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Hillbilly Toffee - Saltine Cracker Candy

Hillbilly Toffee (aka Cracker Candy) is so easy to make and highly addictive! Saltine crackers are coated in a quick toffee layer and topped with milk chocolate Heath English Toffee Bits and pecans.
Revisited post: I wanted to add an update to my Cracker Candy post. Ever since Christmas I've been experimenting with this recipe just a bit. There isn't anything wrong with the original one, but I wanted to try and come up with a less chocolaty version.

After several fails I think I finally came up with the perfect combination, so I wanted to make sure to come back and share it with everyone. I'm not sure which version I like better, the full chocolate or the toffee heath version. All I know is I'm so glad that now I have two versions of this yummy recipe.

The second version is almost exact to the original recipe but instead of using chocolate chips and chopped pecans I omitted both and just used Milk Chocolate Toffee Bits. I think the chocolate version taste exact to the Almond Roca Candy. 

I have included a some step by step photos above so you could see how I substituted with the milk chocolate toffee bit. The second version is still prepared the same way as the original recipe (recipe below) except I just left out the chocolate chips and pecans and substituted with heath toffee bits. Once you get your first taste of this cracker candy you'll be hooked. 

Start by preheating your oven to 400 degrees. Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil or parchment paper that has been sprayed with a bit of non stick spray. Lay the crackers in a single layer on the baking sheet. In a medium sized pot, melt the butter and the brown sugar. Stir often and bring to a full rolling boil  (a boil that cannot be stirred down). After the mixture comes to a full rolling boil, reduce the heat a bit and set your timer, boil the mixture for exactly 3 minutes. Remove from heat and pour the mixture over the crackers and spread the mixture evenly. 

Pour over the saltines and bake for 5 minutes. They will get nice and bubbly. 

Remove from oven and sprinkle the milk chocolate - toffee bits and pecans evenly over the caramel mixture. 

Set aside to cool and let the chocolate pieces set. Once cooled, break into pieces. You can speed up the process by placing the baking sheet in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes. Store candy in a covered plastic container. I store mine in the refrigerator. 

Yield: 50 crackers
Author: Tina Butler | Mommy's Kitchen
Hillbilly Toffee aka Saltine Cracker Candy

Hillbilly Toffee aka Saltine Cracker Candy

Hillbilly Toffee (aka Cracker Candy) is so easy to make and highly addictive! Saltine crackers are coated in a quick toffee layer and topped with milk chocolate Heath English Toffee Bits and pecans.
Prep time: 15 MinCook time: 5 MinTotal time: 20 Min


  • 1 1/2 - sleeves saltine crackers
  • 1 1/4 - cups unsalted butter, not margarine
  • 1 1/4 - cup light brown sugar
  • 1 - 8 oz package milk chocolate toffee bits (heath English toffee bits)
  • 1/2 - cup chopped pecans (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil or parchment paper that has been sprayed with a bit of non stick spray.
  2. In a single layer, arrange the crackers on the baking sheet. 
  3. In a medium sized saucepan melt the butter and the brown sugar.
  4. Bring to a full rolling boil, stirring often. After the mixture comes to a full rolling boil (a boil that cannot be stirred down and looks foamy) set your timer and boil the mixture for exactly 3 minutes.
  5. Remove and pour the mixture over the saltines and bake for 5 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle the chocolate - toffee bits and pecans (if using) evenly over the toffee mixture. Set aside to cool. Break into pieces.


For a chocolate version: Omit the heath chips and substitute with chocolate chips. Sprinkle the chocolate chips evenly over the toffee - crackers after it comes out of the oven. Return the baking pan to oven until the chocolate chips are just soft, remove and spread the chocolate evenly all over all the crackers. Scatter chopped pecans or almonds on top and refrigerate until set. Store in air tight container. 

Graham Crackers can also be substituted for saltine crackers.

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If you would like to make the chocolate version see the steps below.  

