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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cleaner Dishes using {Finish Quantum with Power Gel}

Washing dishes is one of my least favorite chores. I'm sure most of y'all feel the same way. It's my own fault really, because instead of doing the dishes right away there are times that I just let them pile up. 

Most times it's almost unavoidable, especially after dinner. I can be in the middle of doing the dishes and one of my favorite TV shows (Nashville, Modern Family, Private Practice, Castle or Revenge) will pop on and then the dishes can wait.

After that I usually don't even have the energy to do them anymore, so I put it off until morning. I'm pretty good about rinsing them before they sit, but occasionally I do forget. You can ask my husband if he says one thing about me and dishwashers, it's that I always give the dishwasher too much credit!

 He thinks I depend on them to remove every little piece of anything on the dishes. Well, I'm not that bad, but I do think they should pretty much do the job. I have yet to find a dishwasher detergent that removes everything and leaves a spot free shine. 

Well, that's until now...... I was a bit skeptical about the new Finish Quantum with Power Gel and it's promises of cleaner dishes that shine WITHOUT pre - rinsing. I had to know if it really worked, so I took The Finish Shine Challenge.

This morning I loaded up the dishwasher with last nights un rinsed dinner dishes. It was scout night, so we had a quick meal and then we were off to Carson's pack meeting.

This was one of those night that there wasn't any extra time for dish washing. One of the glasses pictured was actually a smoothie glass from breakfast, so I wasn't holding out too much hope on that one.

See for yourself at the before and after photos and you can see a major difference. Not only is the glass clean, but it has a terrific spot free shine, so far so good. 

I pulled out a few pieces of silverware that had dried on yogurt and peanut butter. Usually I rinse all of that crud off before hand, but not this time. You can really see the difference here as well. I have a major problem with spotting on my silverware, but these were clean and spot free. 

OK I saved the best for last!!! Normally I don't add my pots and pans to the dishwasher, but since mine has a pots and pans setting I gave it a try for this challenge.  The pot has dried on macaroni and cheese and the plates have dried ketchup. 

I really thought this was going to be the deal breaker, but as you can see the Quantum Finish cleaned all the cheesy junk off along with the ketchup. I can honestly say that I'm convinced.

Oh and before I forget another bonus I noticed was that it also cleaned the inside of my dishwasher. You gotta love that.

The reason it works so well is because each gel pack includes: 
  • an advanced powder with bleach to clean tough stains
  • a pre-soaking Power ball that penetrates, breaks down, and lifts away dried food
  • a quick dissolving Power Gel that washes away residue 
  • and a rinse aid gel for shine.

Quantum Finish with Power Gel is available in three different scents – Baking Soda, Lemon Sparkle, and Fresh Breeze. You can find 25 count packages at your local Walmart for $5.97

This is a sponsored post. I'm a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. Walmart has provided me with a product sample and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. Participation in this program is voluntary and the opinions stated above are entirely my own
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Anonymous said... #

Your blog has been one of my favorites until you started doing these commercial postings.

Lyn said... #

I wonder if I'd be able to use these in my VERY old dishwasher. We discovered that the packets with dry powder dish washer detergent are unusable in our dishwasher. The powder just clumps in the tray and the whole dishwasher is left with sitting water.

Do you think would work in my dishwasher?

Tina Butler said... #

Lyn, you could give a try and see. My dishwasher is 5 years old and sometimes water pools in mine as well. I was shocked at how good it cleaned the dishes as well as the whole inside of the dishwasher.

Anonymous, I'm sorry you feel that way. This isn't a commercial posting, but more along the lines of a product review. I'm part of the Walmart mom blogger program, so I occasionaly review items other than just food related. You can easily pass by a post you don't care for.

Nancy said... #

I love Finish in those little packs! They clean so well I can't believe it!! I have never seen such clean dishes!! Love your blog and appreciate the testing and telling us your thoughts!!

Anonymous said... #

I am assuming that you were paid for the Finish ad, but I do have to chime in here with a thumbs up for the Finish power pac dishwashing detergent. We live in an area where the water has a very high mineral content, and we don't have a water softener. We have been using this product for some time, because my dishes come out sparkling clean, with no mineral stains. I rinse and go over my dishes with a sponge cleaner before loading them in the dishwasher, so I can't comment on how effective Finish is with gummed up food, but I have found this to be an excellent product. It's a little more expensive, but so worth it. I buy it for my 90 year old mother to use too. Susan

Shelley said... #

I have an older dishwasher and hard water which really stains the inside. I received a free sample and tried the Finish Quantum. It works better than any others ever. I have tried them all. No spots, cleans off the stuck on pasta and i dont have to add anything to the rinse cycle.
Its always amazes me how something so small can make me so

Anonymous said... #

Hope it works on my dishes! I have an older dishwasher too and struggle with hard water and spots. I can't wait to try this product.

Patty said... #

OK You gals have convinced me to try this one. And I DO like you Wal*Mart Moms testing things for us,

Elizabeth said... #

Tina, I know how you feel when the favorite shows are on and dishes are the LAST thing you want to do. I've got a tip for you. What I do is get up every commercial break and unload and/or load the dishwasher. It really helps me and by the time I go to bed I have a clean kitchen =D

Tina Butler said... #

Thanks Elizabeth. I try and get up between commercials, but it's hard especially on Nashville nights. Goodness I love that show.

@Patty, Thank you. I love trying out new things, because I too learn about new products. I struggle in the stores myself on not knowing what works and what doesn't.

Anonymous said... #

I'll try this product. My NEW GE Profile is the sorriest dishwasher I ever had (and I've had a lot in my 75 years), and so far I haven't found anything that will consistently clean all the dishes.

Anonymous said... #

This is what I use as well (Finish Quantum) and I love it! My dishes always come out looking clean and sparkling!