Monday, February 21, 2011

Overnight Apple Cobbler aka Slab Apple Pie

The filling in this Overnight Apple Cobbler is mixed and refrigerated overnight, then baked low and slow. The result is one of the best flaky apple cobblers you've ever tasted.
Last night I made this Overnight Apple Cobbler. I've had this recipe stashed away in my recipe file for quite some time. What better day to post this recipe than on Presidents Day. What does our 44 Th president like to eat? Well, First Lady Michelle Obama says this apple cobbler is President Obama's Favorite dessert. The crust is very flaky and the cobbler cooks low and slow, so your house smells amazing while it's baking.

I found this recipe in the January, 2009 issue of Yankee Magazine. From the photo alone I knew I had to try it. A few other Obama Family recipes that I want to try my hand at are, the Obama Family Chili, Baracks Pizza Burgers and Michelle Obama's Shortbread Cookies.

Shortbread cookies are my husbands favorite cookie, so that will probably be the first recipe on my to bake list. I know Michelle Obama is an advocate for healthy eating, but there isn't anything wrong with indulging in a special treat from time to time. My motto is "everything is fine in moderation".

My favorite part of this entire recipe is how the apple mixture is prepared and stored in the refrigerator overnight. This method really gives the apple filling time to blend together with the brown sugar and spices. If you ask me this is what makes this apple cobbler so delicious, so don't skip this step

This cobbler has a bottom and top crust which is my favorite way to enjoy a pie crust cobbler. Pour the apple filling with all of the juices that accumulated in the bowl over the bottom crust dot with butter. 

Top with remaining 1 1/2 pie crust sheets. Brush with melted butter and bake at 300 degrees for up to 3 hours. Watch closely the last hour to prevent burning.

Remove from oven and let cool. The crust is amazingly flaky and the filling is heavenly. By far this is my all time favorite Apple Cobbler Recipe.

Don't forget the vanilla ice cream because that would just be wrong.
Overnight Apple Cobbler aka Slab Apple Pie

3 - sheets refrigerated pie crust
1 - stick of butter - separated
8 - granny smith or golden delicious apples, peeled and sliced
1-1/2 to 2 - cups of brown sugar
1-1/2 - teaspoons cinnamon
1 - teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 - teaspoon salt
1/4 - cup white flour

Mix these ingredients together in a bowl, cover and set the apple mixture in the refrigerator overnight. This lets the spices mix all the way through the apples.

When you are ready to bake the cobbler, preheat oven to 325 degrees. Butter and flour the bottom of a 13 x 9 inch baking dish. Roll out three sheets of pie crusts real thin -- as thin as possible.

Layer the bottom of the pan with 1 1/2 sheets of pie crust and prick the crust with a few holes. 

Pour the apple mixture (including the liquid) into the pie pan. Dot 4 tablespoons of butter around the apples. Use the final 1-1/2 pie crusts to cover the apple mixture entirely.

Pinch the edges of the dough together. Melt the last 4 tablespoons of butter and brush evenly over the top crust. Reduce the oven temperature to 300 degrees.

Bake at 300 for up to 3 hours -- that's what makes the crust flaky. Start looking at the cobbler after 2 hours to make sure it does not burn.

I was pinched for time so I baked mine at 350 degrees for 1 - 1/2 hours.

Recipe yields: 12 servings

source: Yankee Magazine 

Disclaimer: If you plan on leaving ugly, rude and disgusting comments containing profanity about the president DON'T BOTHER! This is a recipe blog not a blog about your political view or your views on our president or the first lady. All rude, tacky and inappropriate comments will be deleted.


ann said... #

Tina, what a great recipe to post today. It looks wonderful. Your pictures really do it justice, too.

The Better Baker said... #

How clever you are! I never thought of doing this kind of post today! This looks sooo delicious. Glad you shared -

Leslie said... #

Oh yum Tina. I love me some Apple cobbler!

Ava said... #

Wow I'm not big on cobblers but this looks amazing and like something my kids and hubby would love!

Anonymous said... #

Wow, looks great! Would the pillsbury pie crusts work?

Jennifer said... #

I may mix it up now and bake much later tonight to PRETEND it sat overnight. Can't wait until tomorrow! Thanks for posting.

Patti said... #

This looks delicious! Apple desserts are my favorite and this looks super easy!

