Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Old Fashioned Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

This Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti is one of my family's favorite comfort food recipes and quite popular on the blog. This recipe can also be prepared using a store bought rotisserie chicken if you're in a pinch for time.
Nothing says comfort food quite like an ooey -gooey cheesy casserole. Chicken Spaghetti is my daughters favorite dish and I know just what she's talking about when she says "mom can you make that cheesy noodle dinner". 

Today was a traditional Texas summer day with the highs in the 90's, so not the best day to be cranking up the oven, but this dish was requested so here it is! I know it seems like a lot of work to pull this dish together, but I promise you won't be disappointed. 

This pasta dish is freezer friendly, so check out the notes at the end of this post. If you have a smaller family and a 13 x 9 inch baking pan is too much no problem. You can make two 8 x 8 inch pans and freeze the second one for another meal.  This dish is perfect for church potlucks, holidays, get-togethers or maybe there's a new mom in the neighborhood that would love to get dinner from a friend. 

This casserole is a creamy, dreamy dish that will quickly become a family favorite. If you do not want to go through cooking a whole chicken a store bought rotisserie chicken can be substituted. Let's get started with the step by step directions (full recipe is at the end of this post).  

Start by filling a  large soup or stock pot with water. Clean and rinse a whole fryer (remove the giblets, livers and heart) and add the chicken to the pot. I like to add a little seasoning salt, poultry seasoning, quartered onion, celery, and a bay leaf as the chicken cooks. 

Make sure to wash your hands after handling chicken. Turn the stove to high and let chicken come to a boil, reduce heat to a low simmer, and cook the chicken until done (about 2 hours). For chicken breasts or pieces cook 45-50 minutes. Remove chicken from pot and place on a plate to cool. Strain and reserve the broth.
Cook the spaghetti noodles per package directions, but instead adding the spaghetti to water were going to use our reserved chicken broth instead. Bring the broth to a boil and add the spaghetti noodles. Reduce heat and simmer until the noodles are tender, but not fully cooked (al dente). 

If you're worried about the fat you can boil the spaghetti in water. While the spaghetti noodles are cooking go ahead and start removing the bones from the chicken (make sure it's cool enough to handle) or if using chicken breasts, break chicken breasts to smaller pieces. Place the chicken on a plate, cover and set aside. 

Dice up the onions, celery, and green peppers. In a medium size skillet melt the butter and add the vegetables. Saute until tender and translucent in color. Remove from heat and set aside. In a large microwave safe bowl combine the cubed Velveeta cheese, chicken broth (canned or homemade) and cream of chicken soup. 

Place the bowl in the microwave and cook on low for about 5-7 minutes until mixture is smooth and the cheese is melted. (you can also use the defrost setting). You wanted the cheese to be melted, but don't cook the mixture. 

Drain spaghetti noodles and add back to the pot or use a large bowl. Add the chicken pieces and the cheese mixture and mix to combine. If you want to spice things up a bit you can add a can or mild Rotel. 

Spray a (13 x 9 inch) baking dish or similar with non stick spray. Add the spaghetti mixture and top with shredded cheddar cheese. You can also add a few sliced black olive's on top (not pictured) The black olives are optional, but that's my husbands favorite part. Bake the casserole in a preheated 350 F oven and bake for about 45 minutes until the cheese is golden brown and casserole is bubbly. 

Serve with a vegetable, garden salad and dinner rolls to complete the meal.  


Anonymous said... #

I've made this for my family it takes a little effort to make but so well worth it my kids love when I make this.Thanks!

Anonymous said... #

My favorite part would be that browned cheese on the top-YUMMY!! This looks like the ultimate in comfort food, thanks for sharing the recipe!

Live.Love.Eat said... #

I'm going to have to put this on my sidebar list now that you mentioned it today.

Sandra said... #

I am so glad I found this recipe. My boys and I love chicken spaghetti, but my husband can not have the rotel that we usually put in it. Now I have a recipe that sounds just as good without the Rotel. I can't wait to put it on next week's menu. I already have this week's menu made and bought :(

MrsDesmarais said... #

Oh My Gosh, SO GOOD! I have a recipe for Chicken Spaghetti on my blog, but it is totally different. I made yours tonight. My hubby and the kids loved it. My hubby said "Now you have TWO awesome chicken spaghetti recipes!"