Remove the cracker mixture from oven. Turn off the oven and sprinkle chocolate chips evenly over the toffee - crackers. Return the pan to oven until the chocolate chips are soft, remove from the oven and spread the chocolate evenly all over all the crackers. Scatter chopped pecans or almonds on top and refrigerate until set. Break into pieces and store in an air tight container. 

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Mom24 said... #

I've also had it topped with chopped up Heath. I love this recipe.

Tina Butler said... #

I bet that is good with the addition of heath bits.

Stephanie said... #

I've seen this recipe before, and had it recommended, but I've never actually tried it. I really should give it a try, I love toffee and almond roca and all that kind of candy. Yours looks so delicious.

DessertForTwo said... #

This really is Christmas crack! Love it! :)

Andrea said... #

We just call it cracker candy, or like you say, crack candy for short, lol! People beg me for it every year...I should start "dealing" it, bet I'd be rich, roflol!

Mrsblocko said... #

My husband has dubbed them pantry cookies...cause I always have the ingredients on hand. I haven't figured out if this is a good thing or a bad thing!!!!!

Adventures of the Smith Family said... #

I ate some of this for the first time last week. You are right - it is addicting! I'm planning on making a batch for a party we're going to this weekend.

Jenny - AKA - frogmama said... #

I love what you call this, hehe
But I have a problem!! I've made saltine toffee twice and both times it turned out metallic-tasting!! Maybe it was just me - my grandmother didn't detect it and actually asked me for the recipe - but to me it tasted "off". Could you help me troubleshoot? I think I may have had a problem with my candy thermomiter - It wouldn't seem to go over 212 (wouldn't it get hotter after that??) I have since gotten a different thermomiter, but its not a digital one or anything. I like how easy/cheap this is and wish I could get a batch that would taste good!

Lynette said... #

You always make the greatest things! I can't wait to make this Christmas Crack Candy. Yum. You amaze me!

(Crazy About Cakes)

Anonymous said... #

I made a batch today and it really is addicting. Christmas Crack is a great name and I may just call it that from now on. Easy to make and tastes great. Thanks for a wonderful website. I visit every couple of days to get new ideas.

Recipes of Gulzar said... #


Great information in this post and I think this recipe isn't anything new and lately I have seen this toffee popping up on blogs all over the place.

shweetpotato said... #

omgosh just made a batch of this and its DELICIOUS, I used margarine only because my butter was in the freezer but it turned out FABULOUS, soo yummy. This is a keeper for sure, thanks so much, Carmen

Anonymous said... #

I just made this with the snowflake Ritz because I was all out of saltines and it is soooo yummy!! I also put Heath bits on top instead of nuts. Tina you always have the best recipes. Every one of your recipes I have ever made is a winner!! Thanks for sharing them.

topgunsangel said... #

I made this with splenda brown sugar and topped with sugar free toffee candy for my daughter and she loved it..

That Tech Chick said... #

Yes this looks so very addicting!

Jenny @ Adventures of the Smith Family said... #

Any idea how long this will keep in a sealed container? I'm wondering if I can mail some back to Texas for Christmas gifts.

Anonymous said... #

This is awesome. Had some at a party made with white chocolate chips and crushed candy canes - now that's Christmas Crack!

Kathryn said... #

Sound delicious! Going to try this sometime. Thanks for sharing this with us and have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said... #

I made this for christmas eve and we loved it! I topped it with toffe bits instead of nuts. It was wonderful, my girls cracked up when I told them what it was called, so they started telling me I'd have to make more of the "stuff" !!
Thanks for sharing, it's a christmas tradition for us now.

Unknown said... #

I have to tell you this was a hit! I will def. make it again. Everyone was crazy for the sweet/salty flavor.

bec said... #

I made this with pretzel flats instead of the saltines. SO GOOD! My family loved it. Thanks for the recipe and great photos!