Healthy Mamma said... #

Is there anything better or more comforting than cobbler? I think not. This looks fantastic! Ive been being good lately and making crustles apple cobblers w just a bit of Oats and nuts sprinkled on top. ;)

Anonymous said... #

This looks like a delicious winter treat! Your blog was one of the first food blogs I stumbled upon years ago. Thank you for inspiring new recipes in our home - and for inspiring me to blog for fun and for my family.

Anonymous said... #

Just make this and it is so easy and delicious! My little one accidentally doused the filling with more cinnamon than called for - it adds extra warmness =) Thanks for sharing.

deebeefromnc said... #

Decided to plan a special dinner for Presidents' day and when I was choosing what to make for dessert, I came across some info that said President Obama's favorite dessert was chocolate cake. Well, being the confirmed chocoholic that I am, I shouted, "Wooo-HOOO! And made chocolate cake! But, I have GOT to try this recipe!!! Besides...shouldn't a man's WIFE know her husband's favorite dessert? LOL Thanks for the great recipes and stories you share with us! I ALWAYS enjoy stopping and visiting with you!!

Jennifer said... #

This looks sooo good! The apple filling looks so caramel-y and delicious...can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said... #

Why did you remove the comments that weren't favorable to obama?That's not fair. She promotes only healthy foods and then comes out with this?

Tina at Mommy's Kitchen said... #

You people act like the president or his wife cannot enjoy a delicious meal. That is just crazy. I am sure you don't eat healthy foods 24/7. Everyone is allowed to indulge in their favorite foods from time to time even if they promote healthy eating. I am pretty sure The First Lady is not sitting back eating Apple Cobbler everyday. Cmon get serious. I can delete any comment I feel that is negative because it is my blog. This post is about apple cobbler not politics, so anyone wanting to post their views on politics or their dislike for our president than don't bother. It will be deleted.

Julie said... #

Certainly looks simple enough. If it's good enough for the president, I'm sure I'd love it.

Anonymous said... #

This looks delicious....thanks for sharing it. I have a question about the pie dough. Since you used 1 1/2 pie crusts, did you pinch them together or just overlap them?


Tina at Mommy's Kitchen said... #

I just over lapped the pie crust.

Anonymous said... #

Looks great! Thanks as always for sharing such wonderful recipes.

Htv1227 said... #

Looks and sound delicious. One of the desserts I plan to make this summer when I start sharing the kitchen.

Corynne said... #

I made this on Friday for dinner guests and it was very well received and the recipe was requested!! I rolled my top crust pretty thin and I probably could have only used one crust for that but, I like crust and decided to keep following the recipe as written so I added the other half on and overlapped them. The length of time it took to cook was a little long so I cheated a little too and turned up the temp to 325 and just kept an eye on it. Very flaky and perfect with some Edy's Double Vanilla ice cream. And you are so right - healthy doesn't mean you can't indulge. If I had a personal trainer (and you know the Obamas do) I would eat dessert more often than I do!! I serve healthy meal everyday but we only have dessert once a week cause these hips can't take it any more often than that despite an elliptical and jogging most days! My husband snacks on chips and cookies constantly and remains a beanpole. Great easy recipe. Thanks Mommy and First Lady!

Anonymous said... #

I had actually looked at this recipe before, but glad you reposted it! It looks so delicious - and I love the fact that you can get the time consuming prep done and over with one day, then just put it together and bake it the next! Thanks, Tina...
And BTW, apple cobbler doesn't have a thing to do with politics or eating healthy. Everyone needs to indulge now and then!

Tina said... #

Deb I agree 100%. Even if you do practice healthy eating it's Ok to indulge every once in a while. It's all about moderation not giving up everything entirely.

Preparing the filling the night before is a huge time saver.

Anonymous said... #

Hi Tina,

That looks delish! Do you use Pillsbury pie crusts? If not, would you please share which brand you suggest using for this recipe?

Thanks in advance!

Tina at Mommy's Kitchen said... #

I usually use the pillsbury refrigerated pie crust or the great value brand. Which ever one is cheaper or on sale.

Margo said... #

Intriguing recipe. I will definitely make this - pinning it now. I might try to use homemade pie crust since that's how I roll (ha!).

Kim said... #

This looks delicious! I wish I'd seen this in time for Thanksgiving, but will definitely make this for Christmas. I'm your newest subbie.

