Friday, August 1, 2008

Post for Camera Critters

I am participating in Camera Critters # 17. Its all about photos of animals and critters. I couldn't resist posting this picture of my critters LOL well critter. Its Freeway our Chocolate Lab. He is such a sweetie this picture says it all about his personality this truly is how sweet Freeway is, his favorite activity is laying out on his back just like a cat sometime I think he thinks he is a cat. He sure has come along Freeway has been a part of our family for 7 months now kind of a gift that was just meant to be.

Mackenzie my daughter & Freeway our Rescued Chocolate Lab we found him on the side of the Freeway (that's how he got his name very fitting) the day after Christmas. He was hit by a car and someone just left him. His hip was out of place and he had a broken foot. A wonderful organization called Lab Med, helped and donated some of the cost and I raised the rest through donations to get Freeway surgery. Now he is a happy little guy that became part of our family. I mean look at this face how could you say no to that!!! To read Freeways Success Story go to

Photobucket No more pictures Mom.

Camera-Critters capture from that week will be randomly selected to be featured in the sidebar of Camera Critter blog until the next Sunday. Wish us luck.

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ratmammy said... #

great story, great photo!!!

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Ladynred said... #

That is beautiful photo. They both look happy. Nice story too!

i beati said... #

that is truly hilarious - Thanmks for making my morning --your header so inviting I must read more sandy

Misty Dawn said... #

That photo is perfect... absolutely perfect! I LOVE it! What a fantastic person you are for doing what you did for him... I really enjoyed reading his story and I am so thankful you found each other!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said... #

Oh Tina. Now I really like you not only cause you're a great cook and great mommy, but because you've got a heart as big as the state we live in. I love your picture and your blog. Good job!

Kahshe Cottager said... #

I love happy endings and this one is just wonderful. Love the photo! It is a heart-warming camera critters posting!

If you would like to visit my Camera Critters, they are here and here.

PS ... I read through some of your recipes and they look delicious!