Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beans and Franks or Beanie Weenie

It really doesn't matter which name you use. When it comes down to it really, it's what ever your mother use called to it.  Beans and Franks is one of those meals you ate as a child at home or in the school cafeteria. I feel kind of embarrassed posting this recipe only because it's just so simple to make. 

Beans and Franks is very kid friendly and cheap on the pocket book. Either way its still really good and still a popular dish in our house. If there is one thing I cannot stand it's Beanie Weenie in a can YUCK!!!! There is no reason to eat it out of a can when it's such a cinch to throw together, just add a few jazzed up ingredients and its really quite tasty.

I like to make this casserole when I'm pressed for time and really just need to throw something together for a quick dinner. I always serve my Beans and Franks with sweet corn muffins. It is kind of like peas and carrots its just the perfect combination. 

Add a little fruit and a garden salad and you have a quick easy meal. I know this is a super simple to make, but I still wanted to post it. Beans and Franks is a old fashioned family favorite that I think is a forgotten meal in some families, but not in our house. 

Beanie Weenie or Beans and Franks

1 - 16 oz package Hebrew national Hot dogs or
a good quality hot dogs of your choosing, sliced 

1 - tablespoon butter
2 - 3 - 15 oz cans pork and beans 
1/4 - cup brown sugar
1/4 - cup barbecue sauce 
1 - tsp mustard

Cut up all the hot dogs into slices.  

In a large skillet add melt 1 tablespoon butter. 

Add the sliced hot dogs and saute' until very lightly brown. Set aside when done. 

In a large bowl add the pork n beans, bbq sauce, brown sugar, and mustard; mix well. 

Add hot dogs and mix to combine. Pour the mixture into a 8x8 inch baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until bubbly. 

Serve with corn muffins or cornbread


Lisa K said... #

I love beanies and weenies! I make them at least once a month, but mine are boring compared to yours. I just grill the hot dogs, add the beans, and bring all this to a boil. Then I add chopped green peppers (the healthy part of the dish) and some pepper. Bring it to a simmer for about 10 minutes and it's done!

I'm going to try your recipe for this dish today!

HiHoOhio said... #

I love this and my kids hate it, must be a generational thing!
I awarded you on my blog!

Heart 4 My Home said... #

Ok, I admit it, I am NOT a beannie weenie fan, as I have only tried the can stuff. Hubby however loves it..straight from the heating it up or anything. YUCK!!!

But I do think I will have to try this version for it and surprise him one evening. You never know, this just might change my perception of the dish.


Anonymous said... #

Gosh, I grew up eating these and my kids grew up eating them as well. I STILL like them and make them from time to time.

Joan said... #

I love this post! I thought once my girls got older I wouldnt have to eat these kinds of meals anymore. Now I want them just for me!! Thanks so much for sharing.

Teresa Cordero Cordell said... #

Hi Tina. This is my kind of comfort food. Thanks neighbor. Could you please come by my blog? I have an award for you.

Anonymous said... #

Im not a hotdog fan but my kids are. I was wondering if I added smoked sausage if that would be good??? Heather

Tina Butler said... #

Anonymous - I have never tried it with smoked sausage. My kids only eat Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs so that is what i use. LMK if you try it and how it turns out.

Anonymous said... #

I have always loved franks & beans. Still do.

This recipe looks good. Never had it quite that way, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Rachel rcornelius98 at gmail dot com said... #

I think you should try this recipe! We make beenie weenie the same, with two exceptions. Omit the BBQ sauce, and add 8ozs of shredded cheddar cheese. Cook till the cheese melts, and eat as a dip with ruffled potato chips. SO good! That is the only way we have ever eaten them! The salt from the chips makes it so yummy!

Allison said... #

I like to sautee my hot dogs with a little bit of butter and onion! My mom used to make this for me and my sister when we were little, but I rarely get to make it anymore because it disturbs my husband's gastrointestinal system! haha

Rachelle S said... #

Hi Tina, I saw you posted this at Jane's site today. I love beenie weenie (homemade) and grew up eating it. Unfortunately my family does not like it so I've never made it again. I think our recipes are similar too!