Renae said... #

I'm looking for a dessert to make this weekend, I may just have to try this one. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said... #

This looks like apple pie, not what i would think of as "cobbler". What is the difference, does anyone know?

Mrswiz said... #

What a great recipe! I made it last week using only 1 cup of sugar. The recipe called for 1 1/2 to 2 cups. I let the sliced apples marinate in the refrigerator overnight and baked it the following morning. It was a hit. I should have taken a photo of the pie before I let my family attack it. The apples were gooey and the crust was really flaky. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

normaw said... #

I do not live in the US, so can I use home made pie crust instead of Pillsbury one?
do you have pie crust recipe to recomend? I live in Brazil and would like to do this pie.thks

Anonymous said... #

Sounds like a good recipe but with that said I will kindly no longer share your site. Deleted from likes but enjoy that cobbler :)

Tina Butler said... #

@Jenni Doyle a cobbler can be a batter or a pie crust, so you need to look it up, but thank you for commenting and forcing your thoughts. Sadly you are wrong.

Also for all the ignorant people that said they are now going to un follow me or not share my page or recipes anymore because I mentioned this is Michelle Obama's recipes then so be it!!!!!! y'all need to get over yourselves and have some manners. I actually DO NOT need readers that act like that or who are racist. I deleted all of the comments, so they were never even seen by anyone, but me. Shame on all of you. It's funny how all the rude people always comment under Anonymous LOL.

Alice said... #

Tina, have you tried using this recipe with different fruit? Fresh peaches maybe? Just curious...this looks delish!

Tina Butler said... #

Alice I think peaches would be great as well. Thank you for suggesting that. I can't wait to try it.

Oh and just a FYI for the reader that stated a cobbler does not have pie crust. Hmmm I went to a southern peach farm over the weekend and low and behold they were selling homemade southern peach cobblers with pie crust on the top and bottom. So like I said it can be pie crust or batter crust.

Kathy Armstrong said... #

Tina, do you add the 1/4 cup flour to the apple mixture before placing it in the frig or is this for the pan before adding the pie crust? Can't wait to make this!

Tina Butler said... #

Kathy you add the flour to the filling along with all the spices and then refrigerate. All you need to do is lay the pie crust in the pan, add the filling, dab with butter and add the final top crust and then bake.

Tara Simper said... #

The recipe looks delicious. Thank you for sharing. Although I share in the same politics as the Obamas, I feel you are coming down hard on those who do not. This is a country where we are free to make the political choices we make. While it is your blog, and you do have the right to voice your views on it, you also need to remember that the freedom of speech you do enjoy is also given to others because of our rich heritage. To state that those who disagree with you are "racist" is an ignorant view as well. Just because someone disagrees with a president who is black, does not mean they are racist. For another to state they are going to unfollow you due to your political views is their choice and they have a right to do so and say so, just as you do. You are coming across very offended and childish.

Tina Butler said... #

@Tara, you couldn't be farther from the truth. Just because someone has the freedom of speech does not give them the right to say racist, nasty and down right disgusting names to people (especially our president). No one should have to deal with that in life. People are ignorant and lost in the past if they still judge people on the the color of their skin. You are basing your comment on the comments before you. Well just to let you know you did not see all the ugliness and pure disgust that was posted, because I deleted it. You might of thought differently if you saw all those comments. It is my blog and this is a food blog not a political blog or a place to tell me your views on me, the president or anyone else. I never said if you disagree with me your are racist. Now come on that is just stupid. You failed to see every comment that was deleted, so you really can't comment on something you did not see. It's a food blog not a political view blog. And yes if I am coming across as offended you are darn right I am. I am offended when people today still act stupid and judge people by the color of their skin. Maybe you like being called a monkey or even worse, but I wont have it on my blog (whether you have freedom of speech or not). If you call that childish then so be it, but I have more compassion in the human race. So you could not be farther off base than to feel this is about politics or me saying that if people don't agree with me then they are racist. You shouldn't base things on what you have not read or what was deleted. Again this is a food blog and a apple cobbler recipe not a place to view politics or race as you are doing as well. Just because we have the freedom of speech to say something DOESN'T MEAN WE SHOULD SAY IT.

Suzi Wood Brown said... #

I saved this and will definitely have to make it. Thanks Mrs. Obama!! I would love to eat at your house because I know you are into fresh, healthy recipes and I am sure you are a wonderful cook!!