Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies for Valentines Day & A Gooseberry Patch Surprise

Um red velvet cake it's one of my favorite of southern cakes. Valentines Day is quickly approaching and wanted to bake up a few special treats. Since I just made the red velvet cupcakes I couldn't bake those again. 

I really wanted something red velvet to go along with the whole valentine theme. It got me thinking, awhile back I made Homemade Oreo Cookies and they were such a big hit. I thought maybe I could substitute a red velvet cake mix in place of a devils food cake. Then I could make Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies.

I knew they would be really pretty with the red cookie color and the creamy cream cheese filling. Sometimes you just have to take a chance on things because you might be pleasantly surprised in the end. 

Those are my favorite types of recipes. Well, I am so glad I tried because these little cuties turned out awesome!!!! just look how pretty and festive they look. I was so excited that they turned out. My kiddos got a hold of a few of them while I was taking pictures so I had to hide them in the freezer rather quickly. If not they would have ate them all.

These will be cute Valentines Day treats for the kiddos teachers and then the rest are for us. I have one more Valentine treat to make so hopefully I can get it finished and posted in time for the holiday. Before I go I wanted to ask everyone for a little favor. If you have a chance today pop on over to the Gooseberry Patch Blog

 They recently added a new feature to their blog called "Featured Friday". What is Featured Friday? well it's their way of thanking all the bloggers out there that link up to Gooseberry Patch and share their cookbooks, recipes and ideas.

As a thank you each week Gooseberry Patch will shine a spotlight on some of those special bloggers. I am excited to say that Gooseberry Patch contacted me and said I was one of the sites they think of when they think of Gooseberry Patch friends. How cool is that!!!! So if you have a minute today stop by their site and see what they are saying about Mommy's Kitchen. 

I am beyond thrilled to be the first blogger for "Featured Friday". I adore Gooseberry Patch so this is kind of big deal for me. Thank you Vickie & Jo Ann for featuring Mommy's Kitchen and considering me as a Gooseberry Patch Friend. I really feel more like part of the family.

Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

1 - 18 oz  package duncan hines red velvet cake mix
2 - eggs
1/2 - cup oil or butter flavored shortening

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Add oil and eggs to cake mix and blend together. Roll dough into balls (a little larger than a quarter). 

Place on greased cookie sheet. Bake for 8 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool on sheet (until warm). Remove cookies from sheet and place on cooling rack.

To assemble the cookies, in a pastry bag with a 1/2 inch, round tip (you can always use a zip lock bag with a round tip or just use a butter knife) add about a tablespoon of filling into the center of one cookie. 

Place another cookie similar in size on top of the filling. Lightly press, to work the filling evenly to the outsides of the cookie. Continue this process until all the cookies have been sandwiched with cream.

Cream Cheese Filling Recipe:

1 - stick butter (1/2 cup)
1 - 8oz package philly cream cheese
3-4 cups - confectioner's sugar (depending on desired consistency)
1 - tsp vanilla extract

Cream butter and add cream cheese and vanilla extract. Mix well. Add confectioner's sugar slowly until you reach your desired consistency. 

If the mixture is to thick add a bit of milk until you have the consistency you want. 

Cooks Note: The cream filling mixture makes enough for two batches of cookies. I doubled the cookie recipe and had plenty of filling.


What a fun and festive idea for Valentine's Day! They look delicious. And so easy too!

Congratulations on your GP feature! I'm on my way to check it out now...

Can't wait to see what else you have in store for Valentine's Day!
Tina Butler said…
Hi Colleen!!! These cute little red velvet cookies are so yummy. I had to hide them in the freezer because everyone couldn't keep there hands off them. LOL. They are under safe lock and key until Valentines day. I am trying to work on the second treat so I am hoping to get that one up this weekend so there is time if anyone want to make them. Thanks for always stoppiing by.
I'm back ... after reading all about you over at GP. What a sweet little spotlight article. No wonder I love it here!

It's always fun to connect with someone who has always enjoyed the simple comforts of the kitchen, home, and family.

And you know the food is good when you have to hide it! I do that too. That way the good stuff can really last.

