Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day Fun, Paula Deen in our Backyard & Snow Ice Cream

What  is Snow Ice Cream? It is fresh fallen snow, mixed with sweetened condensed milk and vanilla to make ice cream from snow. Snow Ice Cream is the perfect snow day activity! 
Today was a snow day for my kiddos and they were so excited. We couldn't believe how much snow Mesquite (TX) got. Last I heard on the news we received 11 inches. 
Wow is all I can say. We wish for snow every year and nothing. Then finally we got some snow and we hit the jackpot. Everyone was so excited to wake up this morning to see all that white fluffy stuff covering the ground. 

The first thing the kids wanted to do was go outside and play and build a snowman.  Then we did something really fun and different together we made Snow Ice Cream!! Well, we actually made it twice once yesterday and then again today.  I remember snow ice cream when I was younger and lived in Nebraska. What fun to finally make this wonderful sweet treat with my own kids.

They kids were excited and confused all at the same time when I suggested the idea.  Mackenzie said snow ice cream? I told her its super yummy trust me on this one.  I have to admit it was so long ago I couldn't recall all the ingredients. I knew it was milk and sugar but that was it.

I remembered Paula Deen making snow ice cream her show last year, so I knew just where to get the recipe. I love her version because it uses sweetened condensed milk and turns out so creamy. The kids loved making this recipe all by themselves. I think it is the one time they really got along. 

When they were finished and got their first taste they loved it!!! so the snow ice cream was a big hit. I hope you enjoy some of our photos from our snow day.

Carson having fun throwing snowballs. He was going to throw it right at me but luckily he has bad aim.

Mackenzie making snow angels. 

Here is Mackenzie's Paula Deen Snow girl!! LOL we cracked up at this one. Look at the stick of butter in her apron.

We received a foot of snow, something we probably  won't see for along time from now. 

 I love this picture of the barn with the Texas flag painted on the side. This barn sits just around the corner from our house. When I drove by it was post card perfect, so I snapped a photo.     
The kids love to make this snow ice cream all by themselves. 

Snow Ice Cream or Snow Cream

8 - 9 cups freshly fallen snow  (collected in bowls)
1 - (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 
1 - teaspoon vanilla extract    

Catch fresh snow into a large bowl. Measure out about 9 cups of snow and and pour the sweetened condensed milk on top. Add the vanilla extract and slowly mix the snow to combine. Serve immediately in bowls.    

Cook's Note: Make sure to use fresh fallen snow when making snow ice cream. We placed some bowls out to catch all of our snow. 

Recipe source:   


Mandy said... #

Mmm.....that's a definite bonus to being snowed in! Your kiddos are adorable! I am actully really missing seeing snow, it's our first winter in a long time without it. :( Enjoy it while it lasts!

Tina Butler said... #

I know Mandy the last snow we got was when Carson was a baby. It was not this much by far. This is pretty big for us seeing North Texas hardly ever see's snow.

Anonymous said... #

living in northern wi, we get lots of snow but i've never heard of this, now i can't wait for the next big snow fall so i can try it, thanks for the great idea! anne

Heidi said... #

We haven't made snow icecream this year. I grew up eating it and it's my favorite icecream. I kind of cringe now because I know it can't be healthy because of pollution. I've always made it with just snow, milk, vanilla and sugar. It's so good. Can you believe my friend in Canada had never heard of snow icecream?

Erin | Bygone Living said... #

I want to make this! We made Maple Syrup Snow Candy the other day when the blizzard came :)

Jamie Cooks It Up! said... #

What darling children!

Daphne said... #

I love the Paula Deen snow girl! How cute is that!

Angie said... #

Your kids are too cute! Being a Florida gal, I of course have never heard of this, and may never get the opportunity to have it :( but I enjoyed this post so much!

Unknown said... #

We had a real snow for the first time in years here in central Arkansas. It was beautiful and is still on the ground. The roads are clear fortunately. I couldn't believe the amount of snow you the Dallas area got. Hope you guys have loads of fun. Enjoy your snow cream.

cookeaze said... #

Those look amazing, I would love to try and make those!Thanks for sharing..

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said... #

Now that just looks like fun! And the PD Snowgirl is a hoot!

Eleven inches is a dusting by Maine standards, but it must have seemed HUGE for you guys!

I'm glad you were all able to enjoy the experience ...

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said... #

I can't believe the box arrived already! Yay!

Enjoy the bowl fillers ... I can't wait to see....

potrron said... #

I have had about enough of the snow, but your snow cream was just a flashback to my childhood, when my grandmother would make it for a bunch of us (the neighbor kids came over too) and she would make it in a wash tub. So, thanks for the warm memory and a recipe, I thought it would never come to my kitchen.

Suz said... #

Oh my goodness, you have GOT to send that pic to Paula! What a fun day it was!! I still have a bowl of snow in the freezer, I think I'll make this recipe with the SC Milk!

Bob West said... #

God has greatly gifted you
I enjoyed visiting your blog
God Bless;

Together We Save said... #

Yummy!! We love snow cream. Wish we would get enough snow to make some.

Lisa said... #

I made snow ice cream with my kids once. It was pretty good and they got a real kick out of making it!

Mommy24Boys said... #

Didn't see this recipe till today and all the snow is melted away. (I'm in FT.W)Think we'll get some more snow this season? My boys would have love having snow ice cream. Oh well there's always next year. hehehe

Jenna @ Newlyweds said... #

How fun, I am so jealous of the snow here near Houston we didn't get any though it was very cold last night. I've always wanted to have enough snow to make snow ice cream. Looks like the kiddos had a blast.

Stacy said... #

Talk about a small world - I live in Lincoln Nebraska!! We have more snow then we know what to do with. I'm sooo glad that I know how something to do with it! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said... #

It's almost snow time again for many and wished for snow for the rest of us. Now is the time to be sure that your pantry has a couple of cans of sweet and condensed milk.