Chocolate Covered Banana Pops

Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana Pops are a great dessert or snack for a warm summer day and kid friendly. 
We love bananas any way we can eat them in our house. Bananas are a really healthy and a great portable treat. When our bananas start to get ripe I usually freeze them for muffins, quick breads and smoothies.

Did you know that you could freeze bananas? I freeze mine all the time it is so much better than just tossing them out or eating banana bread all the time.

Freezing bananas is easy!!! I have included a link on how to freeze bananas so you can stop tossing them out. I prefer the method of cutting up the bananas and then freezing them versus leaving them whole.

It's really your preference and how much time you have on your hands. A couple weeks back the kids wanted Chocolate Covered Banana Pops .

When we go to the produce section of Walmart they always grab that little box to make chocolate banana pops. The box at Walmart is really cheap, but the problem is you don't really get enough chocolate to make a decent amount of banana pops.

I told the kids we could make them at home with Chocolate Bark (chocolate candy coating). I always have chocolate bark on hand for various snacks and goodies, so I thought it would be perfect. Making Chocolate Covered Banana Pops is so easy.

Plus you can get your kids involved in the preparation of this easy, healthy frozen treat. You can make plain chocolate covered bananas pops or you can roll them in sprinkles or chopped nuts. My favorite way is rolled in pecans.

For a different twist try adding a couple tablespoons of creamy peanut butter in with the melted chocolate and you will have peanut butter chocolate banana pops. Which ever way you decide to make Frozen Banana Pops I know your kids will love them. They really are the perfect summer treat. Now go grab your kiddos and have some fun.

These are the ingredients you will need:  Chocolate Bark or Chocolate Candy Coating, 4-5 ripe but not over ripe bananas, sprinkles, rice krispie cereal, chopped nuts, peanut butter (optional) and Popsicle or chop sticks and waxed paper or foil. 

Here are some photos of the kids preparing the bananas for dipping. Give each child an even number of bananas and sticks or you will have an all out war on your hands.

Lay each banana pop on a baking sheet lined with waxed paper or foil while you dip and garnish the remaining bananas. We chose some pretty sprinkles and chopped pecans.

You can also cut the banana into thick slices and dip them into chocolate instead of making banana pops. I like to add a bit of shredded coconut on top


Anonymous said…
At my grocery store there will often be bunches of overripe bananas marked down by 50% on their clearance rack. I snatch them up when I see them! I peel them, put them in ziploc bags whole, then stick them in my freezer. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I've wanted to try making chocolate covered bananas for quite some time.
J e l e n a said…
never saw such fun looking banana. One question, what if you want to eat the banana later do you put it in the fridge, freezer or outside where it's cool?
Tina Butler said…
I keep them stored in the freezer. Or the inside will get soft.
Reeni said…
What a scrumptious treat! And fun for kids to make too. I linked up my Cherry muffins - thanks for hosting this!
Unknown said…
This sounds like a great snack! I wonder if you could use regular, melted chocolate chips?
Tina Butler said…
April It would work with chocolate chips as well. You would need to melt them with a little shortening. I always have chocoalte bark on hand so it is so much easier that way I dont have to add anything. I think the chocolate bark melts smoother than chocolate chips, plus you get more.
sabriena said…
Alright, thank you for the tip on putting the chocolate in the microwave on defrost! I always used cook and it never worked out well, so I'd just use a double boiler!

Those bananas look AMAZING!
Rachelle S said…
They look good, but I can't ever stand to eat frozen bananas, lol they're too hard to bite. I don't think my kids have had those before that horrible? Hmm, maybe I'll have to try it for them.
so good! I love eating frozen bananas, and this is such a nice treat
Avril said…
Oh dear....this is a serious serious "YUM" recipe!!!! Thanks for the advice of freezing bananas such a great tip!
Tania QT said…
Than you your recipe is great!!!

I'm now your follower, I love new followers too at:
Aggie said…
I love freezing my bananas and using them in smoothies instead of ice. And I'm with you on cutting them in pieces versus whole. This looks like a fun one to do with the kids! :)
OhMySugarHigh said…
We love bananas here and I bet my boys would have a blast making them with me. Thanks for the great tutorial! :) - Emilie