Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Make Your Own Jell- O Pudding Pops

Try these DIY Pudding Pops for a creamy, fudgy, refreshing treat! If you miss the Jell-O Pudding Pops from back-in-the-day, try this easy recipe, so you can start enjoying that delicious frozen treat again.
When I think of Jell-O Pudding Pops the first thing that pops in my head is Bill Cosby and his Jell-O Pudding Pop Commercials Remember those? I think it was around the early 80's. I can still remember the commercial.....

New Jell-O Pudding Pops, New Jell-O Pudding Pops! hey Mr. Cosby whats that? New Jell-O Pudding Pops, Frozen Pudding on a stick. They wont strike out with mom.....
LOL The silly things that certain foods bring to mind. My kids had never heard of jello pudding pops.

I explained it to them and they said...... mom that's a fudgesicle! I told them no a fudgesicle is different more like a chocolate Popsicle. A pudding pop is more chocolaty and creamy like actual pudding. I have seen the new jello pudding pops on the market, but to me they are just not the same.

Kraft made the original Jell-O pudding pops not Popsicle. Also the original pudding pops were bigger. And finally Popsicle isn't even making them in the original shape as a Jell-O pudding pops. I don't even know why they were taken off the market in the first place. Do you?

I wanted to surprise the kids and let them help me make Homemade Jell-O Pudding Pops. They got so excited and couldn't wait to get started. I made this recipe two different ways one with instant pudding and this time with cook and serve pudding.

I found the best result was using the cook and serve, the pudding pops were so much creamier. The kids loved them especially in the little Dixie cup shapes. I have made this recipe three times because they love them so much.

I think the next recipe I want to try and recreate will be the Jell-O Gelatin Pops. If you remember pudding pops you have to remember the Gelatin pops. I sure do miss the old time favorites.

Is there a childhood favorite food or treat that you remember eating and cannot buy today? If so what is it? There is one I remember eating and I thought it was the bomb, Dunkin Donut Powdered Donut Cereal! LOL I could eat my weight in that stuff.

Here is Mommy's handsome boy enjoying the pudding pops he helped make. All he kept saying all day was "mom is it 5 minutes yet??? I told him you mean hours, he said ya I really really want one of the chocolate pops. LOL

Carson got to stick all the sticks in all by himself. Using the large box of pudding we got about 9 pops, it depends on how much pudding you add to each cup.

Add the cups to a 13 x 9 inch baking pan and then place the whole pan in the freezer. Freeze for at least 5 hours. Yummy Pudding Pops! They never last long in our house they are usually gone the next day. I cant wait to try my hand at the vanilla and banana pudding pops. We might even do a swirl of vanilla and chocolate.

Homemade Jell-O Pudding Pops

1 - large box (5.1 oz) jell-o chocolate cook & serve pudding
3 - cups cold milk
1/2 - cup thawed whipped topping (cool whip)
popsicle Sticks
small Dixie cups, paper cups or Popsicle molds

Cook the pudding according to packet directions. When pudding is cooked, cool slightly and add whipped topping.

Let pudding cool down some and then pour into small paper cups.

Using a little helper have them insert a Popsicle stick into each cup in the middle for a handle.

I placed the cups on a 9x13 in glass pan so it was easier to place in the freezer. Freeze pops for 5 hours or until firm. Peel off paper and enjoy.

Cook's Note: Jell-0 puddings come in a lot of different flavor,  so you can experiment. Our favorites are banana, vanilla and chocolate. You can also add crushed up Oreo's for cookies and cream jell-o pops.


Tiffany @ Eat at Home said... #

I just did jello popsicles last week on my blog and people were asking about pudding pops. I'll have to point them over here. And I may have to try this myself too!

Kathy A said... #

Wow, that does bring back good memories. We couldn't afford them all the time, so that was a bigtime treat when we could have them. I guess our big thing was homemade slushes with just good old Kool Aid.

Tina Butler said... #

Tiffany the Jello Gelatin Pops are the ones I want to make next. Umm I loved those to, I will hop over to your site and check them out.

Kathy the koolide slushies sound so yummy, good old koolaide cheap and fun for lots of recipes. I have a recipe i am posting for koolaide in a couple days.

Melissa said... #

What a fun idea! They look so refreshing and delicious!

Allison said... #

Oh, I loved eating these when I was a kid! Thank you- now I'll make them for my boys. I remember eating these cookies that came in a package that looked like cross-stiching. They were called Almost Home, I think. We loved those, and I was so sad when they stopped making them.

Sherri Murphy said... #

I forgot that I missed eating these! Thanks for the reminder.

~Mo~ said... #

Thanks for sharing this recipe, I've been wanting to try these! I wonder if you can use popsicle molds for these?

Tina Butler said... #

Mo, I dont see why not. Give it a shot and see how it works out. They will look like the actual pudding pop as well.

Mary | Deep South Dish said... #

Those look great Tina! I love how you keep the kids in the kitchen helping you all the time.

