Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pasta Crab Salad {Quick & Easy Recipe}

If you are on the hunt for a quick and easy pasta salad, then it doesn't get any faster then this. Prepare this salad the night before so the flavors really have some time to set in. As usual I found myself in a pinch and needed some type of salad to take to a grill out. It needed to be something that could be thrown together in a flash.

This recipe for Pasta Crab Salad immediately comes to mind every time. I remembered growing up my mom used to throw this salad together in a pinch and everyone thought she made it homemade. Heck for the longest time I thought it was homemade, until I saw her prepare it one day.

You can probably take the time to actually make the homemade version of this salad and cut up all the veggies needed, add your own mayonnaise & spices, but why do that when this version is so much easier and no one will ever know.

It all starts with a store bought crab salad from the Deli. Most people don't like the salad from the deli but for some reason the one I find at Brook shires is really good. My two favorite things from Brook shires is the Deli Crab salad and Haagen Dazs "Triple Brownie Overload" ice cream.

There has been many of occasions that I have made a special trip to the store just two get those two items and take them home to snack on. I know it sounds weird but i love them. Really you can use any deli crab salad from any of the grocery stores.

Easy Pasta Crab Salad

1/2 - 1 lb prepared deli crab salad (I used 1/2lb)
2 - tablespoons mayonnaise
6 oz - crab meat meat pieces
6 oz - shell, elbow macaroni or bow tie pasta (cooked & drained)
salt & pepper to taste
cherry tomatoes & sliced black olives (optional)

Cook & drain pasta and then rinse in cold water. Let the pasta drain while you prepare the rest of the ingredients. I could not find the imitation crab meat pieces so I just purchased the leg style and cut it up myself. You don't have to add any extra crab to the salad, but i love the extra crab there's just not enough in the store bought salad.

Put pasta in a large bowl and add the mayonnaise, mix together until all the pasta is covered. You don't need a lot I used about 2 tablespoons it really depends on how much pasta you have prepared. Add your already prepared store bought crab salad and gently mix together with the pasta.

If adding cherry tomatoes slice them in half and add to the salad there's no rule here just as much as you like. Do the same with the sliced olives. Add salt and pepper and lastly add the cut up crab and gently mix together. Chill overnight and its ready to go.

No one will ever know that it just took minutes to throw together. Everyone is always surprised when I tell how its prepared.

Tina, The Mom in Mommy's Kitchen


socaldinah said... #

I tried to copy and paste the recipe but it didn't work...can you post a "print" version of this recipe...thanks

Jane said... #

Hi Tina,
This looks so good! I'm going to make this for my next big family gathering! They'll love it!

Feel free to add this recipe to my new seafood linky!

kimberly rose said... #

Hello, I just so happen to have crabmeat, the bow ties, but no tomatoes of no kind, Except rotell??? So, I will experiment, I will drain & pat dry, also No Olives....I probably should just wait untill I have all the right stuff, NO WAY it's going to Taste as Good As Yours orYour Moms!!!!

Anonymous said... #

I'm making a similar pasta salad gor my bday.. I love your blog all of your recipes..keep up the great work!!!!