Anonymous said... #

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this recipe! I made this last night and even my VERY picky 12 y.o. LOVED it! This will DEFINITELY be going in our meal rotation!

Nicole Hansen said... #

I substituted homemade mushroom soup for the cream of chicken soup and it was delicious! Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said... #

This sounds wonderful..I make almost the same thing but with a can of rotel and stewed tomoatoes...I will have to just leave that out and have a new dish! AWESOME!!

Dawn said... #

I'm making this tonight! Thanks for the recipe. =)

I've also shared it with my friends on Facebook.

Tammy said... #

I have prepared this dish several times now and it is so comforting and yummy. The only thing I do differently is I put my fryer in the crockpot on low overnight. By morning it is literally falling off the bones. I assemble the whole thing, put foil on it and stick it in the fridge before I leave for work. That way, it is all ready to pop in the oven when I get home. I have time to spend with my family in the evening if I pull out the crockpot the night before. I love, love, love this recipe. :->

Lisa said... #

I just made this over the weekend for my husband and I. All I can say is CHEESE HEAVEN! It was so good and even the leftovers were tasty. One of my new favorites!

Anonymous said... #

This was amazing! I made this last night with a few changes. I lightened it up using reduced fat cheeses,fat free broth, only 1/2 the butter and fat free cream of chicken soup. I also added a teaspoon of minced garlic to the veggies. My family LOVED it! this will be one of my ultimate "go to" comfort food recipes from now on.~Julie, NC

albx2momma said... #

First off I would like to say that I am in love with your Blog!!! I have been bitten by the cooking bug because of it!

As far as the Chicken Spaghetti Recipe, my family who loves spaghetti and macaroni and cheese, this was a great way to combine the two. I did cheat a little, I used a roasted chicken from walmart and store bought chicken broth to cook the noodles. I also added French's French Fried onions to the dish before placing it in the oven. It gave it a slight crunch to the dish as well as a great seasoned taste.

Thanks again for the Blog, it has helped me try different recipes that becomes one of my family's favorite.

Christine said... #

I just have to say thanks for not just saying this was a freezable recipe but also giving the instructions on how to freeze it correctly. Since I live by myself, I'm always looking for recipes I can freeze. Rarely do I come across one that gives instructions how. I usually have to guess if I freeze it before or after I've cooked it. So thanks. Since I just “googled” how to free chicken spaghetti, I’ve just come across your blog, and I’m looking forward to checking out your recipes. :)

KatieS said... #

I found your site looking for a chicken spaghetti recipe. I must say, I have been on here ALL day. I absolutely love this site. I love to cook, but with my schedule I haven't had the time and just plain tired. But since today, I'm getting excited about cooking again Ü So, thank you for that! By the way, I made the chicken spaghetti for everyone at work, and they LOVED it! The only thing i did differently was that i roasted the chicken and added mushrooms. thanks so much, Katie

angie said... #

I have a chicken spaghetti recipe that uses can chicken, rotel, cream of mushroom soup & shredded cheese its a super fast version. I'm looking forward to trying this recipe

LaShaundra said... #

I just discovered your website last week and tried this recipe last night. It came out perfectly. I cheated and used a rotissiere chicken from the grocery store and canned chicken broth. But it was absolutely delicious and my kids loved it. And it also made 2 BIG casserole dishes full! Thanks so much!

crafty said... #

This looks ridiculously delicious! I can't wait to try it! Thanks!

Bonnie said... #

I just found your site and I loved it. My kids used to love chicken spaghetti when they were young and still at home. i copied your recipe and sent it to both of my sweet, sweet daughter-in-laws. I told them to surprise their husbands with it. they did and it was a big sucess.

dandi mae said... #

This is amazing!! Literally one of the best things I've had! And to make it a little better, I used 2% Velveeta and 98% FF Cream of Chicken soup. I also did half regular and half whole wheat spaghetti noodles and it was DELICIOUS!!! Thanks so much for this recipe.

Howe to Cook said... #

i just found this blog through pinterest, and i am so excited about this recipe. thanks for it!

cooky05 said... #

omg! the chicken spagetti is soooooo good, i had another recipe but this one wins hands down! my hubby is a meat and potatoes guy, he thinks pasta is chick food but who was chirping for a second helping last night! And i cant wait to try the recipe for homemade tortillas, my mom always made them when i was a kid but she never had a exact recipe written down so cant wait to try it! thanks!!