Michellel said... #

We grew up on homemade Beenie Weenie. My dad made it often. I remember loving it as a kid. We used a very similar recipe except we used Worstershire sauce instead of the Sweet Baby Rays. I am going to make it soon and use the Baby Rays. ( I love that sauce.)

Summer Lynn said... #

I love beenie weanies and make my own version in the crockpot from time to time. I have experimented with this and found a cheesy turkey sausage that is sold at Wal-Mart that is delicious in place of hot dogs. You can also use brown sugar splenda as a sweetener to keep the calorie count down.

Anonymous said... #

I make this same version but I pour my cornbread mixture right on top of my casserole. Mix up the beenie weenies in my casserole then I pour the cornbread mixture on the top and bake at 350 until the cornbread is done..I so love this....

Anonymous said... #

Every couple of months I make beanie weenie at work. I usually add chili and call it Chili Beanie Weenie. The folk snap it up. Often I will use sliced polish sausage instead of sliced weenies.

Anonymous said... #

My boyfriend loves this dish, I like it as well but I am going to try it your way!! Sounds yummy

Anonymous said... #

My mom would sometimes add maple syrup, sliced sweet onion and a few strips of Bacon on top. Cook til the Bacon is done and the onions caramelized. I'm making it right now.

jfgorm01 said... #

I added a small chopped onion and Used Polish Sausages from Aldi's. I Have to say these were absolutely the BEST beanie Weenie's I've ever had. Thank you so much for sharing and I'm glad you weren't too embarassed.

Anonymous said... #

Really Good although just a little to much sugar taste. Baked up really well and everyone really enjoyed it

Ed said... #

Add bacon and junk

Anonymous said... #

I have always caught a lot of flack when I tell people how I make beanie weenies. In fact at a dinner at my in-laws one of my sister in-laws said it sounded disgusting. My wonderful son jumped to my defense, but this is the way my mother made it and I can't imaging it any other way. We always add a can of corn to it. How much depends on your personal preference. Mom always referred to it as "the Girl Scout dish"

Unknown said... #

I make mine the same way except I add about 1/2 of an onion. So yummy. Thank you for sharing and for the memories

Mwhitmer said... #

I love this recipe. In fact I actually add a cup of shredded cheese on top and let it melt. Makes it look fancy

Anonymous said... #

bake at what temperature???

Anonymous said... #

I like mine with a little bit of chopped up, grilled dog, it makes the flavor so much better and it removes the dead giraffe texture.

Anonymous said... #

I am eating beanie weenies right now, so I decided to Google them and see if they are still popular with anyone else. They are a comfort food to me. I make mine with Ball Park franks, a little mustard, brown sugar, catsup, and pepper. I just throw it all in a sauce pan and heat through til bubbly and then let cool so it thickens a little. Oh and the can of pork and beans that I use has always been Van Kamps. I use the same brand for making my baked beans that everyone raves over at holiday meals. <3

Unknown said... #

NEVER feel silly about posting any recipe, I looked this up because I want to make it for a church pot luck and I had NO idea what else went in it but beans and weenies. Thanks.

Unknown said... #

Yes i prefer sausages then hotdogs its so good with rice

Suzan said... #

I have made these a couple of different ways, on ways is I add onions or caramelized onions and bacon and a little bit of hickory smoke. And bake them and then serve the with corn bread.

Erin said... #

I used to love Beanie Weenies! I can't believe I haven't served them to my kids yet. Thanks for the reminder!

Unknown said... #

My grandma did this a bit different. She fried up some bacon till crispy then crumble that up and put to the side. In same pan fry the sliced hot dogs. After about 5 mins add some brown sugar, mustard, and some ketchup. Wait about 3 mins till everything becomes a sauce like. Then add the baked beans and bacon let in simmer for about 20 mins and BAM it's done.