Friday, November 2, 2012

Ziplist A New Feature on Mommy's Kitchen

There's a new addition to the Mommy's Kitchen Navbar. You can see it just under my header. It's the New Ziplist Button.

Yes that's right Mommy's Kitchen finally jumped on board and joined Ziplist. There are a lot of great
websites and blogs that have already partnered with Ziplist.

Over the last year I have received several emails from readers asking me to join the Ziplist community. 

At the time I wasn't quite ready and I really didn't know what Ziplist was all about. You might have the same questions as I did, What is Ziplist?

  Well, I'm sure a lot of folks are already using Ziplist, so their pretty familiar with how it works. However for the people who aren't members this one's for you. 

Ziplist is your own personalized recipe box and shopping list manager. With ZipList you can easily save recipes, make a shopping lists and even plan a weekly menu!

On many of occasions I have gone to a website and either forgot to print out a particular recipe or bookmark it. That can be very frustrating especially when your trying to hunt the recipe down later. 

It really doesn't have to be that way. With the help of Ziplist  you will have access to all those recipes you find on your favorite websites and blogs. 

Here's how it works....... You’ll notice above all my recipes, there is a little blue "Save Recipe" button. Well, it isn't above all my recipes yet, but it will be soon.  

Slowly over the next few months I will be adding the save button to all my archived recipe posts. Currently the button has been added to the last two years.
If you're on Mommy's Kitchen and you see a particular recipe that you would like to save, but the save button isn't visible just let me know. 

Leave me a comment or drop me a email telling me which recipe it is. I have no problem going in and adding the button. I can promise you it will
eventually be added to every recipe at Mommy's Kitchen.   
OK back to how all this works. After you click the blue save button you have the option to add that recipe to your personalized recipe box or shopping list.

You will need a Ziplist account to utilize this option, but no worries Ziplist is FREE.  It only takes a couple minutes to
sign up.

Now you can have your saved recipe for future use. When you're ready, go back to your recipe box, find the recipe and print. You can also, add that recipe to a menu or shopping list. 

Whether you find your favorite recipes on Mommy's Kitchen, Lynn's Kitchen AdventuresMommy Hates Cooking, Gooseberry Patch, Martha Stewart or any of the other hundreds of thousands of recipe sites on the web, Ziplist makes it easy to save recipes for later. 
Simply look for the ZipList “Save Recipe” button on your favorite websites to save new recipe to your universal recipe box or shopping list.

I hope y'all find the new addition helpful and try it out really soon.  Ziplist makes finding and saving your favorite recipes a little bit easier.
 Printer Friendly Feature:
I also wanted to mention two other things before I go. The first one is about the printing feature here at Mommy Kitchen.

 I have received several emails over the last couple month from people asking how to print recipes on my blog.  

Just look at the end of each of my recipes posts and you will find a green print button (pictured above). 

Just click on the print button and you can get a printer friendly copy of any recipe on Mommy's Kitchen. Recipes can be printed with or without photos its all up to you.

 Recipe Search Feature: 

I have also received sseveral emails asking
where certain recipes are located? Just because they're no longer on the homepage doesn't mean they're lost forever or have been deleted.

It just means they're older posts and have been archived. 
If you are unable to locate a particular recipe on Mommy;s Kitchen just use the Recipe Search feature on my sidebar.
My recipe search box is located on the right sidebar of my blog. Just look for the  "Looking for a Recipe" icon (pictured above). 
Enter the name of the recipe you 're looking for and hit search. That particular recipe will pop up at the top of  my page.
It's as easy as that.

Hopefully this will help clear a few things up. 

Looking for more recipe ideas? Check out the Recipe Index by Mommy's Kitchen.

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dadina said... #

ciao tina, mi piace il tuo blog e ti seguo...

Lynn said... #

I love Ziplist. It is so nice to be able to save recipes from all different sites in one place.

Tina Butler said... #

Dadina, I had to use the translator to see what you said. Thank you so much for following me and my blog.

Kristen @ Forkful of Comfort said... #

Hey Tina! Glad to see you signed up with ziplist I too have had several reqyuest for me to join. But I did have a few questions but you answered them all. Your awesome! :) Hope you have wonderful weekend! ~Kristen