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Thursday, May 12, 2016

DIY Porcelain Owl Vase & Distressed Burlap Mason Jars

DIY project have always been a favorite hobby of  mine. When it comes to anything DIY I usually tend to stick to projects that are simple, affordable, and use recycled materials. I'm the type of person that doesn't throw anything away, especially jars, bottles, cans and wood or wood pallets. 

I'm also totally addicted to Pinterest, so most nights I find myself scouring through boards till all hours of the night pinning and planning my next DIY craft or project. I call it the Pinterest Frenzy, what in the heck did we all do before Pinterest!!!    

Today I have two simple and fun paint crafts to share with you. As a Walmart Mom I've teamed up with Walmart and Rust-Oleum paint and stain to take part in a mystery paint challenge. What is the Mystery Paint Challenge? Well, Walmart mailed me a random mystery item and the ask was to transform the item into something special using  Rust-Oleum products.

When my mystery package arrived I totally did not expect to get a ceramic owl vase. My immediate thought was "what in the heck am I gonna do with this". My first idea was something for the garden, but that would of only worked  for me if I could keep the owl as is, because I loved the brown coloring, but again my task was to paint or stain the vase.

I put on my thinking cap and came up with an idea to make a DIY (Faux) White Porcelain Owl Vase for our master bathroom. Porcelain owl vases are so pricey that making a  DIY one is the next best thing. Our bathroom desperately needed a little DIY inspiration and the owl vase turned out perfect!!!   

In fact I had so much fun creating the white porcelain vase that I found myself poking around my house to find even more items to transform. That's where these Distressed Burlap Mason Jars come into play which I will show you how to make (using spray paint) at the end of this post. Aren't they so cute????? Well, back to the task at hand, transforming this cute brown owl vase below into a beautiful DIY (Fux) White Porcelain Vase.

This vase was easier to make than I initially thought. I purchased a package of fine sand paper thinking I would have to sand the vase down a bit, but there was no need for that or the need to use a primer. I used Rust-Oleums American Accents 2xx Ultra Coverage Spray Paint in (Flat White).

If you want to use a primer Rust-Oleum has a white flat + primer spray paint in one if you want to go that route. I love the American Accents 2xx the coverage paints because you get twice the coverage with each layer, and it bonds to wood, paint, metal, glass, wicker and other surfaces.  

Supplies Needed for this project: 

  • Newspaper or disposable paint drop cloth 
  • 1 - Ceramic Owl Vase (found in floral dept) $8.97
  • Rust-Oleum American Accents Flat White Spray Paint $3.86
  • 1 - 2 oz bottle white matte acrylic paint .50
  • Fine Sandpaper (ended up not needed it, but used it for the mason jars)
  • Flowers of your choice $5.00
  • small paint brush 
  • rubbing alcohol and cotton balls 

1. To start add some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and clean the outside of the owl vase. Painting the inside of the vase is optional, but the vase looks really pretty and it only takes a couple minutes. 

2. To paint the inside squeeze some of the white acrylic paint on the inside of the vase. Swish the paint around and use the paint brush to even the paint out inside. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just enough to lightly coat the inside.  

3. Invert the vase on newspaper or on a paper towel until it is completely dry on the inside.  

1. Spread newspaper or paint cloth out in a well ventilated area and set the owl vase top side up on the newspaper or drop cloth. In quick small bursts, spray the outside of the vase

2. Allow the first coat to dry, then add a second coat of paint (again in small bursts). Add a third and final coat to even all the paint out and to make sure the owl vase is completely covered in white spray paint.

3. Allow the the painted vase to dry for at least 3 hours. 

4. For the final step, spray a light coating of Rust-Oleums Matte Clear finish to help seal the paint, as well as for easy clean up if the vase needs to be wiped down. I already had some in my garage so that was a freebie.  

Place you White Porcelain Owl Vase in any room you like, add artificial flowers and enjoy. 


As I mentioned above, we had some Ole Tennessee Moonshine jars in the garage. I grabbed the jars and some Rust-Oleums Colonial Red spray paint I had on hand along with the matte white from the owl vase, and got to work making these adorable DIY Distressed Burlap Mason Jars. 

Supplies needed for this project:   

  • two or three empty mason, spaghetti sauce or recycled jars (remove labels)
  • newspaper or disposable paint drop cloth
  • Rust-Oleum American Accents Matte Spray Paint (in the colors of your choice)
  • fine sand paper or Emory board
  • 2.5 inch wide burlap ribbon with lace $3.97
  • raffia ribbon 
  • glue gun, glue sticks and scissors. 

1. To start spread the newspaper or paint cloth out in a well ventilated area and set the jars open side down on the newspaper or drop cloth.

2. In quick small bursts, spray the outside of the jar. Allow the first coat to dry, then add a second coat of paint (again in small bursts). Add a third and final coat to even all the paint out.

3. Once the jars are dry, set the jars upright and lightly spray the top rim of each jar. Let the painted jars dry for at least 3 hours.

4. Using a small piece of fine sandpaper, sand a few spots on the jar, around the rim, and on any lettering to give the jars a distressed look.

5. Cut a piece of the burlap ribbon about 12-13 inches long and hot glue around the middle of each jar.

6. Cut an additional piece of burlap (the lace removes easily from the burlap) into the shape of a heart and glue over the burlap ribbon.  

Tie raffia ribbon into a bow around the rim of the jar and fill with flowers.

Notes: I painted one jar matte white and the second jar colonial red for the first coat, then white for the second, and third coat to make a red and white distressed jar. You can also spray paint and distress mason jars rings and add those to the jars, but that's optional.

What can you transform using everyday items and Rust-Oleum Paint & Stain Products?

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