Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Pioneer Womans Olive Cheese Bread {My New Addiction}

This Olive Cheese Bread is an easy and delicious appetizer made with black and green olives, butter, mayonnaise, gooey cheese, and crunchy french bread. 

Have you ever took a bite of something and instantly thought, goodness this is the best thing I ever ate. Well, The Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese Bread is the one for me.  I got my first taste of this delicious bread on Christmas Eve. A friend of mine made it and I was instantly hooked. I love both black and green olives so I knew this bread had to be good. Mix in green onions and butter and this bread just becomes evil!!!!!

I can't count how many times I have made this bread since Christmas. All I can say is that this olive cheese bread has become quite a bad habit and a new addiction for me.  Ree, why oh why did you have to come up with such an awesome bread recipe? My thighs and back end are not thanking you one bit, but I am. 

My kids are not olive lovers, so when I prepare this bread I have to make two batches. One with butter, cheese and mayonnaise. The second batch is the full deadly recipe minus the green onions. I almost hate typing that cause I love green onions but my husband hates them. 

Goodness I am about to move all these picky pants people right out of my house because they just don't know what taste good. For everyone who has never had Ree's delicious Olive Cheese Bread the following step by step photos are for you.

Chop both the black olives and pimiento-stuffed green olives not to small. If using green onions slice into thin pieces. Combine softened butter, mayonnaise, cheese, olives and green onions in a mixing bowl. Stir together until thoroughly combined. 

At this point the mixture can also be refrigerated (up to two days) and used as a dip.With all of the olives the bread can be a bit salty. Just cut back on the amount of olives a bit and that should do the trick. A reader also suggested to rinse the olives before adding them to the butter and cheese mixture. Thank you Bill.

Spread mixture onto French bread that has been sliced lengthwise. Now don't let all that butter go scaring you, because it really does add to the awesomeness of this bread. Everything in moderation right?

Bake at 325ºF for 25 to 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and has a bit of browning on the cheese.

Look at those yummy olives and all that gooey cheese. Goodness this bread is over the top good. I can't wait for my mother in law to come down for a visit. I am so making this bread for her because I just know it's gonna knock her socks off.

Olive Cheese Bread

1 - loaf French Bread
6 - ounces, weight Pimiento-stuffed Green Olives
6 - ounces, weight Black Olives
2 - Green Onions, chopped
1 - stick Butter, softened
½ - cup Mayonnaise
¾ - pound Monterey Jack Cheese, grated or a mixture of cheddar & jack cheese


Chop both black olives and pimiento-stuffed green olives. 

Slice green onions into thin pieces. Combine butter, mayonnaise, cheese, olives and green onions in a mixing bowl.

Stir together until thoroughly combined. Spread mixture onto French bread that has been sliced lengthwise.

Bake at 325ºF for 25 to 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and browning.



Libby@CookingWithLibby said... #

I MUST get her cookbook. It's been on my list for a good long while now. That bread looks awesome!! Not sure if my kids would love the olives on if I do make this, I would probably end up making two batches. I love how the topping can double as a dip too ;) Yummmm!

anniebakes said... #

I've made various versions of this myself and have loved every one of them!! There's just never a better combo than bread, cheese, butter and olives!! anne

Tina Butler said... #

Libby my kiddos dislke olives as well. They like the cheesy version though. You gotta get her cookbook it is so so so good. What I usually do is make one recipe. Since the little ones are the ones that dislike the olives I just make the cheese for them. I add the butter, mayonnaise and cheese and then take half of it and spread it on one side of the french bread. Then I add the olives and mix. And thake that mixture and spread that on a second half of the french bread.

Unknown said... #

Wowzers, I need this on my table.

ann said... #

Yum, this really sounds fantastic. I'll have to get that book too!

Avril said... #

Everytime I see this delicious bread I think to myself that I have GOT to make it....and well, it has yet to happen. I have a feeling that once I do I won't be able to stop making it - as you have experienced yourself! :-)

Patty Sumner said... #

wow! I can see why that is sooo addictive! Blessings!

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said... #

I'm going to have to give that recipe a try, I love PW!

Susan at said... #

I SOOOOOO love this recipe! People that say don't like olives were eating it! I could eat the whole loaf - so yum!


Anonymous said... #

My boyfriend doesn't like olives so we substitute mushrooms! It's amazing. And now I want some.

The Better Baker said... #

Looks fabulous - I know my hubby would LOVE this!

hervin02 said... #

Love Ree and many of her recipes, but this was not one of them. Too salty, too greasy, too much topping for the one half of the loaf. Bummer.

Tina Butler said... #

@hervin02, This is one of our favorites. Remember that if a recipe doesn't suit your fancy, it doesn't mean that it doesn't suit anyone else. We all have different taste buds. I guess you gotta be a huge olive lover as we are.

Anonymous said... #

I made this for my Granddaughter's birthday party (ponies and all) and it was a hit. My son is still talking about the killer bread that Mom makes.

Charlotte said... #

IF it is too salty, just cut back on the olives to suit your taste. I first had this bread in 1985.

Unknown said... #

I have made this several times and, like you, absolutely LOVE it. I have some pepperoni slices I need to use. Wonder how they would do added to this? humm. I think the flavors would work. Have any of you tried that?