Friday, April 16, 2010

Salisbury Steak With Gravy

TV Dinner style beef patties, seasoned, seared and then cooked in a delicious sour cream- brown gravy. 
Today I am bringing you another version of one of my family's favorite dinner meals,  Salisbury Steak. I usually make my normal Salisbury Steak recipe, but I found myself missing a few of the needed ingredients, so I jumped online to  hunt down a different recipe. 
I could of made something else, but I really wanted Salisbury steak for dinner.

I remembered a while back seeing a Salisbury steak recipe on one of my favorite blogs and I had I had everything I needed on hand. I did adjust the recipe a bit more to what I had in my pantry, but for the most part it's still the same. I did leave out the beef bouillon cube because I thought with the addition of the Lipton onion soup mix that it would have enough salt.

When dinner was done and I finally got to taste it, I couldn't believe it!!! I like this new recipe better than my original one. I think it was the addition of the Lipton onion soup mix and the sour cream in the gravy, because the gravy was to die for. I love to change things up every now and then, so now I have two great Salisbury Steak recipes. I hope you'll give this recipe a try and it becomes a family favorite in your homw. 

adapted from:  The Happy Housewife 

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Heidi said... #

This looks great! So comforting :)

Heidi said... #
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Leslie said... #

I have never made Salisbury steak...seems easy enough. And delicious!

Lara said... #

My husband orders salisbury steak every time we go to a restaurant and I've actually never made it for him. I'm definitely bookmarking this one!

Tina Butler said... #

Hi Leslie how have you been?

Jamie Cooks It Up! said... #

Looks super good, Tina...and super easy. Thanks for posting it!

Unknown said... #

Tina- I love you site and vist alot! Everything on here always looks and tastes amazing! Do you think this would work out in the crock pot like your other one? The oven is not my friend in the hot, humid summer! Thanks! :)

Tina Butler said... #

Von I think it would do just fine in the crock pot. I prepare my orginal version in the crock pot. After you brown the patties just add them to the crockpot. I would prepare the gravy first and mix in the sour cream and then pour it over the steaks and start the crock pot. That way everything is blended. I would cook on low for about 3 hours.

Anonymous said... #

See, now I still wouldn't have everything in my pantry that is for this recipe. I don't buy gravy packets because I make it from scratch... When I get a chance, I will send you the recipe that I use. The onion soup sounds great in your recipe though. I may have to experiment! :) thanks for the great recipes as always!!

bless their hearts mom said... #

the gravy is also good over meatballs, for a stroganoff type meal!

Linda Cook said... #

Hi, Tina....Well, this is the first time i've made salisbury steak and WOW, big hit with the whole family! Hubby and oldest son only took 1 because they were leary, they both went for their second right after they finished the first one! :D
I've tried a few of your recipes and have not been disappointed! Those Harvest Balls were such a hit at Christmas. Everybody thinks i should work in a bakery..shhhh..they don't need to know the truth :)
Just want to say i LOVE your site and visit it often. Keep up the great work and thanks for making my life a little easier!
Linda Cook (that really is my name)

Cabra said... #

Made this last night. Been married to my husband for 6 years and had no idea salisbury steak was one of his favorites until he got home from work and it was on the table. It was great! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said... #

Hi just made this one and so far it looks great. Just wondering if I was supposed to prepare the gravy pkg as it said on the pkg, then add the sour cream. Or was I supposed to just add the sour cream to the gravy powder mix?

Leigh said... #

These are in the oven right now!! But I cheated and used some hamburger patties that were already made (caught them on sale!). Kitchen smells really really good! Thanks for all the great recipes!

Annie said... #

Great recipe! It was super easy and delicious. I just found your blog last week and have already made two of your recipes. Keep up it up, I love this site.

Anonymous said... #

Another great recipe. quick, easy and my family loved it! I enjoy your site very much!! Thank You for all the wonderful recipes!

Anonymous said... #

Ok so I have to say that mu husband and boys love salsbury steak and I am making this for dinner I was excited on how easy it was to prepare and it smells so good. Thank you

Darcy said... #

I never realized that salisbury steak would be such a simple but yummy recipe to make. It was delicious and one more recipe that my family enjoyed from your site! Thank you!!

Chen(PicnicIdeas) said... #

Truly looks delicious.
Loved it! Stumbled your blog.
One of 854 :-)

Anonymous said... #

I made this for my family the other night and everyone loved it! My husband said it was the best Salisbury Steak he has ever had, HANDS DOWN! I just love your site! I have made several of your recipes and they have all turned out awesome! Thank you!

Anonymous said... #

Hi this recipe was Awesome even my picky sister who never seems to eat anything I make ate this. Thanks for an amazing recipe


Cindi said... #

Tina, I love salisbury steak, and yours looks so good, and sounds so easy to prepare. It surely making my mouth water. Tina, thanx for posting the recipe. I look forward to preparing it one of these days!

