.

No worries because the popcorn stays fresh and crunchy. I usually make this treat for the kids holiday parties. It looks so pretty in little clear treat sacks. I know Easter has passed, but keep this treat in mind for you next holiday or school themed party. It was too cute not to share.

Speaking of cute this is my cutie patooty niece Sophie. Isn't she a doll? I have to say all of my nieces are beautiful but, y'all know how I get around babies. I just can't help myself she is too stinkin cute.

I especially love her pouty little lip and her wild stick um up hair LOL. I had such a great time spoiling her while I was there. Babies are so fun and cute on their first holidays. Sophie, Aunt Tina will see you soon for your 1st Birthday.



Looks delicious! My mom used to always put M&Ms in our popcorn growing up...we loved the mix of sweet and salty! I'll have to try it with the vanilla candy coating someday.
Oh Tina - you always share the bestest ideas! Love this one - I make something similar for Christmas, but can't think far enough to make it
for other holidays too. You are a great aunt too! Thanks for some great photos..
Anonymous said…
I love the idea that we can extend Easter a little with this yummy recipe. It's so pretty with the pastal colors. Very lovely photos!!
siteseer said…
I'll have to remember this idea for the next holiday. My oldest granddaughter (4) loves popcorn and of course she loves sweets and m&m's. Great combo
Tina Butler said…
The best thing about this recipe is that it is so versatile. You can coordinate any of the holiday candies and mix them into the popcorn. It is also great with pecans, peanuts, raisins, cranberries, candy corns, m&m's, jelly beans, mini chocolate eggs or whatever else tickles your fancy.
Anonymous said…
I'm going to ask an obvious answer question... the white chocolate was left out fo your recipe directions. I assume the white chocolate is added and melted with the almond bark, correct?
Tina Butler said…
No, you're just reading the recipe incorrectly. It states in the list of ingredients:

1/2 - of a 24 oz package vanilla almond bark (I use Plymouth Pantry) or
1 - 16 oz package white chocolate chips

You can use either one vanilla almond bark or white chocolate chips.
Hulukiwi said…
This might seem like a silly question but what kind of popcorn do you use in this recipe? Lite Butter?
Kettle? Im sorry, Im new at cooking -___-
Anonymous said…
Hi Tina, I made this with my Whirly-Pop popcorn. I ended up using about 12 cups of popped corn (I use coconut oil to pop my corn), salted it, and followed the rest of your directions. I used about half a bag of plain M&Ms. Delicious! Thanks!