Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake

I finally got around to making Southern Plates Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake. I was going to try and wait to make this cake for my Mother In Law. She was coming down for a visit and I knew that i could really WOW her with this dessert, but my strawberries were starting to get over ripe.

So I ended up making the punch bowl cake earlier than I had planned, which wasn't a problem because I have been wanting to make this dessert ever since Christy posted it. This was really easy to prepare and Christy was right the pudding and cool whip are so yummy together it was hard not to eat the pudding all by itself.

My Punch Bowl Cake didn't turn out as pretty as Christy's did, but it still tasted OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!!!! I only ended up with two layers instead of 3, but I think it was because my punch bowl was wider and Christys was taller so she ended up with more layers.

This recipe is definitely something i will be making again and again. The leftovers were wonderful because the flavors really had time to mix together. I cant wait to make this again and take it somewhere so i can Wow everyone!!!

These are the ingredients you will need:
Angel Food Cake, Cool Whip, Instant Vanilla Pudding, Milk and Strawberries. I was on a hunt for a Angel Food Cake at the grocery store. I had finally found one, but i was floored at just how expensive they were. $4.50 Oh My I thought that was kind of high, but anyone who knows me knows I am a such tightwad. I saw the Angel Food cake mix in the baking isle and it was only $2 so I opted to go that route. So to start off the recipe bake the Angel Food cake according to package directions or you can buy a all ready prepared Angel Food Cake.

The Angel Food Cake mix called for 1 1/2 cups water and that was it.

Mix cake mix with an electric mixer until the batter is frothy and starts to thicken. It really has a wonderful sweet scent to the batter. Ü

Pour into a un greased tube pan or any large pan. I was pretty skeptical about that part but i did as the directions said. Bake cake according to package directions and let cool completely according to package directions.

The cake tuned out pretty and golden brown. Once the cake cooled the i could use a fork and scrape the brown topping right off. Then tear the angel food cake into pieces. Oh I forgot the cake did not stick it peeled right out.

Mix pudding mix with 3 cups milk according to package directions.

Add cool whip and mix until blended with pudding. Slice the strawberries and place in a separate bowl. Now you are ready to start layering your ingredients for the cake. Place 1/3 cake pieces in a bowl. Top with 1/3 pudding mixture and 1/2 strawberries. Repeat and top with remaining pudding mixture. Garnish with a strawberry and refrigerate. The recipe did not state how long to refrigerate which did not matter we all just dove right in and starting eating. Ü


Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake

1 pkg Angel Food or Pound Cake
1 large box (5 ounce) instant vanilla pudding mix
3 - cups milk (can use skim)
1 - (16 oz) carton whipped topping
1 pint fresh strawberries, washed and hulled

Trim brown from cake. Tear cake into small pieces. Prepare pudding as directed. Fold in cool whip. Place 1/3 cake pieces in a bowl. Top with 1/3 pudding mixture and 1/2 strawberries. Repeat and top with remaining pudding mixture. Garnish with strawberry. Refrigerate.

Cook's Note: This recipe can be diet friendly by using sugar free pudding, fat free or light cool whip and skim milk. The Angel Food Cake is low in fat and the strawberries are fruit so low fat on that part.


priscilla joy said…
that strawberry cake and all looks soo good and refreshing!
Tina, you WOW everyone who reads your blog. I love your cooking, I think I've told you that a time or two. Your not a tight're frugal. Besides homemade is always better. The punch bowl cake is delightful. I can hardly wait to try it.
~ Kimberlee B ~ said…
We tightwads need to stick together! LOL! You are right, looks YUMMO!
Joan said…
I think your cake looks beautiful!!
Just give me a big ole spoon.
You also have a beautiful bowl there.
Have a great day!
Heart 4 My Home said…
Ok I have just gained a few pounds from reading this. WOW! That sure looks yummy! I think this will go into my file of "must try" recipes.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to hear from my readers. I love the layout and content of your blog. So fun and wow...another great Texas home chef! Gotta love that!

Leslie said…
Now this looks amazing and easy to put together!! YUM!
Thanks for wishing me a happy 100th post!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness......I am going to gain so much weight now that I have met you!!!! Great site!!
VG said…
How lovely is your cake. I am drooling just looking at it!
Live.Love.Eat said…
This looks beautiful!!
HiHoOhio said…
This looks like a real crowd pleaser! I love your recipes and your blog! Have you in my SITS blogathon post! Happy Cooking!
Heart 4 My Home said…
Tina can you send me an email at

I want to ask you about the oven dress. I think I have a link that might be what you are looking for.

Thanks so much.

Tina Butler said…
Thank you so much everyone for the nice comments. The Punch Bowl Cake is really yummy and its so easy to prepare. If you want a beautiful dessert to take somewhere I would suggest this.

hihooiho - Thanks so much for mentioning Mommys Kitchen in your post it means a alot to me and my site. Sometimes you wonder if people are really reading all the hard work that goes into your site. I am so glad to hear from my readers. Ü

heart 4 my home - I am sending you a email thanks so much for replying. Ü
That looks wonderful. I have a gorgeous trifle bowl that I purchased a few months ago, and I've been reluctant to try it again after an initial flop. This might be just the recipe that makes it worth getting out of the cupboard!
Star said…
I have been looking for this recipe everywhere! I am definitely going to try this one and fav you on my laptop!! Thanks so much!!!
Star said…
I have been looking for this recipe everywhere!! Thank you so much for posting it. I will definitely be trying it!!
Anonymous said…
Hello Tina! I always love scrolling through your blogs because it gives so many wonderful ideas. This one has already got my mouth watering. I love anything that has got to do with strawberries. I have been wanting to try something with the angel cake and I think I found what it is!