Friday, May 30, 2008

Gardening Update 2008 - 2012

2012 Garden Update

Great morning in the garden. We harvested all the onions that the tops fell over. As well as the potatoes that the plant part had died.

We still have potatoes and onions in the ground, but the onions we picked are drying out and then I will cure them.

This way will last for quite a few months. A few more zucchini popped up and some jalapenos. Looks like were off to a wonderful start ~squeal~

Everything is coming along great. Onions, potatoes, zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, peppers and broccoli. 

The vegetable garden is planted! ~ squeal~ I get so excited this time of year. This is our first garden in our new home. We decided on a raised bed garden similar to the ones at our old house. This one is a bit bigger and measures 8 x 8 feet. 

We chose Yukon gold potatoes, Georgia sweet onions, pablono peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli and carrots. I {fingers crossed it all does well this year in the Texas heat}. I will be updated as everything starts to grow.

In these larger pots we have jalapenos, bell peppers and chili peppers.

Sadly were not able to plant our vegetable garden for 2011. On a happier note it's because were moving into a new home, so no time to garden. We need to get everything packed up and ready for moving day ( 3/24/11)I can't wait for 2012 because we will be planting our first garden in our new home!

June 2010

We got to harvest some Swiss Chard.

Gracie got our first strawberry of the season!

New potatoes, green peppers, cherry tomatoes and one zucchini squash.

The zucchini started off good but now I am not sure. The zucchini plant is producing but they only get to a small size and then die off.

The cherry tomatoes are doing awesome.

May 2010

I wanted to post a garden update.... everything has sprouted up and is really starting to come along and take form. Here is a quick peek at what we have going on. I cant wait to start enjoying all those goodies we have grown.

I was so excited to see green tomatoes oh how I love them. I was tempted to pick them and make a batch of Fried Green Tomatoes. It was so hard but I left them alone. There will be plenty of time for that later.

The green beans and zucchini are doing beautifully.

An apple!!! we were real worried about our apple tree. It was getting to big for the planter that we started it out in. So last year we replanted the apple tree in the front yard. With all the snow and ice we received we were not sure if the tree would survive.

Slowly but surly greenery then little white flowers appeared. Now a few apples I know it might be a while before we can enjoy them but this is a great site to see.

The Tomatillos are flowering and the potatoes are sprouting like crazy. This is our first year for potatoes. Fingers crossed they keep doing good and grow. We made wooden garden markers this year. For a step by step photo tutorial on how to make them click here.

We have strawberries!!! I am so happy to see them, I got kind of worried about them from the snow storm but everything managed to survive since we protected everything.

I even got started a bit in the front yard on planting some Zinnias. I love Zinnias in all sorts of colors especially how they attract butterflies. Now if i could just keep the neighbor hood cats away from them.

They seem to love rubbing up on all my flowers. I think i tried moth balls last year but that didn't work, so if anyone has any ideas to keep the cats out of the flower beds please let me in on the secret. We don't mind them visiting i just don't want them laying in the flower bed playing with the flowers.

I am hoping to get some more flowers planted in the back yard and finish up the front. Slowly but surely I will get it done. We did find a great deal on some Jasmine plants so we planted two last weekend and they smells so fragrant.

Lets hope Freeway our chocolate lab leaves them bee. We have them in our fenced off area, but he is really good at nosing around and using his paws to get them through the fence.

March 13 - 2010

March is here and its time to post my garden update. We usually already have our seeds and vegetable plants in the ground. But Texas had a freak snowfall of 12 inches so we are a bit late on planting this year.

Our garden seems to be growing in size every year. I think this is just about all the space we can find. We really need to move out to the country so we can have a garden as big as we want. "What a Dream" but someday it will come true.

We added another 4 x 4 foot section next to our existing vegetable garden for just Strawberries. Last winter our Chocolate Lab Freeway dug up all the strawberry plants we had. I was so bummed we had quite a few and they were multiplying like crazy.

The rabbit fencing really seems to help. So far Freeway hasn't tried to jump over it. That dog is so nosey he sometimes sticks his paws in and pulls things out with his mouth. If anything he is persistent.

Here is our existing vegetable garden its about 4 x 16 feet with lots of yummy things in our future. Here is a list of what we planted this year.

  • Zucchini, Green Beans, Chard
  • Purple Onions, Yellow Onions, Garlic
  • Tomatillos, Poblano Peppers, Green Bell Peppers
  • Jalapenos, Tomatoes and Potatoes.

We also have a apple tree but it hasn't produced anything yet. We plan on going apple picking this year if the crops were not destroyed. (fingers crossed) they weren't. I would love to get a good amount of apples for fall/winter.

DH planted some potatoes in a huge pot. We will see how they take. And that is it that's what we planted for the year. I will be updating my garden posts as everything grows in.

Garden 2009

7-19-09 More tomatoes and peppers!!! Just picked them and getting ready to start making some Green Tomato Relish.

