The Mommy's Kitchen iPhone App is HERE!!

I have some exciting news that's been a long time coming. The Official Mommy's Kitchen iPhone App is finally here and LIVE on the App Store! Now you can enjoy Mommy’s Kitchen from wherever you are or on the go with your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device.

You can now cook up your favorite Mommy’s Kitchen recipes from anywhere you are, and can have instant access to all my recipes all in one place when out and about or shopping for ingredients!

With the official Mommy’s Kitchen iPhone app, you can easily access all blogs, menus, and recipes in one convenient place.
  • Instantly share your favorite Mommy’s Kitchen recipes with friends and family using social share features like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Use the “My Favorite Recipes” builder to add recipes you love with the click of a button, accessing all your favorites in one place.
  • Use the customizable “My Shopping List” to conveniently add and check off items from your favorite Mommy’s Kitchen recipes, making shopping easy and efficient.
The Mommy's Kitchen iPhone App is .99 to download and ad-free on all Apple devices. When downloading the app on iPads and other Apple devices, make sure to download it through the iPhone App Store.

If you run into any recipes that don't load for you just let me know and it's an easy fix on my end. I do understand that users of other platforms, like Android, would like the app too. At this time the Mommy's Kitchen App will only be available on Apple devices. Plans for an Android version are in the works!

Here are some navigation tips to help you know your way around all the exciting features
of the official Mommy’s Kitchen app!

My Favorite Recipes !

In order to add a favorite recipe to your “My Favorite Recipes” builder on the Home
view, tap once on the heart at the top right corner of any recipe listed on the Recipes
view. The heart outline will turn red as an indicator that it has been added to your “My
Favorite Recipes” list.

My Shopping List!

To add an ingredient to your “My Shopping List” builder on the Home view, look for a
white tab bar at the top of the screen that says “ADD TO SHOPPING LIST” to slowly
appear when scrolling through a recipe. To add an ingredient you see listed, tap on the paper and pen icon within the tab.

Type any ingredient you wish, then press either “next” on the keyboard or “+” on the tab
bar to add it to your “My Shopping List” builder on the Home view. When you are done,
press “Done” and the keyboard will disappear.

To remove items from your shopping list, tap on the empty circles to the left of each item until an arrow appears within. The next time you visit your shopping list, the item will have disappeared.

Social Share Features!

To share one of your favorite blog posts, click on the arrow-and-circle icon to the right of
each blog title. Scroll to the right to see all of your social sharing options.
The Mommy's Kitchen app is available for download in the iTunes store or search Mommy's Kitchen. I would like to thank AppDaddy for all of their hard work that went into creating this beautiful App.

If you like the Mommy's Kitchen App I would greatly appreciate you telling family, friends and anyone who will listen. I'm sure there is a whole bunch of people that have yet to discover Mommy's Kitchen.


Danielle M said…
Getting mine right now! So many times I'm at the grocery store trying to access your page for a recipe's ingredients and I stand in the aisle forever waiting fir the different pages to load. This will be so much better! Thank you!
Tina Butler said…
I am the same way Danielle. I hope it makes things easier for everyone. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Mimi G said…
So excited about this app! Just downloaded and looking forward to using. Can't wait to tell my daughter. Thanks!
jannybelle said…
I just got your app on my phone but I would like it on my iPad too and I'm not understanding how to get it....I'm just a step above a novice operator and can't figure this one out! Help me please!
Melissa M. said…
Awesome! I can't wait to download and use the app!
Tina Butler said…
Mimi, When downloading the app on iPads and other Apple devices, make sure to download it through the iPhone App Store. It will go directly on your iPad. That's what I had to do, because I only have a Mini iPad.
Wanda Hurd said…
I thinking how good the leftovers of the Smith Ham would go into your recipe for Baked Potato Soup. Would be so good!!

Wanda Hurd
LadyGwyn said…
Any app for your followers on android coming soon? Bookmarked your site in the meantime so keep up the good food blog. I enjoy your food ideas. Not over complicated for a weeknight healthy dinner.