Anonymous said... #

I grew up on this recipe in Mississippi, but we add a can of rotel tomatoes, so it makes it a bit spicey!

Tara said... #

Anyone ever used anything besides Velvetta? I am not a huge fan and wondered if it's good to substitute.

Beth said... #

I made this recipe after finding it through Pinterest! It was fabulous and made a ton! Thanks so much for sharing!

Deanna said... #

Just had this a few weeks ago at my brothers house. It was veryyyy good! I'm so happy to have found this recipe on your site! Thanks for sharing!


Sheila said... #

Absolutely delicious, we loved it. Just the two of us so I half the recipe and worked perfect. Hubby said this one is a winner. I love oven casseroles, throw a salad together and a meal is done. Thanks Tina.

Carol said... #

This was a keeper recipe, made one for tonight's dinner and put one in the freezer. So YUMMY!!

Anonymous said... #

hi..what's a good sub for the Velveeta cheese..im not sure if we have that here in manila, or if we do, it could be really expensive :(

Caitlin said... #

i made this today!!! it was delicious! thanks for sharing! found your site thru pinterest!

Tracy Carpenter said... #

covered or not when baking??

Jem Jems Food Blog said... #

Wow this looks so comforting. I am definatly going to make this!
Love Jem:)

Lydia said... #

This looks so great! We often have family over and have to feed 9 people dinner about 2-5 nights a week so this would be great to feed our large family! i love the idea someone had to use a rottisserie chicken from walmart to cut the time.
You could also "healthify" this recipe by using half whole wheat pasta/half white pasta, low fat velveeta, and fat free cream chicken soup. This would also probably be great with a side salad. Can't wait to try this! Thanks!

Laura Beth said... #

Thanks for this great recipe! I was cooking dinner for a couple who just had a baby & it ended up being enough for our house too!! Delicious :o)

Anonymous said... #

I've been looking for this recipe for years. Haven't had it since I waswas 12 and we lived in San Antonio. My stepmom used to make it for us. Brings back good memories. Thanks for posting!

Heather Justice said... #

Thank you so much for this fabulous recipe!!! I made it tonight for dinner using a rotisserie chicken we bought at the store. It was to die for!!! Going in the keeper box!!!

Anonymous said... #

Somehow this recipe got posted on Pinterest as "CrockPot Chicken Spaghetti" but no crock pot is mentioned... Is there a crock pot approach?

Phoenix :-) said... #

I made this dish tonight and we loved it as I been going threw your cook book all summer thanx for all the great food ideas and I going to keep making it threw till I made all your dishes , so chicken spaghetti tonight and my favorite your whopper pie oh so good and easy. Thanx so much.

Tina Butler said... #

Phoenix, thank you so much. I hope you like the chicken spaghetti. If it's to hot you can cook it in the crock pot. Saves on heating the house in the summertime. I haven't made the whopper pie in awhile. Its so easy and so good.

Unknown said... #

I prepared this dish this morning and have put it in the fridge, unbaked, so my husband can pop it in the oven when he gets home tonight. Thanks for the recipe and all the helpful hints!

Tina Butler said... #

Oh I hope you like it. LMK how it goes over.

Unknown said... #

It was great, Tina! I have bookmarked your page and will be using your recipes often :)

Anonymous said... #

I just used a rotisserie chicken. Tastes great! Easy too.

Debbie said... #

I just used left over grilled chicken. YUMMY!!!!

Iman Akef said... #

Wow, looks delicious! Can I substitute the cream of chicken soup with anything, like some bechamel sauce as I don't like to use canned soup and it is usually not that easy to get them here in Egypt.

Cheryl M said... #

I have a very picky 17 yr old and she LOVES this recipe! Thanks!

Anonymous said... #

This was dinner tonight and it was great thanks a lot

Julie jackson said... #

This was wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said... #

I use shredded chedder and a can of fiesta chedder soup and some rotel added to mine. yummm

Anonymous said... #

I'm cooking this tomorrow night!! I've been looking for this exact recipe for awhile! Thanks for sharing! !!"

Anonymous said... #

That looks really good!

luvlikecrzy said... #

I'd never heard of this until my oldest (now a jr. in high school)joined band in 6th grade and someone made it for a potluck. It has become a staple at every band function and we even fixed it for band camp last year. Crockpot after crockpot lined up on the serving line. All full of chicken spaghetti. LOL Great dish, and I've yet to see a kid who didn't gobble up all they could!

