Homemade Iced Coffee Concentrate

Learn how to make cold brew - coffee concentrate to make your own iced coffee at home. 
It's no secret that I adore Starbucks. Adoring is one thing and affording it is a whole different story. If I ran to Starbucks every time I had the urge I would definitely be broke. To satisfy my cravings I've learned how to recreate some of my favorite coffee drinks at home.
Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha  is my all time favorite so that was the first Starbucks drink I recreated. I really got into a buying frenzy for all the different flavored coffee syrups I could get my hands on. It's so fun experimenting with different recipes and flavors.

Recently I learned how to make Homemade Iced Coffee at home which is perfect for summer. If you're not a ice coffee lover this recipe just might change your mind. Iced coffee can be a refreshing afternoon treat, especially if it is really hot outside. Maybe you want to cool down and still get your caffeine fix. If that's true, then iced coffee is for you. 

I saw this recipe a couple months back, but I had forgotten about it. The other day I was  craving some iced coffee and remembered this recipe and it was so easy to make. First you will need to make a coffee concentrate and that needs to brew on the counter for 10-12 hours, so plan ahead.  

I've been brewing this coffee off and on for two weeks, so I'm definitely addicted to this stuff. If you're a Iced Coffee lover you need to try this recipe. The flavored syrups can be purchased at your local grocery store in the coffee isle. Let's get started. 

To make the coffee concentrate you'll need, 1 cup of ground coffee, a quart size mason jar and water. Place the coffee grounds in a quart size jar. Fill the jar with water (leave about 1-inch head space). Place the lid on jar and give it a good shake to make sure all grounds are wet. Sit the jar on your counter overnight or up to 10 - 12 hours and then strain. 

To strain the coffee you'll need a strainer, 2 large coffee filters and a bowl or large measuring cup to hold the coffee in. Line the strainer with a coffee filter. Pour coffee in the filter and let it strain through a little at a time. I usually do half with one filter and the remainder with the second filter. This process can take a bit of time to fully strain through. Using this method, a quart sized jar yields about one pint and a half of coffee concentrate. Store your concentrate in the refrigerator until ready to use. 

To prepare your iced coffee, pour four ounces of coffee concentrate into a large glass, add four ounces of milk (skim, 2% or whole). Fill the cup with ice and sugar or (Splenda) and mix with a spoon. Add more syrup to suit your taste. Vanilla and caramel are my favorites I use 1/2 to 1 cap full per glass. Enjoy. 

Yield: 1 - quart size jar of concentrate
Author: Tina Butler | Mommy's Kitchen
Iced Coffee Concentrate

Iced Coffee Concentrate

Learn how to make cold brew - coffee concentrate to make your own iced coffee at home.
Prep time: 15 MinCook time: 12 HourTotal time: 12 H & 15 M


  • 1 - cup ground coffee
  • 1 - quart mason jar
  • water
  • strainer
  • 2 - large basket type coffee filters
  • ice
  • gourmet flavored syrups, optional


  1. Place coffee grounds in a quart size mason jar and fill with cold water (leaving about 1 inch of head space). Add the lid and let the coffee grounds sit on the counter 10 - 12 hours or overnight.
  2. Strain the coffee over a large bowl or measuring cup. To strain the coffee add one coffee filter inside the strainer and place the strainer over the bowl or large measuring cup. .
  3. Slowly pour over about half of the coffee mixture into the filter and let sit until strained. Replace with second filter and repeat until fully strained.
  4. Rinse the mason jar out and pour the strained concentrate back into the jar. Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.
To Make Iced Coffee
  1. Place equal parts concentrate and milk in glass. 
  2. Add ice, sweeten as desired. You may find my preference for iced coffee a bit strong for you so leave room to add some water to weaken it if need be. 
  3. Add sugar or a sugar substitute and any flavored coffee syrups of your choice.


This concentrate will easily keep up to 3 weeks in your fridge with no change in flavor.

