Purple Hull Peas & Hot Water Cornbread

A good old Southern Meal. Fried Pork Chops with Homemade Gravy, Purple Hull Peas, Mashed Potatoes and Hot Water Cornbread its doesn't get any better than that. Purple Hull Pea's and Cornbread It's definitely a southern thing kind of like fried okra, fried green tomatoes, peach cobbler, fried pork chops and cornbread. That is just what I served my peas with good old fried pork chops and gravy. Are y'all hungry yet???? I love Purple Hull Peas but this was my first attempt to cook them can you believe that. My mother in law cooks them all the time so my thoughts are if you can read a recipe you can cook.

My husband brought home some Peas that he purchased out in the country at a road side farming stand. (on his way back from fishing of course.) I love to stop and get fruits and veggies on the side of the road from local farmers its so fun to choose, so many choices on what to get. I don't know about you but i want all of it. So it was a good thing i wasn't with him he thinks i take to long deciding, which I do. LOL

I wasn't sure if I could pull off cooking the peas, but I was up for the challenge. All in all they turned out wonderful the peas were so flavorful and it was the prefect addition to my fried pork chops. Hot Water Cornbread is one of my all time favorite oldies recipe. I had a friend years and years ago about 15 years ago to be exact. Well she that taught me how to make this wonderful cornbread. I have had several attempts at making this recipe some good some bad. I finally got it down it just took some practice.

If i remember one thing she told me always always make sure your grease is hot enough if not it will be just a greasy soggy piece of mess. every time i told her i tried to make it and explained my results she always said the same thing "your grease wasn't hot enough" My DH thought the Hot Water Cornbread tasted like a big hush puppy, me I just love them slathered with butter. Don't be afraid to attempt these recipes they really are true comfort food. Lets get started don't forget the full recipes are at the end of the post.

These are the ingredients you will need for the hot water cornbread.
I used Self Rising Flour in this recipe so the salt and baking powder are not pictured.

add cornmeal to a large bowl

add flour and sugar (salt and baking powder if using all purpose flour)

Boil your water

add a little water at a time be careful remember it is boiled water.

add just enough to make stick together

it will look something like this. Kind of like a really thick semi mushy paste.

using your hand form into oblong shaped pieces. You can wet your hands when forming to make it easier.

drop into hot oil... Cook about 2 1/2 minutes flip and cook

until golden brown on each side, drain onto paper towels cool and serve.

Look how beautiful they turned out. Crispy good!!!!!!!!!

Fresh Purple Hull Peas

Some of you may be asking what are Purple Hull Peas? Purple hull's are similar to Black Eyed Peas, but have double the flavor. They look the same in shape and size, but are different in color and a tad bit sweeter -- kind of lavender with a little pistachio green mixed in, even a wee bit of pink around the eye. Purple hull peas are very filling served on top of rice. They are usually eaten as a side veggie with a serving of cornbread nearby. Whether seasoned with just salt & pepper, or a load of spices accompanied with a ham, salt pork or bacon any way they’re cooked they are just simply the best.

Here are the fresh shelled peas I purchased this is about a 2lb bag priced at $5. This is actually enough for two dinners for our family if it is a side item. If it was just beans and cornbread the whole 2lb bag would need to be used for one whole meal.

These are the ingredients you will need.
Garlic, bacon, salt and pepper, fresh purple hull peas, onion and water.

Cut your bacon into small pieces

Chop your onion

Add oil or bacon drippings, bacon and onion to a large pot.

Fry until the bacon starts to render the fat and the onions are glossy in color, add the galic and saute about one minute longer.

rinse peas and add to your pot

add enough water to cover the peas.

Bring to a boil and boil about 30 minutes. Lower the heat to med-low, cover and cook until the peas are just starting to soften a little stirring occasionally. Add more water if necessary, you want at least 1 inch of water above the peas. The cooking time can vary anywhere from 45 min - 1 hour total cooking times. Don't overcook you don't want mushy peas.

When peas are softened they are done.

Drain off some of the liquid, season with salt and pepper and place in a serving bowl.