Anonymous said... #

Every time I make this, it never turns out just right. It's delicious but the brown sugar and butter always turns out weird. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I let it melt together then I bring it to a boil and let it boil or 3 minutes exactly while stirring the whole time. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! Great recipe!

Anonymous said... #

The metalic taste might be from the foil. I have had that taste different times when making this. Wondering if it would work just on a cookie sheet?

Tina Butler said... #

I have never had a problem with a metalic taste. You can use parchment paper instead. I haven't done it on just a plain baking sheet. I think it would stick, so I don't recommend it.

Anonymous said... #

Hi I have made this before and LOVE It but I call it Quick Easy Bar.

Anonymous said... #

we love this treat so much we call it Crack! (it's that addictive) I package pieces in cello bags and decorate for the occasion.

Leslee said... #

Oh this saltine toffee is great!!! So easy and such a nice gift! Thanks!

Anonymous said... #

I made this about a year ago. The butter/sugar mixture didn't complete absorb into the crackers. I've had it when other people made it, and theirs did. Am I boiling the mixture too long (or not long enough)? Thank you! Any other tips?

Anonymous said... #

Made it tonight with pistachios, looked gorgeous, tasted great

Desi said... #

I made this recipe the other day and everyone has loved it! Love the sweet and salty mix. I posted about this wonderful recipe on my blog and linked back to you of course! Thanks for this masterpiece of a recipe :)


Anonymous said... #

I made this last night for the proable 100th time. I also have varied the toppings a bit. I do the chocolate and crushed up cracker bits for the topper and then melt some peanutbutter and just swirl it on the top. Its a HUGE hit!

Cindy said... #

I have been making this candy for a while. We have starting adding craisins, coconut, and different nuts. Craisins and salted peanuts tastes like a chunky bar. We did dark chocolate chips and coconut. Everyone of them is yummy.

Anonymous said... #

All the other recipes I have seen only call for 1 cup butter and 3/4 cup brown sugar why is this so much more?
But then i guess it will only make the toffee thicker.

Unknown said... #

Instead of nuts on the top you can melt a square of white almond bark with a teaspoon of veg oil and drizzle it over the top or peanut butter chips or what ever you like.

Anonymous said... #

Not sure if they make them but this would be good with mint chocolate chips too

Tina Butler said... #

Anonymous, that is what the recipe I use calls for. Any less and it is never enough toffee to cover all the saltines called for in the recipe. If you think it is too much you are welcome to alter the amounts but, I cannot guarantee the results of the recipe.

kellie said... #

can you freeze this?

Tina Butler said... #

Yes this freezes very well. I toss them into a large ziplock freezer bag. I have made mine up to a month in advance of using or to hide it from my kids LOL.

ilene said... #

Instead of saltines, try graham crackers. I've been making them that way for years and they are fantastic. Always a hit.

Anonymous said... #

I didn't read all comments so hopefully I'm not repeating information here. I've been making these for about 25 years and I modified mine with half chocolate & half butterscotch chips. Topped with chopped pecans...spectacular!

Naomi said... #

The candy is also delicious with white chocolate chips and crushed peppermint candy. Can't wait to make some tonight!

Jane Eddy said... #

2 words....YUM MEE

Sandy S. said... #

I have used graham crackers instead of saltines and they were wonderful.

Anonymous said... #

Another variation for Christmas that we love: substitute chocolate grahams for the saltines, and use Andes brand white chocolate/peppermint bits for the topping instead of the nuts. Pretty and delicious! :)

Anonymous said... #

I wook at a hospital, took Christmas Cack for coworkers. Drs. and nurses had a good laugh when they heard the name. After a while the said they understood why it's called CHRISTMAS CRACK. We all love it.

Tina Butler said... #

The Christmas Crack part always makes me laugh, but it's so true. I'm making a batch this weekend and using half graham crackers and half saltines. I forgot the heath toffee bits mix at the store, so I have to make another run. I'm so glad everyone loved it.