Everything is coming in so fast.......... Green Bell Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Tabasco Peppers, Chili Peppers and look at all those pickling cukes!!!

Green bell peppers are coming in. Almost ready to be picked but not quite yet.

I spy raspberries!!!

Our first tomatoes!!!! Looks like it is time to make fried green tomatoes.

Yeah we get to harvest some things. Look at all those onions!!! we have some lettuce and garden beans blanched and ready to go into the freezer.

Cucumbers are coming along great.


lots of carrots.

our first tomatoes are starting to show.

pickling cucumbers are starting to flower up.


I spy the first raspberry of the season.

Now its coming along. 4-18-09

The mint is coming along nicely.

4-18-09 Our First Rose!!!

Slowly but surely things are starting to pop up.

A peach!!!

Garden Beans and the raspberry bush is starting to come along.

The surviving strawberries from the wrath of Freeway!!! That dog dug them all up. Hopefully they will start to multiply again.

March 30th 2009

I see some things starting to sprout up!! yeah

March 2009
(A bit of a Garden Upgrade)

We finally got to extend our vegetable garden out a bit. Actually we doubled it in size from last year. I think all the frost and cold weather is finally behind us (fingers crossed), so it was time to get out in the dirt and start the garden.

It's so fun to grow so many vegetables and to enjoy eating all of them when they finally all grow in. The kids get so excited going out everyday to see what has grown and come in. They love picking everything and bringing in the house.

Last year seem to be a bad year for our tomatoes, so I am hoping this year will be better. We had to put up a taller fence this year. Our Chocolate Lab seems to think he can jump in and out at any time.

Freeway has about dug up all the strawberry plants we had last year, I think we only had about 2 that survived his digging and chewing, so i am hoping they will start to multiply again this year. I know it doesn't look like much right now but just imagine in a couple months how pretty it will look. This is what we have planted this year.

Green & Yellow Bell Peppers
Green Beans
Green Onions
Chili Pepper
Pickling Cucumbers

~ Our Garden 2008 ~

Impatience, Marigolds & Zinia's

I know it doesn't seem like much but its ours. Our dream is to have a Country Log Cabin in East Texas with a couple acres so we can plant whatever we want. Until then this is it.

The kids love their garden and look so forward to going out every morning to what has started to grow. Carson's favorite are the "Strawberries" thank goodness they are multiplying each each year

Our Raised Bed Garden we planted:

Cherry Tomatoes

The Strawberries are coming along nicely.

Here are some of our first tomatoes and peppers.

Our Watermelons are finally coming in 8-6-08


Anonymous said... #

Tina, Your garden is beautiful! I love all the colorful flowers! Because of our cooler climate, I just tilled up our garden and am planning on planting the seeds and transplants in a few days. We are planting sunflowers, corn, beans, beets, carrots, parsley, tomatoes, onions, radish, squash, cucumbers and cauliflower. We'll see how it all comes in!

Babs said... #

Tina your site is wondeful and I am enjoying seeing all the recipes you are posting. Your garden is fantastic. Let me know when those banana's come in :). Dad and I have a few things growing this year not as much as last year though. The corn is coming along of course the boys want to know when the watermelon is going to come along.

Sheryl B said... #

I have followed your newsletters since November;I think! and I really love the nice homey look your site has. Your kids are great and super cute:)
I copied your Orange Julius recipie. When I was a kid my mother and I would frequent the malls and we ALWAYS had to have one.
I've tried to recreate my own but it never tasted the same. I can't wait to try this recipie out and let you know how it turns out.
Maybe I'll add a little Rum to it;) The Orange Flavored premixed stuff is around $16.00 and if I can save a buck or $16 I'm a happy woman!
I have started my garden also. I didn't think I could but everything is comeing along nicely. I'm even trying flowers this year. I normally don't have good results with flowers but this year I'm giving it a shot! I let the neighbor's kids have thier own row per child so that will be fun also and fill my maternal instints for my kids are grown and gone:)
Keep up the great work!!

Jenny - AKA - frogmama said... #

Just came across your blog when I was searching for crockpot oatmeal recipes. I love it! I am now a "follower" :D

I am a SAHM also, and really relate to your statement about "wanting a place with 2 acres so we can grow whatever we want". I am totally that way too. Check out my blog - I have a sizable garden on our city lot but want to plant apple trees and more long-term stuff... but we wont be here forever. So frustrating to put in the hard work only for someone else to enjoy it.

Thank you for taking the time to detail your posts the way you do. I really have a even bigger appreciation for that since I started blogging and learned how tricky the editing can be, lol.

Will be checking back often, thanks again!

Cynthia D said... #

I love your raised bed and i love the chicken wire wrapped around, and thank you for all your wonderful recipes

Unknown said... #

Can you share how you keep your garden pest free? I live in Austin and my garden's are attacked every year. I've tried the soap, cinnamon, clove, salt everything except pesticide. I get tomato worms every day, stink bugs on every other plant. 80% of my crops are damaged or destroyed by stink bugs, aphids, ants and worms. ugh