Fresh Purple Hull Peas

2 pounds fresh shucked purple hull peas
2 garlic cloves, whole
1 tablespoon canola oil or bacon drippings
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
5-6 slices bacon
enough water to cover peas in the pot

Place oil or bacon drippings in a large pot over medium high heat. Add chopped bacon, onion and garlic. Rinse peas and add peas and enough water to cover the peas. Bring to a boil and cook about 30 minutes. Lower the fire to med-low, cover and cook until the peas are just starting to soften a little stirring occasionally. Add more water if necessary, you want at least 1 inch of water above the peas. When peas are done drain off some of the liquid season with salt and pepper and place in a serving bowl.

Hot Water Cornbread

3/4 cup regular corn meal
1/4 cup flour
1 Tablespoon sugar
1/2 Teaspoon baking powder
dash of salt
Boiling water enough to make batter stick together
*If using self rising flour omit baking powder and salt*

In a skillet pour enough oil in pan so batter can float get the oil really hot. They key to making hot water cornbread is making sure you oil is hot enough. I used Self Rising Flour in this recipe. Mix the above ingredients together and add boiling water just enough to make stick. form into oblong pieces and drop into hot oil... Cook about 2 1/2 minutes on each side flip until golden brown on each side.

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Tina said…
Since I married a good ol' southern boy, I'll be trying the hot water cornbread! Oh the purple hull peas look YUMMY!
YaYa's Funhouse said…
I tried the recipe, Pumpkin Crunch. It was fantastic. Family doesn't care for pumpkin, but it sure disappeared in a "quick" hurry.
Tina Butler said…
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Tina Butler said…
Hey Tina long time not see LOL. you lucky girl scooping up a good old southern boy. I bet he would love this meal.

Yayas funhouse -- Glad you liked the pumpkin crunch its funny how people say they wont eat something then give it a try and demolish it. Glad everyone liked it.
Stephanie said…
I've never heard of purple hull peas, but they sure look delicious! We probably can't get them here in Idaho, and that makes me kinda sad. I'll try this recipe with black-eyed peas, though, and hope it tastes almost as good!
Oh, honey, this looks just like home to me. Thanks for posting this!
Anonymous said…
Just found your blog yesterday and I cant tear myself away!
Everything looks awesome!
Huge fan in Texas!
Live.Love.Eat said…
Wow, this whole dish looks incredibly yummy!!!!
AudreyO said…
The cornbread recipe looks amazing. We love bread. There is just nothing like hot out of the oven bread with lots of butter. On cornbread of course I love it with honey butter.
HiHoOhio said…
I miss the southern cooking, thanks for this one!!!! YUM!!!!
priscilla joy said…
i've never had any of that, being it looks like a delicious dinner.:)
Bill said…
The hot water cornbread looks good. I am making your Salisbury Steaks tomorrow for my dad.
I'm going to fry them tonight so I can just put them in the crock pot tomorrow morning. I have to do a temp job at Church so I won't have time to make anything else so I may put some potatoes in with it. As long as my dad has some taters at every meal.. he's happy.
Ok Tina, It's 9 pm where I'm at and I already had dinner, but I'm hungry all over again just looking at your blog. Your meal looks so tasty. I'm going to have to try making my cornbread like you did. It looks pretty delicious. Good job neighbor.
Jess NBP said…
That hot water cornbread looks yummy.. I may have to try that, I'll add your link to my blog. :)
Debra said…
My mouth is watering for purple hull peas and hot water cornbread! I shelled many bushels of purple hulls when I was young and I had purple fingers to prove it. :) My mother made hot water cornbread all the time....it is really easy to make and mmm mmm good.

I recently discovered your blog and I can't wait to get into our house that we are building, so I will have an oven to try out some of your recipes in. I really want to try the eggnog bread also, I just hope I can still get eggnog when the time comes. Thank you for sharing your recipes and for making me homesick for Texas and all that Southern cookin'.
YaYa's Funhouse said…
mmmm, purple hull peas are my absolute favorite veggie!!!! nuttin better
Anonymous said…
I grew up eating hot water cornbread. My grandmother boiled her water in a tea kettle. We each got 2 pieces and we ate it with ketchup. I'll have to see if I'm brave enough to try it!