Mandygirl238 said... #

Made this for dinner tonight. YUM!!! My picky 7 year old had 2 bowls full!! Thank you for the recipe!

Unknown said... #

I'm not usually a fan of velvetta but I tried this recipe anyways and have no regrets. It was awesome. I will definitely make again.

Anonymous said... #

We are going to the coast and I plan on fixing this ahead of time - will this feed 8 hearty helpings for adults...(like big boys)?

kaylawages said... #

Try it with adding a can of rotel .! To the cheese .! It's delicious

Unknown said... #

My favorite comfort food is chicken and noodles. I love almost any pasta dishes. Can't wait to try this, but for me I'll cut down my
prep time by using an already cooked chicken from the deli.

LoveReignsHere said... #

Love this stuff! I add crushed wheat thins and then shredded cheese on top before I bake for about 10-15 min at 350*.

Unknown said... #

I was also looking for an alternative to Velveeta cheese and came across this homemade Velveeta cheese so thought I would share. I am going to make this chicken cheesy spaghetti using the homemade Velveeta cheese for my child care.


Lea Ann (Cooking On The Ranch) said... #

Yup, absolutely something I wouldn't be able to stop eating. I'm pretty sure I'd stand over the bowl with a fork until it was gone. :) I think I used to make this years and years ago, thanks for posting the recipe. Pinned.

Anonymous said... #


Unknown said... #

I have fallen in love with "Mommy's Kitchen"!! I've made several recipes from this site and each one seems to be better than the one before! My family's top two favorites are this one (Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti) and the No Peek Beef Tips...they are AMAZING! For the ones who don't care for Velveeta...I actually forgot my velveeta at the gro store last time I made this....I added some cream cheese and extra cheddar in the pasta/chicken mixture. My husband actually liked that better than with the velveeta! However, my son and I LOVE the way it's written. The only other change I make is to add some sauteed mushrooms in the mixture as well. GREAT recipe!! GREAT website!! Keep em coming! :)

Windy said... #

Has anyone tried doing this in a crock pot? I'm wondering why it wouldn't work doing it with chicken breasts this way? Please comment if you have! :)

Unknown said... #

Oh and 1 small eiced red onion. Sorry forgot that!

Monique Bradford said... #

Thanks for this! Now making~~~ :)

Anonymous said... #

Stumbled onto your blog looking for freezer meals/ crock pot freezer meals. Great recipes. Going to make the Chicken Spaghetti and No Peek Beef Tips for sure.

A side note. Maybe it's just me. The red with white polka dots as your background really hurts my eyes.

Anonymous said... #

Just made this (again) to freeze...and am concerned I'll be caught eating it before it defrosts! We have tried a couple of different Chicken Spaghetti recipes - but yours is the best!

Anonymous said... #

I love this recipe! If you want to spice it up a bit, add a can of Rotel tomatoes to the Velvetta cheese mixture. My family also likes for me to use egg noodles instead of spaghetti. YUM!

Anonymous said... #

I love Chicken Spaghetti and I live in Texas but I am not a fan of Velvetta. I use cream of chicken and cream of mushroom or cream of celery soup and a lot of grated cheddar cheese and it comes out creamy, and cheesy and absolutely wonderful. I also add a small can of chopped mild chilies. I love your site and I have tried many of the recipes and have not had a bad one yet. :)

Unknown said... #

Oh man ur going to make me fat er!! Lol this is one of my favs..especially after instarted boiling my noodles in the chicken broth I boiled the chixken in...yummo!!!

Anonymous said... #

I make this alot but I add a can of Rotel to the velveeta soup mixture. Gives it a little kick!!

Levona said... #

I can't wait to make this recipe. I love your site. I love the red with white polka dots. It is so cheerful.

Unknown said... #

My husband made this tonight and it was amazing! Thank you for posting the recipe -- we are adding this to our menu rotation!

Anonymous said... #

This looks delicious, and yet another one that is to become a stove top version. Yummy!

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said... #

I make this recipe with the Mexican Velveeta, (if you are able to find it in your area), instead of the Rotel, as well as with the fully cooked shredded chicken. it is really quick and easy for on the go families. My family loves it!

Unknown said... #


Unknown said... #


Unknown said... #