Copycat Orange Julius {Brings Back Memories}

Do you remember the classic orange drink, Orange Julius? Well ,if you don't know what a Orange Julius is click on the following link to read the Story of the Original Orange Julius. You will find out how it became known as one of the most beloved classic drinks. I love, love, love Orange Julius's, but there are no Orange Julius stores anywhere nearby.

No worries though, because I can create this copycat version. It's not the real deal, but taste exact. The following ingredients milk, orange juice, regular and powdered sugar, vanilla and ice are combined to make a fabulous flavored drink that reminds me of orange Dreamsicles. :)

The last time I had an Original Orange Julius was when I was a teenager back in the early 80's. (I know I am old) I was always so excited to head out to the mall with my family. It was the Mall of the Bluffs to be exact which was located in Council Bluffs, Iowa wow that seems like a million miles away from Texas.  My brother and I loved to stop at the Orange Julius spot and load up on there famous french fry cups and a large Orange Julius. There was no better combination. We would walk the mall, eat fries and drink our Orange Julius's. I really do miss that.

Photo credit: Houston Architecture 

The picture above reminds me of exactly how the Orange Julius stores in the Mall looked. I can almost taste it now. I heard that orange Julius was bought out by Dairy Queen so I really need to look into that. I know our local Dairy Queen doesn't have the Orange Julius so it must only be only the Tasty Treats/Dairy Queens in the mall, I have yet to see one of those. No worries though you can recreate this creamy dreamy drink at home.

DIY Orange Julius

6 oz. - frozen orange juice concentrate
1 - cup milk
1 - cup water
1/4 - cup sugar
1/4 - cup powdered sugar
1 - teaspoon vanilla extract
10 - 12 ice cubes

Combine all ingredients except ice cubes in blender. Blend for about 1-2 minutes, adding ice cubes one at a time.
You can also add 1/2 of a banana to the recipe for more of a smoothie.


RecipeGirl said…
I totally remember orange julius's. I can't even recall when the last time I had one was!

Yesterday I was at a gourmet market and I picked up an Orange Cream soda (diet) and it was so fabulous!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, I have been meaning to look up an orange julius recipe for the last two days! I am not kidding! I made smoothies from a store bought package the other night and decided that making my own would taste even better.
We have an Orange Julius at our mall and we almost always get one now when we go.

I found your blog over at A Crafty Mom's Blog. Thanks for sharing your recipes! I LOVE finding and trying new recipes!
Debbie said…
okay...I am old, (LOL) but I remember when they used to put a raw egg in one IF someone requested it.
I never did, but I always think of that, when I was little watching them crack an egg into the blender.
Good thing that's gone by the wayside.
Your's looked so good!!! It's made me want one.
Thanks for the memories.
Tina Butler said…
Thanks for stopping by orance cream soda those are good.

Jewels, you gotta make these. This recipe taste just like the original. Well the original is the best but this does hold its own pretty good. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am off to check out yours.

Debbie I actually read about the egg being added but they fased it out due to health reasons. I think they replaced it by adding a banana on request. go make you some.
~The Dippold's said…
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~The Dippold's said…
I love orange julius!! It has been a while since I have had it. My mother used to always make them for us. I will have to give it a whirl. :)
Oh Tina, thanks for this post. The Orange Julius' here in El Paso started closing one by one and I was so sad. The place just brings back such incredible memories. I'm going to try this at home. Thanks for the wonderful post.
Stephanie said…
My childhood memories of Orange Julius are all homemade. We never had any Orange Julius places around (or if there were, we never went there) but my Dad loved to mix them up in the blender. Now I can make it too!
Michele said…
Your post brought back a lot of memories from my teen years. It was the highlight of a trip to the mall to get an Orange Julius. was the 80's...and yes...I'm really showing my age.
Dave said…
Wow - that brings back memories. There was an Orange Julius place right across from the video arcade I used to hang around at when I was in high school. I think it's been 25 years since I had one. (Ha! I'm a geezer!)
Patsyk said…
I haven't had an orange julius since high school! Loved them, now I'm going to have to make some for my boys so they can enjoy them, too!
Southern Plate said…
WHAT MEMORIES!! I was lucky, there was an orange julius near where I went to college as late as 2002! I used to alternate between orange and strawberry julius!
I WILL be making this soon!
my family will FREAK!
Nonnas News said…
I used to make this everytime my daughter had her best friend over to spend the night when she was growing up. They always requested it!
Unknown said…
I used to go to college grove shopping mall in the 70's and they always added a whole egg cracked straight in to the blender.Without the egg it is not right for me :)
I worked at the mall in Biloxi for YEARS and our Orange Julius looked identical to that picture too and right on a corner. That must've been their standard type of location. I don't know if they came back to the mall after Katrina, but back in the day when I worked out there, I used to drink these all the time! Boy those were the days - apartment life, hanging with the girls, dating boys, going clubbing and dancing to the wee hours, hot days on the beach, string bikinis, sailboats, lazy naps at the river... thanks for the memories!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the Orange Julius around here, but it is a treasured hometown memory for both my wife and myself. I have pretty much perfected the Pizza Dog like I remember, (The trick is to steam everything) so today we are having an orange julius memorial lunch as it were. I can't remember what the fries were like, though.
I met up w/ you on twitter, and told you that strawberry julius are the new trend in existing stores. Well, I tried your recipe tonight, and added RASPBERRIES!! It was so yummy! Thanks for the great recipe!
MissGirle said…
This is definitely like the real thing! The kids loved it. They said it was the best thing ever!

I really enjoy your site and I am about to try the crockpot oatmeal. I am very happy to have found your site.

Thank you!
Masse said…
I found this website today and have seriously fell in love with it! I am a girl right out of college and just trying to find my way around the kitchen, this website is so practical and things I love! I knew I had to write to you when I saw that you loved orange julius! I am from Iowa too! Thanks for this site, I will continue to follow!

You Rock!
Anonymous said…
I found this website this week i love all your recipes , i do need help i live in France and they do not Carrie frozen orange juice here if it not fresh it not found lol can fresh still work for this recipe ?

Anonymous said…
You can make them regular oj, just freeze your juice before hand and leave out the water. We loved these by the way!!
Rosie's mom said…
Tina, I absolutely LOVED this! I used plain soy milk in place of regular milk b/c a lot of milk/dairy seems to cause me to have problems with sinus infections. I also used slightly less than a cup of soy milk and water both. It was awesome! Thanks!
Carolyne said…
This is a good recipe, but I will have to add the raw egg, otherwise it won't taste like the original. I am not a fan of the new recipe that they use in the store. I am looking forward to making one tomorrow for breakfast.
Anonymous said…
We make ours with fat free vanilla frozen yogurt and regular orange juice. We love it!
Anonymous said…
thank you this used to be one of my favorite drinks, it brought back sweet memories God Bless
Unknown said…
What brand if Orange Juice taste best in the Orange Julius?
decoptg93 said…
I'm a diabetic can you give me any ideas on how to make it diabetic friendly. It sounds so good. I would love to make it.
Unknown said…
My kids and I love Orange Julius! We still have them in the mall and now with some Dairy Queen's.
:0) Colorado Springs, Co