Megan said…
I just moved to texas, and had never had a purple hull pea until recently. My husbands family has since stocked our freezer full of them, I HATED them until I tried your recipe. I crave this recipe now!! They are delicious!! Thanks for my new favorite!
Izzo said…
I've been searching for a hot water cornbread recipe for quite some time. Thank you. I tried em tonight and they turned out great.
Anonymous said…
I just tried the hotwater cornbread with your red bean and rice and it was fabulous. I'm not a fan of kidney beans but these were a real winner. My three and five year old ate them with no hassle. Instead of using green peppers I chopped up some zuchinni really small and nobody noticed them either way.
Anonymous said…
I made hot water cornbread tonight and it was DELISH! I had fresh vegetables with onions, maters and cucumbers and my husband said that he didn't even need meat since he had the vege's and cornbread. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for sharing.
Those purple hull peas reciepe& cornbread resiepe was delish.I love pea liquor & peas on my cornbread that was the best. We also had Home grown tomatoes.MOMMY'S KITCHEN YOU GOT IT TOGETHER.I LIVE IN NEDERLAND,TEXAS THATS 20 MILES FROM THE GULF OF MEXICO RIGHT ON EAST SIDE OR CORNER OF TEXAS NEXT TO LA.SO WE ARE IN THE SOUTH YOUR DISHES WERE VERY EASY TO MAKE THANK YOU VERY MUCH. RICHARD SIBLEY
shavonwalker said…
My family is originally from the South, but my mom absolutely would NOT teach me any recipes for fear I'd go crazy frying things. I'm glad I found your site; now I can make up for lost time! The hot water cornbread is awesome!
Nikell said…
I found this recipe while searching for a recipe for Hot Water Cornbread. I am so glad I found it! I'd totally forgotten about purple hull peas. I am totally going to make this! Thank you for sharing you've brought back fond childhood memories of good eating and good times with family (^_^)
tonya said…
I just tried the hot water cornbread. It's good & I will try it again, but when mine hit the oil they started seriously browning - overdone on both sides in 1 minute flat. I took you completely seriously about the oil not being hot enough - ha!! Could my oil have been too hot? Other ideas? Thanks so much!!!
Tina Butler said…
If it is burning it or over browning that quickly then the oil was too hot. It shouldn't be smoking just hot enough to fry.
tonya said…
Thanks, Tina! Will try again!
Diana said…
Yum! Just tried this tonight and even my one year old gobbled them up. We put a little extra bacon, cheddar, and sour cream on top, but my hubby liked them plain just as well. (I'm an adult bean/field pea convert, so I like a little extra flavor :) ) So, so yummy and I want to try growing purple hull peas next year!
Brenda Besch said…
Just found your page on Through a Country Mamma's Eyes FB page. I'm from Texas & we Southern gals like our peas & cornbread. My Mother-in-law taught me to make fried cornbread when I first got into the family 45 yrs. ago. I love it & the purple hull peas. I just bought some today to cook this weekend for my son that is coming home. Love your blog. Thanks so much!
TexasTee39 said…
For us vegetarians, just leave out the bacon and sprinkle a little garlic salt.
WIgirl said…
You might be my mother-in-law! Purple hull peas, ham, and hot water corn bread are my fiancé's FAVORITE meal and she makes it every time we visit her in Mississippi! I'm going to attempt purple hull peas this week, but I had to order them from Amazon, because apparently North Carolina is just a tad too far north to see them on shelves in stores.
DAMIAN said…
Thank you the pees were Great I will try the corn bread nest awesome we loved it THANK YOU FOR SHARING GOD BLESS!!!MOLINO FL JUST OUT SIDE ATMORE AL
TallyM0M said…
Hey save some of the peas juice (pot liquor) for the cornbread! YUMMY!!
Unknown said…
Purple Hull Peas and hot water cornbread has always been one of my favorite foods. I grew up eating it. My Mother would put Bacon drippings in just about everything she cooked and she was a fabulous cook so your recipe is pretty much exactly like what I grew up with and can't wait to try it. This will be my first time to cook Purple Hulls also but it's just boiling them so no prob!!
Thanks for the recipe.
Betty Jo Talley said…
Purple Hull Peas & Hot Water Cornbread...when you described the perfect southern dinner (pork chops and all) I was instantly taken back to my grandmother's East Texas kitchen! You are literally the only soul that I've encountered outside my family that calls it "Hot Water Cornbread"!! After my grandparent's passing...I inherited their house and all it's contents. Among many things, I have my grandmother's "hot water cornbread" bowls, which she used to teach me and I will in turn teach my daughter with! Precious memories! Thank you for sharing! Having this for dinner tonight!
Anonymous said…
I just tried the purple hull pea and hot water cornbread. Both were awesome!