Thursday, January 10, 2013

Laundry Room Organization {Decluttering Challenge}

Hi everyone! Slowly but surely I'm trying to tackle a few problem areas in our home. Disorganized spots to be exact. I'm not normally a disorganized person, but sometimes things can get out of control really easy.  
One of my goals for the new year is to simplify and organize different areas in our house. It will be a work in progress, but worth it in the end. This months Walmart challenge, was to de-clutter a problem space for $50. I knew immediately what to tackle first, the laundry room.  

This is what our laundry room looked like before. Not too bad, but the shelves usually end up being a catch all for junk and various items. Not very useful or what I had in mind.

Since were limited on space there isn't a whole lot I can do, but a little organization was definitely needed. 
I wanted my laundry area to look more like a laundry room and less like
a workshop.

I'm not to happy with the color choice that came with the house, but that's a project I'll
have to tackle another day. Right now the most important thing is getting it organized.

I started by removing everything from the shelves and throwing out what I didn't need. I also stored any items that didn't belong in the laundry room. 

 Next, my mini me and I headed to our local Walmart and picked up the following items.   

  • 5 - Mainstays medium canvas bins -$4.97 (each)
  • 1 - Sterilite Classic Red Laundry Basket - $7.97
  • 2 - (18) count plastic hangers $1.97 each
  • 1 - Mainstays red area rug - 14.97
  • 1 - Mainstays - Ironing Board/Iron storage rack - $6.00

I chose red, because it's my favorite color and it goes great with the grey. The canvas bins also come in black, brown or white or decorative prints. I started organizing and adding all the items into each of the bins.

I printed off some labels using MS Word and slid those into the front pockets.

I made bins for cleaners, fabric softeners, laundry cleaners, wet wipes and missing socks and lost items. Next I added them on the shelves in my laundry room. They fit perfectly! 

I also found a few items around the house that I utilized for a few other things (I love shopping at home). I used the large gray tote to store extra toilet tissue instead of just placing it directly on the shelf.

I used the large cracker jar to store all my clothes pin and the small decorative jar was used for pocket change (Laundry Tip Jar). My daughter cracked me about the tip jar. She said you mean we have to leave you a tip every time you do our laundry? 

Wouldn't that be nice, but I told her that it was for all the pocket change and money that I find left in any of the clothes. She said mom that's not fair. I told her finders keepers!!!

We mounted the ironing board holder on the wall in front of the washer and dryer. If you don't like it on the wall it can also be hung over a door. I chose the wall so it wouldn't bang against the door when it's opened and closed.  

We finished it off with a pretty area rug in red and gray. 

I think all the organizing items we purchased worked out perfectly.  I do think I need one more canvas bin to store all of the tissue boxes, because they fit perfectly.

 I love my new organized laundry room. Total cost for all the items came to $57.73. I did go over budget just a bit, but it's still not bad.

Note: If the Mainstays canvas bins are not available at your local Walmart, you can order them online. Don't forget to take advantage of their Free Site to Store pick up. Click here for the link to the canvas bins.  

This is a sponsored post. I'm participating in the Walmart Moms Program. Walmart has provided me with a GC and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. The opinions stated above are entirely my own.


m1ch3113lee said... #

Love you newly organized laundry room. I love the color red also and when I seen the red laundry basket I was like I have to get one of those.. Thanks for showing all the neat pics...

Unknown said... #

I LOVE red also, and I love your newly organized room! If you're anything like me you've stood in the middle of the room with a big cheesey grin on, and have stopped by the room several times today to make sure it still looks good, LOL!!! Seriously though, great job, can't wait to see what you tackle next! Did you notice how well your Tide detergent compliments your design? It just matches so nicely, LOL

Michelle said... #


LauraT said... #

Love it! Great job, especially the tip jar. You've earned it!

Anonymous said... #

I love what you did. I have pretty much the same laundry room, and I have been inspired to get it organized. Thanks for sharing.

Ann in East Tennessee

Amy W.C. said... #

OMG that looks fantastic!!!! I love the pop of color!! Well done!! :D
Ps- Makes me want to run to Walmart and buy everything you did! ;)

Julie S. said... #

Nice job and some great ideas!

Amy said... #

My favorite is the saying you have on the wall - drop your pants here.

My Recent Favorite Books said... #

Your new laundry room looks great!

Love the red color - you did a great job!

Tina Butler said... #

Amy I love that too! So glad they came out with vinyl lettering, because I am addicted to those things.

Teresa R. said... #

Love what you did with your laundry room. Red is my favorite color.

Anonymous said... #

THe laundry room is always a problem area in my home - yours looks lovely - so spick and span!
Mary x

The Better Baker said... #

It turned out beautifully! I decorate our home in red, white & blue, so I would definitely go for all those red accessories. Feels SO good to be organized, huh? Love the vinyl lettering too. YOU ARE SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing.

amanda said... #

something about that red just really works! This was great.

brjenka said... #

Question... where did you get the really long tention bar????

Tina Butler said... #

At Walmart it's a shower curtain rod. We purchased it when we moved into the house. I like to hang my clothes up as I pull them out of the dryer.

Sheena @ Sophistishe said... #

I need to organize my laundry room. It's a total mess. Thanks for the inspiration!!! <3

Jenny said... #

So pretty! I love newly organized spaces, and I always do it on a tight budget, so I appreciate someone else taking up that same challenge! I love the labels you put on the fabric bins, could you post the info for how you did those? Thanks so much!

Felicia said... #

What a beautiful and cheery laundry room!! Thank you for the pictures and the budget inspiration(I always seem to be inspired by something that would take a contractor and $5000.00!)Could please share where you got the labels for the bins. I plan on doing this!! Thanks again!

Tina Butler said... #

I just made something up in MS Word and printed them off on regular paper. The canvas bins have a place where you can just slide your tag right inside between the bin and a plastic cover.

Since adding this post I went back to Walmart purchased one more red canvas bin. Now my tissue boxes have a new home. I love the pop of red color.

Anonymous said... #

I know this post is older but I love the red accessories., and the organization
! What paint color is on the wall??