Slow Cooked Swiss Steak {Old Fashioned Favorite}

Here is another Old Fashioned Favorite, Slow Cooker Swiss Steak. This dish falls under the category of not very photogenic. I tried and tried to get a good picture of this dish but no matter what angle I took the picture, it just looked blah.
However the taste is not blah at all. I have been making this Swiss steak recipe for as long as I can remember. This is one dish that I know turns out perfect and fork tender every time. There is one ingredient in this dish that you would not expect to find in Swiss steak.
I was surprised myself the first time i saw it on the ingredient listing, but it really brings the flavors together. It's Spaghetti Sauce!!! But this dish in no way taste like spaghetti. My favorite flavor to use is Ragu's Chunky Garden Style Mushroom & Green Pepper flavor.
I think any garden style spaghetti sauce will do. I also like to use Chuck Eye for my choice of meat, it is cut near the rib eye which makes it a continuation of the rib-eye meat.

We also like to use Chuck Eye and grill as steaks. It is so good as long as you do not over cook it on the grill. A lot of people do not know about this cut of meat and how much cheaper it is to the famous Rib Eye.
I like to use it for my No Peek Beef Tips, Beef Stew Smothered Steak and Swiss steak. When you braise this cut of meat in a liquid you end up with the meat being even more tender.

It truly is the best and low cost cut you will ever put in your mouth. Once you dredge and brown your meat this is really a toss it in the crock pot and forget it kind of meal. Perfect for summer when you don't want to fire up the stove.
Serve over rice or mashed potatoes and your all done. I remember my mother buying cheaper cuts of meat and stewing them all day, they turned out so tender. I ♥ to use my crock pot, but mom always did hers on the stove top.

 Whew its just to hot in Texas for that kind of cooking. So I try and use my crock pot for any recipes that require slow cooking for a long period of time.

For some reason the picture of all the ingredients did not turn out so, I will have to start here. Cut meat into steak size pieces. Dredge the pieces in flour, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Brown meat in 2 T. of oil

Place browned meat into Dutch oven or Crock Pot

Add sliced onions and green peppers.

Add the jar of Ragu Spaghetti Sauce and a 1/2 of jar of water. Add chili powder, cover and cook until meat in tender. Cook in crock pot on high for about 3-4 hours.

Serve over rice, noodles or mashed potatoes. Rice is my favorite.

Slow Cooker Swiss Steak

2 lbs - round steak or chuck eye, cut into smaller pieces
1 - medium onion, sliced
1 - green pepper, sliced
1 - 26 oz jar Ragu Mushroom & Green Pepper  spaghetti sauce
1/2 - jar water (13 oz)
½ - 1 teaspoon chili powder
salt & pepper to taste
1 - bay leaf
all purpose flour for dredging

Cut meat into steak size pieces. Add salt and pepper to flour and toss meat lightly in flour mixture. 

Brown meat in 2 T. of oil. Place meat into Dutch oven or crock pot. 

Add sliced onions and peppers. Add the jar of spaghetti sauce and a 1/2 of jar of water and chili powder, cover and cook until meat in tender. 

Cook on high for about 3-4 hours or low for 6-8. Serve over pasta, mashed potatoes or rice.

Click here for a printable copy


That looks like a great meal!
sherri said…
Thanks for the reminder!
Lara said…
I don't cook red meat very often, but whenever I do my husband is ecstatic. This looks like a great one to try!
Joan said…
Tina, that looks great. My mom made that all the time and I just loved it. Is that by any chance your cake mix dinner rolls?
Elizabeth said…
This meal looks so delicious!!! I can already tell my husband would love it. I'm printing it off and adding it to my binder. Thanks!
Tina Butler said…
Hi Joan, I remember my mom making this dish as well. She did it the old fashioned way...... Homemade with stewing tomatoes and veggies. My version is a lot more simpiler but i love the simplicity of it all. The roll are not the cake mix ones. They are a 30 minute roll recipe i got at real mom kitchen i am blogging about them soon as well. I am a bread nut.
I think your picture came out very well. Another great comfort food recipe. I agree with you about using your crock pot for slow cooking meat. Crockpots rock! Leaves all kinds of cuts of meat very moist and tender. Great going neighbor.
Bunny said…
I'm making this!!! It looks so good, I love crockpot recipes, I work such crazy schedules that I depend on my crockpot alot. Thank you for posting these recipes!!
Live.Love.Eat said…
I can go for this right now and it's only 9:25.
Ann in TN said…
I have this in the crock pot right now. I added mushrooms to mine since we all love them and I got 2 12 oz containers BOGO. I didn't add both containers. :D

Also, I'm going to assume that the spaghetti sauce goes in before the water is added. :D There's no mention of the spaghetti sauce in the directions.
Holly T. said…
Looks awesome! A great way to use up some meat in my freezer.
Unknown said…
I'm looking forward to seeing you back at Crock Pot Wednesday this week. Thanks for linking up last week and entering the giveaway.
Anonymous said…
I tried this last night and was a little scepticle I have never been able to re-create the swiss steak recipe his mother used to make. However he loved itand so did my daughter who has been quite picky lately. Thanks for the great recipe! ME
Anonymous said…
I make a swiss steak like this using salsa and my family loves it.
Anonymous said…
All these recipes look so yummy. Can't wait to try them.