Anonymous said... #

I made this tonight; it was very good. Could you please clarify about the sour cream and the gravy mix?

Do you prepare the gravy mix per package directions, THEN add the sour cream (this would have you adding sour cream to hot gravy), or do you just mix the sour cream with the powdered mix, or, do you prepare the gravy per package directions, EXCEPT that you skip the heating step? (This would have you adding the sour cream to cold gravy).

Tina Butler said... #

The directions have been fixed. Really it did not change much at all. I did remove the part about prepare according to packet directions since cooking was requirded. You just need to combine the dry gravy mixes, the water and yes the sour cream to the cold gravy mixture. Give it a good mix and poor it over the patties before baking. The gravy cooks as it bakes so the sour cream melts and mixes with the gravy.

Lynell said... #

I have a Great Salisbury Steak recipe I would like to share with you, should I post it here or email it?


I made this and it was soooo great!! The kids raved about it also!! This is a keeper :) Thanks for sharing

Candi said... #

I made this tonight, it was soooo good!! Do you think there is anyway to make the gravy from scratch? Thanks for the great recipe!

Anonymous said... #

This is the best salisbury recipe ever. Our family loves it.

Eva Dukes said... #

I love to try new stuff, being from Wales (country next to England) I've never heard of these. But they look really nice, So I'm going to give them a try.
2 Question's first though.
What is brown gravy mix? Is it like a ready made beef gravy?
And is a Crockpot an Electric slow cooker?
I can send you my Great grandmothers welsh cake recipe if you would like to try them.
Eva Dukes

eva Dukes said... #

My family loved them and will now be a regular in our house. Even my fussy hubby, who hates anything cooked with cream was impressed.
I tweaked the recipe slightly though. I didn't put the soup mix in the patties. I finely chopped onions, fried till brown then mixed them into the pattie mix instead.


Kristi C. said... #

Hi, I made this tonite and it was wonderful. My family loved it and I will for sure be making it again! Thank you for sharing.

Gwen said... #

I've made these twice now, Tina and my family loves them! I've tried several of your recipes now and they've been hits! Thank you!!

Sarah said... #

Made this a few weeks ago and it was a big hit!! Had a friend/babysitter over for dinner and she had a few servings!! LoL, my hubby liked it too and he's a VERY picky guy!! Definately will be making this again but I might just add that extra beef bullion cube, we really like the extra flavor!

Anonymous said... #

This looks so good! I have my version that I use if I don't have any sour cream, I use Mushroom soup & water and a tablespoon of Kitchen Bouquet for Umph! and a chopped onion. My boys and all their friends love it and it has become my most requested dish when he has sleepovers. My younger son even made it for a school project in speech class last month and the kids loved the tasting portion of the demonstration. He used crumbled hamburger though and mixed it into a meaty gravy over the noodles but the concept is still the same. Thank you for the recipe!

Rachelle F said... #

I LOVE your blog, it's one of a few that I think are fantastic. I made the salisbury steak tonight and served it with mashed pots and green beans. My family loved it and we will definately add it to our regular list. I made my patties the same size as the pictures and my husband said next time to make them thinner. I guess he's making dinner next time! :) Thanks again.

Anonymous said... #

Hi Tina, my family LOVED this recipe!! It's easy to make and delicious!!

Trisha said... #

I can't wait to make this! My son LOVES Salisbury Steak--the frozen kind--yuk! You can get beef onion soup mix also, so maybe i will try that instead of adding the extra beef cube. Thanks for your site!

Patricia said... #

I made this for supper yesterday. I was back in my gran's kitchen and 10 yrs old again. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. This one of the recipes that she never wrote down and I was too young to even wonder what was in it.

Sheila Lehmenkuler said... #

This was supper last night with mash potatoes. Absolutely delicious and so easy pleasy. Just the 2 of us so I cut the recipe in half, worked perfect. The gravy was amazing. Thanks so much for the recipe Tina!

Jody said... #

Hi! I am wanting to make this for dinner, but I realized I only have dry packets of Au Jus you think it would change the consistency because Au Jus is not as thick as gravy? Maybe I could add some cornstarch & water? Thanks, looks great and love to see GREAT reviews from other readers who have tried this!

Moy said... #

Tina, have you ever froze this? Wondering how well it freezes with the sour cream in it?

Tina said... #

Moy I have never froze the salisbury steak before. All you can do is give it a try and see.

Anonymous said... #

Made this last night (minus the mushrooms) and we loved it! I also cut the recipe in 1/2. Just one pound of hamburger meat made 5 patties. Thanks for the great recipe!

Anonymous said... #

I just saw ur recipe for Salisbury Steak!! It looks delish!!! Can't wait to try it!!! Thx!!! :-)

Anonymous said... #

Hi my girl loves the frozen salsbary steak so I made this for her and she loved it

Anonymous said... #

Thank you for the great Salisbury steak recipe. Once again you have saved me from the dreaded not knowing what to cook.