Anonymous said... #

I just made this tonight. It is amazing! I don't use foil because I don't like having to remove pieces of foil off the bottoms of the candy. I use just a cookie sheet but spray it well with cooking spray. It worked very well! I also used all three, the chocolate chips, the almonds and the Heath bits. I melted the chocolate then sprinkled with both almonds and Heath. So good my hubby can't stay away! :)

Anonymous said... #

I have a severe nut allergy so this recipe is wonderful... I rarely am able to have desert or candy. Thanks fot the recipe. ... exceptionally yummy.....

Renna said... #

In your second, updated version, you said to omit the semi-sweet chocolate chips, as well as the nuts, and to only use the toffee bits. Do you then increase the amount of toffee bits, or still use the same amount as called for in the original version?


Anonymous said... #

We make this but with matzah boards, not saltines.
It's Passover Toffee In our house.

jenny said... #

I've been making this for years it is so easy and so fast and it is delicious

Glenda said... #

The recipe' I use is very similar but use graham wafer crackers intead of saltines and always get rave reviews and requests for recipe'

Chris P's Minis and More said... #


Anonymous said... #

Maybe try parchment paper. I use it for almosr ALL of my baking/candy making. Just a thought. :)

Anonymous said... #

My friend makes these but uses the Keebler Club crackers which make them really good.I think it because of the buttery taste cracker. YES THEY ARE VERY ADDICTING!

Anonymous said... #

I recently came across the Easy Toffee Candy recipe much the same but asking for a 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk. Has anyone tried it and how was it?

Deb said... #

Can this be made ahead of time and the put in the freezer until needed?

Unknown said... #

I used Andes peppermint crunch chips with the chocolate chips. Very pretty as well as yummy!

Anonymous said... #

Love this receipe try using milk or white chocolate and crushed candy canes great twist for holiday

Anonymous said... #

I make this using the sweetened condensed milk and I love it.

Anonymous said... #

I am going to try your version.........can't wait to try!!!!!!!!!

musical-lover said... #

When I make this it only taste good if I freeze it cause if I leave it in a container it becomes chewy instead of crunchy. Does anyone know why?

Anonymous said... #

My butter sugar mixture never hardens up. I have already thrown away 3 batches. Please help me!

Tina Butler said... #

You might not be cooking the sugar mixture long enough. You have to make sure the brown sugar mixture comes to a full rolling boil. See the photo in the post. This is very important for the sugar to set up. After the mixture comes to a full rolling boil set your timer and boil the mixture for exactly 3 minutes the pour mixture over the crackers.

parrotmomma said... #

Hi! Love this recipe. My original version used a white sugar/butter mixture so I am looking forward to trying it with brown sugar. I make the toffee version and am trying one with shredded coconut and chopped pecans...thank you for posting!

Anonymous said... #

I've been making this recipe for several years and it's always a hit. A few years ago I started making it with pretzels instead of crackers. I use the small bite size pretzels and break them up to cover the bottom of the cookie sheet. It's the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Anonymous said... #

I just made the Christmas crack. I think I had the temperature to high for the brown sugar/butter. I turned a darker brown really fast. I stirred it a lot. Hopefully it still tastes good. Thanks for posting the recipe. I'll try a lower heat setting next time.

Sue said... #

I've made a similar recipe and used chocolate graham crackers instead of saltines.

Anonymous said... #

I made. This but. Used butterfinger bits on top. These were. Delicious. I didn't want. To. Stop eating them

Leslie said... #

I really want to try this....sounds delicious! I am just curious, however, about the bag of Kraft caramels in one of the photos. It's not listed as one of the ingredients......???

Tina Butler said... #

The caramel bits on the counter beside my daughter are not in this recipe. They were just on the counter to make another recipe. I was just getting a photo of her preparing the cracker candy.

Unknown said... #

I use parchment paper.