Keep up the good work! Happy Weekend too...
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I love these! So simple and festive. I'm attending a Valentines Day Dessert Party next weekend, and very well may include these now (along with my chocolate cheesecake) :) Thanks!
Sherrie said…
Those sound and look awesome! I live in WI and have yet to find a red velvet cake mix in the grocery store. :(
Anonymous said…
Those look yummy, and congrats on your Gooseberry shout out! How exciting! anne
Rachel said…
They look amazing! I soo have to try these! :D My siblings would eat these up so fast..I'd have to quadruple the recipe to get any for me! ;) Lol!

I saw that on their FB page!!! That is soo neat! I was like.."hey! I know her!" ;) Thank you for sharing your good home-y recipes! :D

~Miss Rachel~
Unknown said…
Well, YUM!!! I want one of those cookie sandwiches NOW! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. So glad to find another blog friend! I am now following you on twitter, too!
I'm so glad GP featured you! I might have never found you! This is a totally cute website, and I look forward to trying your recipes and possibly remaking them for my blog (I remake country food for a low-fat, dairy-free diet). Nice to "meet" you!
jannybelle said…
Congratulations on the Gooseberry Patch feature - you certainly do deserve it! It was very nicely done and I look forward to seeing you all over the internet now!
these look great, will give them a go this weekend.
These look wonderful Tina and what a great treat of Valentine's Day. I was just thinking how nobody is focused on V-Day down here with the Saints in the Super Bowl and then Mardi Gras right around the corner. Seems the romance has taken a back seat! :(

Congrats on your feature at Gooseberry - that's pretty cool!!
Shandra said…
Those look perfect for valentines day! I have made this recipe with chocolate and other flavors but never Red Velvet--YUM!
Texicana said…
This recipe looks easy and delicious and I'm eager to try it out on my family. We LOVE red velvet cake so there's no reason that the red velvet cookies wouldn't be a hit. We're traveling Valentine's weekend so I'm taking them up to Plano from Houston. They will be much easier to pack than a cake. Woohoo!
Melissa said…
Those cookies are picture perfect! Congrats on the great accolades from Gooseberry Patch!
Anonymous said…
What a nice feature at GP. Your blog is special and I read it every day. Love your recipes and have used many and loved them all! Elizabeth
Heidi said…
How cool is that Tina??? I have loved gooseberry patch for a long time and have tons of their books. What an honor! You deserve it :)
The cookies look great!
Michele said…
Congratulations, I'll have to stop over there and read it. I bet that's exciting for you. Your cookies look yummy to, great for Valentine's Day.
DailyChef said…
I LOVE red velvet. And now that Valentine's Day is coming up, I have more excuses to indulge myself in red velvet pastries. Yay!
Velva said…
Those red velvet cookies look absolutely delightful. You are right, perfect for Valentine's Day,

P.S. I can see why you would have to hide these cookies in the freezer.
Congratulations, Tina!!
Tina Butler said…
Thank you everyone for the nice comments. I was so surprised at something so easy turned out so pretty, I love it when that happens. The cream cheese filling was perfect. I have to hide just about everything if I am going to be sharing it with anyone. I have a few junk food junkies in my house and if they get their hands on anything its gone. My little guy is already asking where the red cookies are. LOL

Mary any holiday is a excuse for me to bake up something nice. I try and celebrate all of them. Its all about making it fun for the kids. We are big on holidays in our house.
Yum! Those cookies look amazing!
What fun! I LOVE Gooseberry Patch! I use their cookbooks all the time!
cookeaze said…
Your photos are so beautiful, I can almost smell the cookies!Great share!
Unknown said…
Thank you for this idea. I will be making these.
Shonda said…
I can only say "YUM"!! I just finished making these for my kids' Valentine Parties at school and I had to taste one! I will be stopping by the store on the way home to get another red velvet cake mix to make more for their Valentine Party at church tomorrow - I think they will be a hit!
Gailanne said…
Happy Valentine's Weekend Tina!
Your Red Velvet Cookies are filling my home with the scent of love...thanks so much for this one, and all the rest! I've used your blog more times than I can count in my kitchen, and loved each and every one.

Thanks for sharing your snowy week, I can see you, and the kids enjoyed it more than many who are more used to it did...I'm glad!

I was look forward to reading your blog, thanks, and keep up the good work...stay blessed!