Pig Candy aka Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon or Pig Candy is a crispy, sweet and salty snack, made with slices of thick cut bacon coated with brown sugar and ground black pepper . Do you want something yummy to serve with those Perfect Pancakes? How about Pig Candy! Anytime I mention pig candy the first response I get from everyone is ewwww or what is that?

I guess the name alone isn't very appealing but, pig candy is so darn good. All that sweet, salty, sticky goodness, it's like pork heaven!

Actually it's just sugared bacon and who wouldn't like that. Pig Candy is made up of a few simple ingredients.

Nothing complicated about this recipe at all, but highly addictive to say the least. Not only is it perfect for a breakfast side dish but it also makes a wonderful and delicious appetizer.

At first glance it will look just like regular cooked bacon, but just wait for your guests to grab a piece. Then just stand back and wait for their reaction, I guarantee they will be reaching for more.

Thick sliced bacon is the best bacon to use for this recipe. Also if you are using peppered bacon then omit the pepper in the ingredient listing.

 Since my kiddos were eating I chose to leave out the cayenne pepper and just use brown sugar. My daughter calls it sticky bacon. If you have never had pig candy you really need to give it a try. I know once you try it you will make it again and again its that good.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Mix brown sugar, cayenne (optional), and black pepper together in a medium bowl. I use a zip lock bag it is so much easier.

add bacon and coat.

Line a baking sheet with a wire rack and lay bacon on the rack. I would recommend laying a piece of foil between the rack and the pan for easier clean up. Pat any remanding spice mixture on the bacon.

Put the baking sheet on the top rack of the oven and bake until crisp, about 15 minutes. If you do not have a rack that will fit inside a baking sheet, you can also use your ovens broiler pan.

Remove from the oven to a serving dish and let cool slightly before serving.

Pig Candy aka Brown Sugar Bacon
1/4 cup light brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon cayenne (optional)
1/2 pound thick-cut bacon, 8 slices

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Mix brown sugar, cayenne, and black pepper together in a medium bowl. Add bacon and toss. 

Line a baking sheet with a wire rack and lay bacon on the rack. Pat any remanding spice mixture on the bacon. 

Put the baking sheet on the top rack of the oven and bake until crisp, about 15 minutes. Remove from the oven to a serving dish and let cool slightly before serving.

Cook's Note: If using thick cut peppered bacon, omit the pepper in this recipe.


Melissa B. said…
Yummy! Stopping by from SITS. Glad I did!
Anonymous said…
This is a different version from what we make but sounds really yummy and I'll definitely give it a try. Our recipe is brown sugar and dijon mustard mixed together. (I know dijon mustard - what? but it's a great combination.)
Tina Butler said…
Paula Deen had Katie Joel on her show and she did brown sugar bacon with dijon mustard. There is so many ways to make it and they are all so good.
Denise said…
I've never heard of pig candy, nor the idea of dipping the bacon in sugar, but it looks delicious, and perfect with the pancakes!
Sherri Murphy said…
This will be on my Sat. morning menu.
Allison said…
If it's bacon...it's good! With brown sugar, I know it's probably crazy good. I'll have to try it!
Yay! A different and fun recipe to try and this would be great for kids cooking! Thanks for sharing.
The Blonde Duck said…
My first reaction was to drool. Is that bad?
Unknown said…
I just LOVE your blog!!!
Joan said…
Thank you so much for mentioning me in the pancake post! I hope you enjoy the pancake recipe from The pioneer woman, I sure have. I have never heard of pig candy but it looks so yummy! Cant wait to try it.
Melissa said…
I've never heard of this!! It sounds so good!
Heidi said…
I cannot wait to make this! Pig candy just sounds so fun. My family loves bacon and this would be such a fun twist on plain old bacon. I gotta go get me some bacon!
This is a delicious way to cook bacon. I've soaked bacon in maple syrup before as well and it's just as yummy. Such a great idea and of course the kids love it! It's sugar of course they love it.
Julie said…
Oh my! Looks just wonderful...I'd never heard of it but glad I have now.
Margie S said…
My son loves Candy Bacon. When I make it I add a touch of Dijon. The next time I make it I am going to try it with the cayenne.I am ready for a big Saturday morning breakfast,yum!
Tina brown sugar bacon is tasty. I've always preferred maple flavored bacon to the original, so I've got to try this.
My husband will love this recipe!!
Mamí♥Picture said…
iLove your blog!
iAm your new follower!
iAm so Glad I found you!
Seriously your BLOG ROCKS!
Everything is so YUMMY!!!!
Have a ♥Lovely♥ Weekend!
nora@ffr said…
wow! vat a great post!! m loving every bit of this blog.. soo lovely and creative.. specially the yummm recipes.. keep up the great work!!
Bill said…
I like this, Bet my dear old dad would love it. Thank you so much. Oh,BTW, My Twitter account was hacked and got suspended. Waiting to hear from them.
pigpigscorner said…
love the shininess of it! So mouth-watering!
Made this on the weekend for my kids and lets just say, by the time my wife woke up there was none left. Of course I made more. Kids couldn't get enough of it.
Tina Butler said…
Owyn, so glad you liked the bacon. My kids love it as well. It is a nice change from the ordinary bacon.
test it comm said…
That bacon sure is looking good!
Melanie C. said…
OH MY! I love brown sugar bacon!! our favorite way to eat it, is what we call "OUTRAGEOUS bacon cheeseburgers". delicious, juicy burgers, melted SMOKED cheddar cheese, and brown sugar bacon. ridiculously delicious! the smoky cheese with the sweet bacon is to DIE! it also makes a fantastic BLT! Love your blog!
Sharon said…
Just made this the other day; it turned out GREAT!! It was so delicioussssss!! I will be making this again!!
Anonymous said…
OMGosh- pig candy! We fought over the last one like little kids and I had to post it on Facebook...
Lonnie Whisler said…
This is great I brush mine With Maple Syrup.Did I Mention This Is Great
My mouth is already watering just reading and seeing the pics. I'll for sure be doing this during the holiday.

penny said…
Oh my goodness. This is absolutely terrific and easy.
I had some this weekend at a brunch and now I am making it as well.
The person that made it this weekend has an altered version but very good. Did I mention easy. I am not by anymeans a cook - but did not even need to write down the directions she gave me.
Try it