Renae said... #

I made this last night and it was great. I mainly halfed your recipe because I only used 1 lb of ground beef. It was so good and I'm putting this in my monthly rotation of meals. I also did a little blog about it today.

Anonymous said... #

That sounds like a great meal and I'm going to try it this weekend. (Only, those "egg noodles" look really tiny and white! :-) )

Tina Butler said... #

Anonymous, not sure if you are kidding or not, but that is rice in the photo.

In my post I stated you could serve the gravy over egg noodles, mashed potatoes or rice.

Anonymous said... #

Absolutely delicious!

Anonymous said... #

This was delicious! Didn't have any plain sour cream so I mixed in some French onion sour cream dip, I would recommend trying it that way, super good, even my picky daughter loved it!

Anonymous said... #

Making this for the second time tonight. Very yummy!

Anonymous said... #

I'm going to try this for dinner tonight! I used to love the Banquest Salisbury steak frozen dinners when we were . In honor of that, I think I'll make some mac & cheese and corn to go along with this :)

Let's Start Over? said... #

I've made Salisbury Steak a few times, but it was alwayas bland, and I left a few things out of your recipes and added some, I took the meat added, Bread Crums, Egg (Left the soup out I don't like it either does my husband) added cheese, Dijon, and spices. That's all I changed we'll see how it turns out(:

JennaKenn said... #

I noticed in your introduction you talk about the addition of Lipton ONION soup. Then below in the recipe it calls for Lipton FRENCH ONION soup mix. Is there a difference in taste with those? I also have a Lipton beefy onion soup mix here at home. Which one is best? I am making this recipe tonight and would like to use the correct one that tastes the best. Thanks! Jenna

JennaKenn said... #

It totally reminds me of grade school! I can't wait to see how mine turns out tonight! Did you use French opinion soup mix or beefy onion soup mix?

Tina Butler said... #

I've used beefy onion soup mix and regular. Both of them are good. I fixed it so it reflects just onion soup mix. Sorry about the french onion part.

Angela said... #

This sounds very easy and delicious, so I'll try it for supper tonight as I have all of the ingredients in my pantry. If I use fresh mushrooms do I need to sautee them first? Also, how many servings does this recipe make, and is this enough gravy?

Mar said... #

We love Salisbury Steaks! Have made this many times, but just used mushroom soup and sour cream for the gravy, because I never seem to have gravy mixes on hand.

For those wanting to know what gravy mix is, it is basically cornstarch and beef flavoring in a packet. It is usually mixed with 1 cup of water and cooked to make gravy.

You can replace each pack of gravy mix with 1 tablespoon cornstarch or arrowroot and 1 tsp. beef bouillon or a crushed bouillon cube (or whatever beef extract flavoring you prefer). You could also use consomme or broth in place of the mix and water, and stir in 1 tablespoon cornstarch per cup of liquid.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said... #

Hi I enjoy your website. I was wondering if you have tried freezing the Salisbury Steaks?


Anonymous said... #

I have made this a few times, and it is always a hit. I am a working mom, so I make the patties, brown them off, and then freeze them. Then I thaw and finish cooking with the gravy, and it comes out great. I wouldn't freeze with the sauce, as sour cream does weird things when it thaws.
Thanks for your great recipes, Tina.

Eleanor R. said... #

I'm happy to have found your website/blog and immediately felt such love and warmth! I admire your philosophy of creating wonderful homey recipes to keep families together. Keep it up and God bless!

Eleanor R

Anonymous said... #

I just made this and it tastes great! Everyone in the family loves it, especially my mom who has found memories of the TV dinner kind.
Great comfort food.

G'ma Dottie said... #

Sounds scrumptious. I'll be only making a half recipe since there is only two of us. My mom use to make these and i lost her recipe so am thrilled to have this one. Dinner tomorrow night, with noodles and fresh green beans. Yum.

Anonymous said... #

This is delicious! My husband loves it!

Kitchen Monkey said... #

I am making this tonight and will have to finish on my stovetop since my oven is out. I hope this will not make a big difference in the taste. Thanks for your recipes!

GenoBeno27 said... #

This was wonderful, but I would change one thing and that is to add only one package of Lipton soup mix, it was really strong of the Lipton's and over powered it! Otherwise next time it will be perfect!

Tina Butler said... #

@GenoBeno27, are you sure you read the recipe correctly. This recipe only calls for one package of Lipton Onion Soup Mix.

Anonymous said... #

This is definitely a family favorite. Make it at least once a month.

Anonymous said... #

I was just curious why you changed the recipe? I’ve been making this one for years and went to pull it up today and it very different. I loved it the way it was. Do you still have the old version so I can print it out?

Thank you

Tina Butler said... #

This recipe hasn't been changed. The amount of sour cream might of been reduced but that is the only change. I have another salisbury steak recipe on my site, so you might be thinking of that one.