Thank You Jamie & Bobby Deen!!

We had such a awesome time at Borders Books in Dallas last night. Jamie and Bobby were in town promoting their new released cookbook The Deen Bros. "Take it Easy". This is a really great cookbook. I had plenty of time to scan through it while we were waiting in line to have it signed. Just a few of the recipes I cant wait to try are Granny's Fried Chicken, Grilled Chicken w/Brown Sugar & Pineapple Rings, Sweet & Spicy Pork and Jamie's Five Layer Beef Taco Pie. Goodness I haven't even made it to the dessert section, but I am sure it is going to be just as good. I have included a link to The Deen Bros Book Tour & Signing so you can see if they are coming to your city. I couldn't believe that Jamie and Bobby just walked in the front door of Borders all by themselves. I didn't even notice because I was already in line for the book signing. My daughter ran over to tell me "mama their here" and she was gone like that. I couldn't get out of line so I gave my camera to my oldest son to get a few pictures of them coming in the lobby.

I so did not expect them to run over to me with the picture above. Mackenzie you lucky girl is all I could say when they showed me that picture. Jamie and Bobby were nice enough to stop and pose for a picture with her, how cool is that! We stood in line for about a hour before they came out and signed books. I gotta tell you both those boys are easy on the eyes. Borders said they would not be posing for pictures, but as I got closer to the front they were letting people pose for pictures after they signed their book. I was so excited to have a chance of getting a picture with them. When it was our turn Jamie and Bobby were so nice. They sat and talked to us while they signed all my cookbooks. They told us they were taking pictures with everyone!!!!!!! I was so excited, I told them that was very gracious of them to take the time and pose for pictures with everyone Bobby said it's not a problem. So you can see I finally got my picture and now I have met the whole family. Awesome night is all I can say. Click on the link below for more pictures.

Bobby and Jamie telling Mackenzie your the little girl we saw at the front door. She said yep this is my mommy.

Jamie told her she was a sweetheart and very pretty. Mackenzie got so embarrassed and turned red.

talking sports with Travis.

I got to tell Bobby that I won a contest on wfaa channel 8 and I went on the show and made their chocolate chip pie from "Recipes from the Road". He thought that was very cool!

Bobby trying to give Carson a high 5 but he was to shy LOL

Jamie was talking to me about his son Jack and telling me how shy he is but not in front of a crowd.

They signed all three of the cookbook that I own. To cool now I have all of their cookbooks and each of them are autographed!!!!!


Karen said…
That is so cool! I made your Pig Candy and the kids request it once a week now. Love your site. It always makes me hungry. Thanks :)
Lynette said…
Wow! You are so lucky! We don't get such cool visitors here in Utah! I love, love, love your blog!

Rachelle S said…
Wow, cool! Lots of great photos!
Ingrid_3Bs said…
Very cool! I didn't know they had a new cookbook coming out!

Btw, I blogged about your marshmallow frosted brownies and linked back to you. Thx!
Dorothy said…
Oh...I'm SO jealous you got to meet the Deen guys! Can we say: very, very handsome? *swoon* :)
Heidi said…
You are so lucky! Here in small town Missouri we never get to meet anyone good :) My excitement is going to the mailbox. I can't wait to see what recipes you pick.
Dawn Gallop🐝 said…
Wow!! Tina lucky you, that is awesome!! i sent you a request on facebook. Dawn Gallop. Always love your recipes. Thanks, Dawn
Barbara said…
What fun!!! Lucky you.
Live.Love.Eat said…
GO YOU is all I can say. Yes, they are VERY easy on the eyes. I'd love to cook with them, and not in the kitch :) Hah, I kid.
Lynn said…
Wow, what fun! They sound like really nice men.
How fun! I've never, ever been to a book signing, but reading about your experiences really makes me want to go to one. Thanks for sharing!
You are so lucky to have met them in person! They sound very down to earth, just like Paula.
Please make the grilled brown sugar chicken and pineapple and post the recipe! It sounds awesome!
Tina, I am so jealous! How great is that that you got to meet them. Paula is so lucky to have such great sons following in her footsteps.
Amy in NY said…
VERY cool. yeah theyre pretty handsome guys....Borders always has good people, I had Giada here and got her everyday italian book signed.
Tina Butler said…
Cool Amy,
Giada is a cool one to meet. Hey Amy did you have her sign your book to girlfriend LOL.

I would love to see Bobby Flay that would be awesome as well.
Stacey said…
How fun!! My husband and I met Jamie on the street in Savannah last April. I nearly came unglued!