Demarcus Family said... #

I too LOVED Pudding Pops when I was a kid. I have tried to recreate them and bought the new version ( which are NOT the same). I have even written a letter to JELLO!
The old ones also had that ultra thin layer of ice and then just creamy goodness. I have only tried to make them with the instant and they weren't the same. I am excited to try these!!

Sarah said... #

OMG!! Why didn't I ever think to do this?!? They look so yummy. I've to make these ASAP.

Carrie said... #

My youngest son has seen a commercial lately where they open up a pudding cup, put a stick in it, freeze it, and make pudding pops. He has been asking and asking if we can make it, how ironic is that?! I like your recipe better than buying the pudding cups at the store, we will have to make some this week! ;-)

Teresa Cordero Cordell said... #

Tina, how delicious. I want to try coconut and strawberry and pineapple and all the flavors I can find. Can you imagine the possibilities. Great job my friend.

Justin said... #

cool idea

roxykalei said... #

This looks absolutely yummy!! I am going to have to try it sometime soon.

Anonymous said... #

My kids would love these. It brings me back!

Jennifer said... #

I LOVED the gelatin pops and hav had such a hard time explaining what they were. I believe the jello was whipped or something? Anyways, yum! I will be trying these soon. I loved the ET Crunch cereal. Peanut butter and chocolate, mmmmm.

Libby@CookingWithLibby said... #

Oh wow! My kids would LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing it :) They look yummy!

Tiffany @ Eat at Home said... #

I linked up to your pudding pop recipe in my post today. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said... #

Your recipe is going to be delicious. We tried using instant pudding in popsicle molds yesterday and they didn't work properly. We couldn't get one to come out whole - the "sticks" pulled out without any of the frozen pudding attached. So, I am going to do it your way next, and your trick of using whipped cream will make it taste especially creamy. Thank you!

Mattsangel said... #

I just made these today with my daughter.. they were goooooood. One question.. are they supposed to be a little crunchy aka icy or completely smooth and creamy?? thanks :)

Tina Butler said... #

Ours were smooth and creamy. Were they icy throughout the whole pop? If so i dont know what happened. I havent came across that one yet.

Anonymous said... #

I've cheated a bit and took jello pudding snack cups, left the tops on,poked a popsicle stick through it, then popped them in the freezer. Aside from the different shape, these came out looking and tasting exactly like the Jello pudding pops I remember.

Anonymous said... #

I am lactose intolerant and am *dying* for some ice cream. I suddenly realized I could use pudding and make pudding pops with lactose free milk! I'm also diabetic, so I'll be trying these with the sugar free instant pudding! I CAN NOT wait!

Moriya said... #

Great blog. Loved all of the photos and the recipe. I am a huge fan of Jello Pudding Pops. So... looking forward to testing your recipe!

Anonymous said... #

Thank you for this recipe, I have missed Pudding Pops for years!

Unknown said... #

I believe the gelatin pops are similar recipe, in that you fold in cool whip. The old box says right on it, whipped gelatin dessert. I miss these pops so much, they were amazing. The snap of the ice then creamy frozen pudding.

Gooseberry Patch said... #

Thanks for linking up, T! This post brought back memories...we remember that commercial too! :)

Tina @ Sugar Bean Bakers said... #

I make these too!

I've said the exact thing about the "pudding pops" on the market now. They taste nothing like the original Jello Pudding Pop.

I gave up on those long ago and just made my own.


Tina @ Sugar Bean Bakers said... #

actually, I should note, my mom made these (with Tupperware Popsicle molds because she thought the ones from the store were way too expensive! :D

Anonymous said... #

Add whip cream before freezing and you can use the instant version

KatyBaker Johnston said... #

I made these last night for a cookout this weekend. I was so excited about them that I tried one this morning before work... delicious!! About as close to the real thing as I can remember. I've shared the recipe with the ladies in my office and can't wait for our guests to try them tomorrow! I swirled chocolate and vanilla by using the popsicle stick to swirl the two flavors before inserting it as the handle and they look great. I also used smaller, 3 oz. cups so I was able to get about 20-24 pops. Hope I can save some for others! :)

Anonymous said... #

Is it possible to use real whipped cream??

Tina Butler said... #

I have never used real whipped cream in this recipe. If you do you might have to adjust the sweetness.

Mandy said... #

I tried this recipe with my kids and we LOVED it! They were super creamy and chocolat-ey :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said... #

Those were the best. That's the whole reason I have to try to recreate them!!

Unknown said... #

My favorite flavor was the chocolate/vanilla swirl, I'm going to try it this afternoon! Love this post, thank you!

Anonymous said... #

I made these last nite, instead of half cup of cool whip, I used 2 cups of cool whip,they came out great and tasted good to

Anonymous said... #

Hi I made these last week, I double the recipe and added one cup of powder sugar, it was delishes

Unknown said... #

I remember eating PB crisps, they were so delicious. I never why they took those away. Anyways...i really want to make these and dying for the fruity gelatin pops!!