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looks good you could also just brew some coffee let it cool and put it in the fridge or make frappe take a spoon of granulated coffee and blend with one spoon sugar in a little water. then add milk or water with ice, try it its cool it will froth its self!

Tina Butler said…
Umm Rebecca that sounds so good as well. I am getting addicted to all these coffee drinks!!!!
Heidi said…
That looks so good! I love coffee but all those fancy ones get so expensive. You solved that problem! I can't wait to give this a try :)
This looks delicious! I love iced coffee and I've seen recipes where you use espresso etc. and I don't have any fancy equipment so this sounds perfect.

Susan said…
That looks so good.

Do you have a Kroger or A Bigg's near you? They have Vanilla Syrup.

I use their Dutch Chocolate Syrup / flavoring in my drinks.

roblovesleo said…
Oh I love iced coffees- I usually use the leftover coffee we have- chill it- add ice and any of the flavored creamers we have in the fridge..they all taste wonderful! And you don't have to run out to get one..its right in your own kitchen and fridge! Thanks Tina..I love the gingerbread one..and will have to try the vanilla...when no one else is at home..or else I will have to share..hahaha..
Julie Pia said…
You rock girlfriend!!!!

I'm always looking for a cheaper way to enjoy my iced coffee. This tops them all. Thanks for the great idea. I love reading your blog. You are awesome. Thanks!

Wow - I don't like coffee, but I almost wish I did after reading your post. I sent it on to my coffee drinker friends :)
Amber said…
I had gotten that recipe too and am addicted. Your pics are so nice!
Wow! I had no clue iced coffee was that easy to make :) I may have to try this :)
I found your blog today and I love your recipes. I too live in Texas and love southern food. I make many of the same recipes. I am eager to try your iced coffee today. Thanks for sharing your really neat ideas. GinGi
Leslie said…
"adoring and affording" lol..aint that the truth!!!
Carrie said…
I am completely addicted to iced coffee too, but I've been buying it!! I can't wait to try this recipe!!!
I am thrilled to receive this recipe considering I have an "anyway to get coffee" addiction. This looks like such a great idea. Once again, thank you for sharing it, and making it possible to print it.
Denise said…
Just found your blog tonight and am having a great time looking around... so many yummy recipes, I can't wait to start trying some. I have a ton of zucchini from our garden this year, I might have to make some relish ;-)
I've book marked your site so I can visit often.
Susie Jefferson said…
Just having a good look through your wonderful blog and found your recipe for the CopyCat Starbucks Mocha recipe and the link for the Home Brew iced coffee.... I am truly in HEAVEN! You wouldn't believe what Starbucks costs over here in the UK, and I do so love the iced coffee.

This is totally brilliant, and I thank you so much for sharing!
Megan said…
I just made an ice coffee recipe that we love but I'll have to try it this way too. Your way is less fatting! :)
Wanda said…
I just discovered a slightly different version. Make up your coffee, freeze it in ice cube trays, blend it, equal parts milk and coffee cubes. It's a great iced cappuccino!

Here's a link to the recipe:
Julie said…
I discovered this recipe at Southern Plate last summer. It instantly became a daily habit!
Anonymous said…
I use to make iced coffee and regular coffee this way, but have decided to just brew my coffee, put in my sugar substitute, and dried milk and refrigerate. The dried milk is so you don't need concentrated coffee. Lots easier then filtering coffee and gives a better flavor.

But some say they like the cold brew coffee better--less acid.
Just tried this over the weekend and we are hooked. I have found other recipes on here that I planning on trying this week. Glad you are on Twitter as well...that way I can keep up with all your new posts!
Rebecca said…
Just found your blog and wanted to say that I love iced coffee too!! If you have a coffee press, you can do away with the filtering. Sometimes you can find them used at thrift or garage sales. Cold brewing the coffee tastes so much better and "mellower" than just chilling already brewed coffee.

