Family Photos

Gracie, Kenzie and Me at the Trisha Yearwood Book Signing. (4/2010)

My oldest son Travis and Carson

Kenzie and Mommy at the Zoo

Travis and Kenzie at the zoo.

Mommy & Mackenzie

Handsome Carson helping me in the kitchen.

Carsons 1st Grade Picture 9/2009

Mackenzie's 4th Grade Picture 9/2009
Mommy and Mackenzie in the Texas Blue Bonnets great picture taking Carson.


Love this picture (mommy's girl)

Mackenzie enjoying a piece of strawberry pie

Carson giving Freeway a wink.

My sister came down to visit from San Diego we had a lot of fun.

Me and my sissy.

Bringing in the New Year!!!! Happy New Year Kisses from Mackenzie

Mackenzie & Destiny with New Years Hugs.

Me and my husband Happy New Year Kisses

Cindy, Melissa and me being silly

umm food, I guess she cant feed herself so I need to help.

all three of my kiddos at the pumpkin farm

Owens Farm "The Big Orange Pumpkin Patch"

Carson stopping for a picture.
~ Happy Halloween ~ My Handsome Cowboy Carson

and my Sweet Little Devil Mackenzie

A Lazy Dog Day Afternoon at the Butler House.

Mackenzie & Carson, My Helpers and Taste Testers.

Carson loves those donut muffins.

This is me, with my friends baby his name is Grayson and he is just the cutest little guy.

Mommy & Carson

Me and my husband in San Antonio Texas

This is my husband Corey showing Mackenzie the in's and out's of Football.

Daddy and Mackenzie again

All 3 of my Munchkins

Mommy & Kenzie

This is Travis my oldest and Carson trying to get his spot in the picture.

Mackenzie and Travis.

My Middle Child 8 Year old Mackenzie

Mackenzie & Freeway our Rescued Chocolate Lab we found him on the side of the Freeway the day after Christmas. He was hit by a car and someone just left him. His hip was out of place and he had a broken foot. A wonderful organization called Lab Med, helped and donated some of the cost and I raised the rest through donations to get Freeway his surgery. Now he is a happy little guy that became part of our family. I mean look at this face how could you say no to that!!! To read Freeways Success Story go to

a very rare moment, these two never get along.

Mr. Man Carson, he is my youngest little guy and he just turned 5.

Carson at Galveston Island

Spring in Texas with our annual Blue Bonnets

Blue Bonnets

Carson fun at the park & blowing mommy kisses.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great Sopapilla cheesecake recipe. I made it for a Christmas party and everyone loved it. I didn't even get to taste a piece.
Jess said…
Freeway looks like a Bear in the picture with Mackenzie!!
Melissa said…
Beautiful family! I love how you rescued Freeway. What a loving heart you have. Great blog - I've printed several recipes and bookmarked you!! Thanks.
Freeway is adorable. What a cute guy he is. What a wonderful deed to do for an animal. May your goodness be blessed!
alice said…
What a precious family! I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it and checking out your great looking recipes. I actually made your friendship casserole for supper tonight- I have a lot of leftovers-but thats ok. Anyway, it was very good.