Need to buy some flavored syrups though!
Caitlin said…
oooh wow thank you so much for this! im in the UK but im pretty certain i can try this! i love iced coffee and was dying to make my own! thank you!
Joy Burkhart said…
Hey there! This recipe sounds so good, can't wait to try it! I've posted it on my blog, hope you don't mind!


Rachelle S said…
Dunkin Donuts site has an easy recipe for iced coffee we both like. Now I Want some! =)
Anonymous said…
Having a glass right now with no sugar & about a teaspoon of vanilla syrup! YUM!
Thank you!
Nicole said…
You have SO many recipes, and many of them look SO good. I am not a very good cook, so I find this sort of thing fascinating but also very intimidating. I am going to try my hand at cooking some of your recipes, I can't screw it up if I'm following directions! I LOVE Starbucks, but you're right, it's way too expensive. Can you do a home version of their petite vanilla scones?
Joy Burkhart said…
Hey Tina! It finally got warm enough for me to try your iced coffee. MAN, is this good! Can ya guess what I'll be drinking when I work outside now? Thanks so much for the recipe!
Naomi said…
I used this recipe for the coffee, then made my own vanilla syrup and enjoyed a lovely Vanilla Latte! So thank you for this recipe, it was exactly what was missing!
Danielle Stevens said…
This recipe is something that us in the coffee business call Toddy. It's a highly concentrated/caffeinated form of coffee. This is sure to make you wake up in the morning! Great job!
Crystal said…
To those who compare this to brewing hot coffee then letting it cool, there is no comparison. When you are making iced coffee this method is far superior vs brewing it hot which produces a more acidic taste. This is much smoother and just tastes better. Try it and see :)
WOW! I am wild about iced coffee...especially during the summertime. This process makes me laugh out loud, and I sure can't wait to try it. I have some sugar free caramel syrup that's about gone so I need to make this soon. Thanks so much for sharing.
Meggan said…
You are my hero. I am not even kidding. I've been wasting so much money at Dunkin getting their caramel iced coffee this summer (I'm a broke college student), and your recipe has just saved my life and my money. Haha thanks so much!
Jill T. said…
We love Iced Coffee. I hated having to strain the coffee. It took too long and was messy. I took a coffee filter, folded in half. I stitch around the open part leaving a opening.I then use a funnel and put coffee in the filter then stitched the open part. Like a tea bag but coffee. I do several at a time then use as needed/wanted.
margaretia said…
Instead of trying to strain it I'm using a French press! I've had one sitting around for awhile (my just in case my coffee pot goes out).
maria said…
We used to own a coffee business and we made cold brewed coffee for our iced drinks. It's different in chemical structure than hot brewed .... Much smoother. We used a giant coffee filter bag and filled it with coffee ground a little finer than regular ground. The f we tired the filter closed with string and let it sit in a 5 gallon bucket for 24 hours. No filtering to it since we started with a filter. It was good for 5 days in a refrigerator. Might want to try brewing a larger batch using a few coffee filters tied closed.
Unknown said…
I sold iced coffe at my ice cream shop. The one thing I did that I really liked was making coffee ice cubes from left over coffee. Your iced coffee doesn't get diluted when the ice melts.
Anonymous said…
Love it!
Anonymous said…
Cool idea
Unknown said…
This is close to how we used to cold brew coffee at Seattle's Best for iced coffee and Frappuccino's. we used to put the coffee in a bg, like coffee filter bag, jelly bag, or cheese cloth type bags, we would sit it in cold water for 24 hrs but them we were doing 5 gallon batches at a time. For the ice coffee we diluted half with water, for Frappuccino's half with milk. Either way they are Awesome!!!
BajaGma said…
Sounds like Tody Coffee
Unknown said…
I would probably put the grounds in the filter and tie it up before putting it in the water. Then when its done brewing overnight you can just pull the whole pack out instead of having to strain it. It will be more like a giant teabag this way.
Anonymous said…
To keep your iced coffee become watered down with the ice,I now make I've cubes with any leftover coffee from the morning. I get an iced coffee that maintains a rich flavor even as my 'ice' melts.